Download YouWave for PC and How to Install it without Error

In the software industry, a recently born niche is Android emulator. Right now, BlueStacks app player is dominating it we also got YouWave.

Here is a guide on how you can download YouWave for PC and also how to install it to get it running and make use of.

Out of many available Android emulator software, YouWave is the premium one which comes at a price and along with dedicated support and help guides.

I get it, you trust using paid software, may be because of any reason, but that’s why you’ve chosen YouWave over BlueStacks.

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Run YouWave on Computer

I’ll not only introduce the YouWave software but will also let you know the reasons why you should be using it over any other emulators on in simpler words, why YouWave is the best alternative to BlueStacks.

About YouWave Software

The software is developed by a software developer unit and it is a totally trustable solution. Yes, around thousands of users are already running it on their system and most of them are all happy.

There is always a limit when it comes to Android emulators and that’s the reason users should understand. Android emulators can help you run some apps and play few games but not each and every one.

To experience full features, you need to buy a middle-end or high-end Android smartphones. Because your PC or laptop can’t have smartphone or tablet like hardware or base software.

Still, YouWave got a simple user interface to start with which is very much identical to Android OS (operating system) itself. Currently, it is running Android ICS (4.0) version of the OS.

YouWave for Laptop Download

Once it starts running, then you’ll find two split screens. One section will display home screen as of a smartphone while other will display few controllers (arrow keys and few other).

You can use any of the apps from there. To instal fresh ones, you need to use Browser app over there to first open Google play store and then select app or game of your choice (more on this later).

When it runs for the first time, you can select the Free Trial option from the first interaction that will start your free trial of 10 days. After that, you’ll find the YouWave running.

Now, launch the browser, open Google play store and start installing any app or game as of your choice. You can find any of them over there, but not every of them will work on your computer or laptop.

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You also have to login with a Google account just before the app or game starts installing, which will be an automatic process. The login is required because you’re accessing Google’s ecosystem.


It is a premium software that offers first 10 days of free trial. This gives everyone a window to experience using the software and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Since it’s a premium solution so it does come with dedicated support and help team. But only if you buy the premium plan.

UI is just like the Android OS and there are no changes in there (even if you compare desperately). This makes the using of software very easy if you are familiar with Android OS.

How to Install YouWave on PC


It is running an older version of Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) while there are already three versions launched after that.

Not every app or game are working and you may also experience few lags and performance issues.

Download YouWave Software for Windows

You can get it downloaded just like any other software. Right now, it is available only for Windows platform. So, there is no chance of using it for Mac (don’t even try any unofficial method if you find over internet).

Simply follow the link I’ve added to next line and the software will begin downloading.

YouWave for PC Download (Official)

One key factor over here is that the installer package is available in an offline format. So, it will take the time to get downloaded once because of heavy size but later you won’t require internet during its installation.

After clicking on the above link, you’ll be asked to select Folder where you wish to place it or else it will be placed into default download folder as set in your Browser.

Software Requirements

There are few specific software requirements from PC and those are,

The system should have at least 2GB of RAM. But I’d recommend you to have at least 4GB as I found certain lags in 2GB system.

The system should be running on the freshly updated graphics driver which is compatible with HD standard of visuals. If your system is of 2014 or 2015 standards, then you need not worry over here, otherwise you need to upgrade the system at your end.

One simple way for that is to add a dedicated graphics card of minimum 1GB size. It will totally change the game playing experience at your computer.

Also, if you’re using it over Windows XP system then make sure that it is being updated and its Service Pack 3 is installed in your system.

In case of using Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, you won’t find any issues. I even try running it on the developer preview of Windows 10 and it was working for few hours without any lags.

How to Install YouWave for PC (Windows)

Go through the steps I’m writing down here and it will take around 2-3 minutes to get the software ready.

Step 1 – You’ve already downloaded the installer package. Double click on the same now.

Download YouWave for PC


Step 2 – A pop-up will appear asking for the permission to run the installation process. Select Run option from there.

YouWave Free Download


Step 3 – Installer window will appear then. Now, click on Next, accept Licence agreement when asked to and proceed by clicking on Next, Next options.

