8 Essential Tips to Increase/Improve Wi-Fi Speed

Let’s started with the tutorial directly that is written to let you know the 8 essential tips to increase/improve Wi-Fi speed or signal strength, with an additional benefit that anyone can follow. In short, you’re not satisfied with the speed you’re getting on a Wi-Fi connected device, and this may be due to any technical thing, of which you’re about to take care.

Tips to Increase/Improve Wi-Fi Speed

Tips to Increase:Improve Wi-Fi Speed

Base on the technical thing required, you need to be aware of the information you’ve to go through. I’ll try my best to keep things simple.

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#1 Upgrade the Wi-Fi technology

The very first reason which is commonly found in every case is that the Wi-Fi router and its related technology is older than what’s trending and being used in modern days. So, if this is the case, then you better buy a newer hardware, which will definitely come with updated and latest firmware.

#2 Place the Router at perfect place

If you’re placing the router at lowest possible height and also close to wall or some other obstruction, then you need to move its place and make sure you place it on a height, where no walls or obstructions are near. This will increase the speed for sure.

#3 Learn some hacking

Every router is operated by a Linux-powered software and driver, and if you’re aware of the software side, then you can learn some hacking tweaks and set the router to work at its maximum possible state, which will definitely increase the WiFi speed, instantly.

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#4 Remove appliances causing Interference

Devices like a cordless phone, can interfere with the channel of the connection and thus, decrease the speed. So, you need to make sure that the router isn’t placed anywhere near any other device which is using a wireless technology.

#5 Replace the Antennas

Every router hardware holds antennas. The one with higher speed comes with two or more antennas. So, it’s time for you to upgrade the existing one. Also, make it point upward always.

#6 Use an old Router as a WiFi Repeater

Using some connectivity tweak and certain settings inside, you can add the old router to the existing one and make it work as a repeater. This repeater should be placed at a place where you might be getting the low signal strength. So, this is how you can increase the signal strength of Wi-Fi connection.

#7 Security configuration

Of course, there are certain security settings and configuration tweaks which once taken care of, can improve the speed by a noticeable margin. So, go ahead and learn the security settings or hire a professional one.

#8 Check bandwidth consumption

In many cases, one single device is using the complete bandwidth using some tweak or in case, if it’s using a high-standard program. You need to check such device and make sure it doesn’t consume all the bandwidth and thus, its divided into the whole devices equally.

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Additional Tip – On the daily basis, or at least in a week, reboot the router from the software side, i.e., from its web application. You’ll find the option under the Maintenance setting.

I guess, everything is clear to you and was understandable.

How to Access Free Wi-Fi in Airports at 10 World’s Majors

This is my best attempt to help you access free Wi-Fi in 10 major airports of the World. If you find it helpful then shares it the rest of your social friends, and if not, then please share your concerns in the discussion section, so that I can improve the list for better use.

I’m going to share the exact methods which have been working at the time of writing this guide and I can assure that the process involved on any of the airports is simple enough to remember in future.

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Access Free Wi-Fi in Airports at 10 World’s Majors

How to Access Free Wi-Fi in Airports at 10 World’s Majors

So, here is your help. Find the airport from the list down and follow the instructions mentioned in the individual one. If possible, share this guide with your Facebook friends, who travel a lot through airlines.

#1 Dubai  International Airport

At the world’s busiest airport, you get the Wi-Fi for free and that too without any data cap. You can surf the internet for as much time as you want, but the speed you get in this free service is not that impressive if you’re looking to surf heavy websites.

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Turn on the Wi-Fi, and connect to ‘Boingo_Hotspot’. You don’t have to enter any key or any other thing. It’s public and available to everyone. But, if you’re looking for faster connectivity, opt for a premium plan offered at that place.

#2 London Heathrow Airport

At the London spot, you get free access for first four hours, and to extend your usage timing beyond four hours, then you’ve to join the Rewards Loyalty Program they run. While at the port, search and get connected to ‘_Heathrow Wi-Fi’. A passcode will be sent to your phone, once to follow the on-screen instructions. This will give you free and unlimited access for first four hours only.

#3 Beijing Capital International Airport

Once you get connected to the ‘Airport Wi-Fi Free’ network then you need to enter the phone number first at the very first browser tab. This will send you a secret code through SMS, which will work as a passcode for the Wi-Fi connection you just joined. This is how you can get access to the unlimited internet for an unlimited time.

#4 Haneda Airport

At this port, you’ve to look for an ID issuing machine, and once you are there, follow the on-screen instructions, i.e., select your language, scan your passport, confirm the passport number and then you’ll get a printed ID password. This password is the key to the free Wi-Fi offered at the port under the name ‘Wi2premium’.

#5 Hong Kong International Airport

Once you’re at the port, look for the Wi-Fi available joints, and connect to ‘#HKAirport Free WiFi’ named SSID. Now, hit the browser and once a new tab opens, try to open any normal website, say google.com. Once that website opens, you’ve to click on Accept and Continue button after going through certain terms and the access will be available at your end without any further instructions or charges.

#6 Los Angeles International Airport

To gain the free access, you need to connect to ‘LAX Wi-Fi’ named connection and once a browser opens, click on ‘Get Free Access’ button. But, this connection will offer limited speed, which is generally slow. So, you’ve to opt for the premium service in case of need for faster data connectivity.

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#7 Singapore Changi Airport

Look for the connection named ‘#WIFI@CHANGI’ and connect to the same. Now open the browser like usual and a login page will automatically open. Enter the phone number you’re currently using and a message will appear with a passcode.

Enter the same code into the SSID password in the Wi-Fi connection and you’ll gain access to the unlimited internet connectivity and surfing.

#8 Miami Airport

The concept over here is that you can surf for free using the default available Wi-Fi connection, if you’re opening information websites related to hotels and travels or the Miami government ones. But, to get the complete access, you need to buy the premium services offered by iPass, or T-Mobile, or the very common Boingo.

#9 Chicago Airport

You’ve to look for an available connection and then connect to ‘Boingo’ named connection. Once connected, you’ll gain free access for first 20 minutes. Later, if you wish to continue, you need to either pay for the day or opt for the monthly subscription which are both charged.

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#10 Atlanta Airport

Turn on the connectivity toggle in your phone, connect to ‘ATL Free Wi-Fi’ SSID available and then launch a web browser. A dedicated web page will open automatically, asking you to fill out certain information like Email ID, etc. and once you’re done filling everything correctly, you’ll gain access to the unlimited web surfing.