Step 4 – Finally click on Finish option when asked to and that’s it.

The process is over and I hope it was simple enough. You can even remember it for using it in future.

FAQ related to YouWave

The software isn’t free, but you get free ten days of trial. You can download and install its crack file which is available over internet. Although I won’t recommend going that way because it can hurt the health of your system.

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Without logging in with a Google account, the app or game will not start installing. There is no way you can pass this requirement. Although you can use a spare Google account here, just in case if you don’t trust the software.

YouWave Google Play Login

Using the software is just like using an Android smartphone. Both keyboard and mouse works fine. But not all keys of keyboard functions with it.


At last and in short, this is how you can run Android OS on computer and this was the method of YouWave, covering how you can download and install it, both.

I hope the process was simple enough and you’r even ready to share it with all your friends. I know you already did it above. Peace.

Common YouWave errors, issues and their solutions

When it comes to an Android emulator, then YouWave is definitely one of the best choices. The reason behind this thing is that it is a premium software, which can work in a low configuration system, which isn’t the case with BlueStacks or Andy, or any other for the case.

But, like any other software, YouWave also offers some issues and errors, sometimes. So, if you’re the one facing them too, then here’s your solution guide.

Common YouWave errors, issues, and their solutions

Common YouWave issues, errors and their solutions

I’m going to cover common YouWave issues, errors, and their solutions. If you find the one you’re facing exactly written in this compilation, then follow the instructions to fix it.

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But, if you don’t find it listed over here, then you need to explain the kind of thing you are experiencing, in the discussion section below. I’ll try my best to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

#1 YouWave Installation error

This is the most common issue, which most of the users are facing, i.e., YouWave installation error. This occurs while trying to install the software for the first time. If you face one, then following are the things you need to do to fix it.

First of all, try re-installing the software completely. You can even download the installer package again from the official website, and see if it fixes the problem.

Second, if the first try doesn’t fix the issue, then you need to check the configuration of your system for the compatibility thing. Make sure the system at your end is having at least 2GB RAM, 5GB free C Drive storage and updated graphic driver. If any of these things is missing, then you might not be able to run such software. Also, the recommended RAM storage for any system in 2015 is 4GB or higher.

#2 Browser related error

Once the software is running perfectly, then the moment you try to use any browser app available inside to find and install the app or surf the web, then you might face browser related error.

Sometimes, the app crashes, an error which I’ve sorted out in the coming part. But, if the browser is offering some issues which aren’t disclosed to anyone, then you probably have to ditch that one and try using any other.

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For example, if you’re using Chrome, then try using lighter browsers like Opera Mini, or the default browser of the Android system you got inside the YouWave. In my case, never go for heavy ones like Chrome or Firefox.

#3 App/Game crashing YouWave error

Like I mentioned above, many of the users are facing app crashing issues. This happens when the working app suddenly gets closed. It can be fixed by two things.

Either close the app completely from the running system and then restart it. Or update the app from the Play store. You can also try uninstalling it completely and then re-installing it from the Play store.

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So, guys, these were the things that can help you out in sorting common YouWave errors and issues. Like I said earlier, if something is missing above, then you need to explain that error below in the discussion section. But, if you’re already helped, then it’s time to share this guide on social profiles. Peace!

Want to Know How to Play Android Games on PC

BlueStacks 1

Why don’t we start with the tutorial here as you want to know how to play Android games on PC? I’m sure you’re eager to get along with it because of the need you’re feeling these days experience the fun which you did till now only on smartphones or may be on tablets.

The rise of smartphones world has just made us addictive with the games and this OS from Google seems to win the hearts as it’s the most accessible smartphone OS in the world.

There are many Android games which have hit the top spot like Angry Bird, Temple Run (first and second versions) and Candy Crush Saga as well.

Now, the popularity of these has prompted PC users as well to play Android games on PC, but, unfortunately, there are not much available as official desktop versions. So, what options are we left with?

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We need to take help of an emulator software that can boot the popular smartphone OS on our computer and then we can use it over there. I’m going to share every best possible way out for us.

You just need to go through this guide and I’m pretty sure that you find out success over here. Even if you face any issues at all then simply let me know and I’ll figure out a certain solution.

How to Play Android Games on PC

Well, the answer is available to us and there are one or two possible methods which can be used to play the Android games on PC and here are the options.

Using Android Emulator for PC

This method of using Android emulator for PC is one of the most trending options available in the market to play Android games on PC. Today, there are many Android emulators available in the market which you can choose for your PC and some names the BlueStacks, Andy, YouWave, etc.

BlueStacks 5

Now, if you’re wondering that how you can use these emulators to work so that you can start playing Android game on PC, here below are some steps for the help.

  • Download whatever emulator you want on your PC.
  • Run and install it, once it gets downloaded.
  • Launch the emulator and type the game name in the search bar.
  • Download app using emulator platform before running and installing it on your PC.
  • Once the installation is over, you can surely play your favorite Android games on PC without any hassles.

That’s easy! Isn’t it?

These are the guides you can look upon and help yourself with any choice you wish to make.

Process to Install BlueStacks

Process to Install Andy

Process to Install YouWave

So don’t forget to check these individual guides.

Downloading .SDK Files

The second method which can be used to play the Android games on PC is by downloading .SDK files of the game and just simply running them to play.

Using Android Live

You might get confused it with an Android emulator, but it’s rather a separate OS, which can be installed on your PC and help you playing games. Well, it seems a good way to me, what do you say?

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However, there is one last option to play Android games on PC though it’s could be regarded as the backdoor because you can use your desktop browsers to play games on PC.

Final Conclusion

Although, there are many other games available, especially for the PC, but the charisma of Android games is hovering over the head of gamers and here above the ways to make sure that you play Android games on PC with any issues.

The Best Android Emulator to Play Android Games on PC

The Best Android Emulator to Play Android Games on PC

The emergence of Android emulators to play Android games on PC can be related to the rise of Android OS based smartphones, with which the gaming has just risen to the new levels.

The developers have offered many addictive games to the users to keep them glued to their smartphones. Now, their popularity becomes so high that the people want to play them on PC as well. And, here below are some of the best options available over the internet.

List of Best Android Emulators to Play Android Games on PC

Although, there are many options available for choosing the best Android emulators, but the below lists best among the best. We had even covered up their individual installation to help you further.

#1 BlueStacks

It has been the sire of the best Android Emulators to run Android games on PC. That’s because it got the smoothest and easiest interface to work upon and also its installation is easy.


It has one click option to ready itself and games, which you’re willing to play now. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms, directly from its headquarters.

#2 Jar of Beans

As the names tell you, this is another option we got which is specially made for offering you the best experience of Jelly Bean version of OS on your personal computer.

It has few glitches, but after from those issues, this is a decent platform to install Android games on PC. You need to have a better configuration in order to run it smoothly.

#3 Andy

The Andy emulator is next that could be defined as the sole option to challenge the throne of BlueStacks in the market. In fact, Andy sometimes performs better than its main rival.


It has all the features of smooth and user-friendly interface, easy download and app play with many others. But the only thing that you need to consider before trying it is that your beloved computing machine should have at least 4GB of RAM and 512MB of dedicated video/graphic storage. Otherwise, you may face totally another side of this software.

#4 Native Emulator

It comes with the Google Android Development Kit as well to let the users develop their own applications and other stuff. The interface of this Native emulator is very similar to that of any smartphone.

However, there are a few more glitches than any other, but it still can be used to experience the true OS on your PC. You don’t need to pay anything to use it and not to forget it’s the official solution.

#5 YouWave

Next is the YouWave, which is the option famous for being a rendezvous for Native and BlueStacks emulators in terms of design, user interface, working and glitches too.


The overall view about using this cool Android emulator is positive, but sometimes it may tease you to the limits though. Still, can be selected as an option to install games on your PC.

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It’s a premium solution that is available for free trial during first 10 days and so it comes bundled with dedicated support and help which can help you sort out any poor experience which you may have.

Final Verdict

I totally agree with the urge inside you to play Android games on PC and above mentioned emulators are the best way. You can check their individual guides which we had covered that are going to help you install them easily on your computer.

The options listed above will surely help you out and if you still have any issues left, then please comment below and we’ll settle that for you.