SHAREit for PC Download Windows (Standalone & Android)

This is a guide to help you download SHAREit for Windows through its standalone application version. Yes, the official developer of the SHAREit application which has been released for Android and iOS, is also available for Windows computers and laptops, either powered by OS version 7, or 8, or 8.1, or even the latest 10.

The only thing you need here is to go through the steps I’ll be enclosing in the particular methods. I’ll be adding two different methods of installing SHAREit app on PC over here. One is the SHAREit standalone app and the second one will depend on the Android emulator software.

I’m pretty sure that you’re already aware of that kind of software (hint – remember BlueStacks?). In either method, you are going to find success in using SHAREit app on computer online and get over with all your file sharing gigs, easily.

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Before I can mention anything about the process, I’ll be covering a part that will help you decide whether or not the system at your end is compatible with the requirements asked by the best file sharing application.



There are two methods enclosed inside, but the requirements for both are pretty same. The standalone method may work on older systems, but still it won’t be able to offer the standard experience which you’re looking for.

So, a perfect system to run SHAREit app comfortably, requires at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage in C Drive, updated graphic driver, HD standard of visuals, and HD resolution display monitor. At the software stand, the system shouldn’t be running on OS versions launched before Windows 7.

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If you’re a Mac user, then you can have a simple rule. Make sure the system isn’t older than 2013 model and it has all the updates installed which are released by Apple till now.

Download SHAREit for PC (Standalone)

The actual procedure to download SHAREit standalone for PC is pretty smooth. This is the one I’ll recommend you to try on the first stand.

1 Install SHAREit on Windows 8

Grab the installer file of the file sharing software from its official website and wait for it to get downloaded completely. Once done, double click on the file, hit the Run link from pop-up and then go through on-screen instructions, as it is.


This clearly means that you’ve to proceed by clicking on Next, Next, buttons until you reach the Finish one.

4 Download SHAREit for Windows Laptop

Once it’s installed, a shortcut will be available at your service which can be used to launch the SHAREit app anytime you want.

Install SHAREit on PC using BlueStacks

The method depending on the BlueStacks software is going to be little lengthy, but it will be worth of the time and data volume you will be spending on the same. First of all, let’s get started with the steps right away.

I’ve also shared a Video review and procedure of the SHAREit, which you can watch and learn. I hope the video help you understand the process quickly.

Step 1 – Of course, the first thing to do is to get the installer package of the BlueStacks app player downloaded. It’s available on the official website and can be downloaded without paying anything.

Step 2 – Start installing the software you just downloaded. I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of the method to install any software on Windows system. Follow the same knowledge or you can get the help on installation topic over here.

1 Install SHAREit on Mac

Step 3 – Launch the BlueStacks app player and right into the very first screen, you will see a search tool. Click on the same and enter ‘SHAREit’ as the search term. You’re not going to find the app, but you’ll have a link to be clicked on. So, go ahead with the same.

2 Install SHAREit on MacBook

Step 4 – A pop-up will stop you from proceeding ahead, which will take a Google account login to get over with. You need to interact with the same as you can’t ignore this particular step.


Step 5 – The app will be available in front in Google play store’s search results. You’ve to select the appropriate one and then click on Install button followed by Accept one.

The procedure is finished from your side. You’ve to wait for a minute and the notification regarding successful installation of SHAREit app on PC will be on its way. After then, you can launch the app from All Apps section of the software and begin using its services.

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In a special note for Mac users, the procedure is all same, except for the installation method of BlueStacks app player. You’ve to get the installer package (BlueStacks DMG file) from its website itself (linked in step 1) and then proceed according to your case.

Experience of using SHAREit on computer/laptop

I’m sure you don’t need any description on what this application does, right? You’ve already used or seen this app working live and now you just wanted to hear the experience you’re about to have while using SHAREit on laptop/computer device at your end.

Trust me, it works just like it does on a smartphone. You can pick a file, pick a person to share that, and voila. The file is sent almost instantly if it’s small, and at fastest possible speed, if it’s too large.

SHAREit PC App Download

Another thing which makes this application so great and popular is that it got very simple, authentic, and elegant user interface which makes everything super easy. You’re never going to find any issues learning how to use it for the purpose.

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Wrap up

I hope you were lucky enough to have the top-notch experience as you didn’t find any issues or errors at all. If you did, then it’s time to explain that error in the discussion section below so that I can take a look at the same.

Download Xender for PC & Use for File Sharing (Method)

In a very short while there has been a lot of application available for the smartphones which can be used for file sharing from one device to another. Xender is one of them, and here is a way to download Xender for PC.

The app can be found for the Android and iOS platform and you can use it without paying anything. But, when it comes to using the same Xender on computer/laptop, the process is little different, but still doesn’t require any money to be paid.

5 Install Xender on Computer

Even if you were asked to pay some price you’ll have a free option to choose. This clearly indicates that you’ll have all the help you require, right here. I can assure that you won’t find any issues at all. In fact, if you find any then explains yourself in the discussion section and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution ASAP.

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Requirements asked by the Android emulator software to go ahead with this method will be mentioned in this section and your job is to make sure that your system is 100% matched with the same configuration.

The things required are at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage in C Drive and at least HD standard of the graphic driver. Also, make sure that the driver is updated of the graphic core, and the system has a display with at least HD resolution.

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Method to Download Xender for PC

Following part consists of steps that you’ve to go through and the process will begin happening at your end. Make sure, internet connectivity is active throughout the method.

Step 1 – Begin with downloading the BlueStacks app player software on your system, which can be downloaded from its official website. You don’t have to pay for this installer.

Step 2 – Next, you’ve to begin the installation process of the software just downloaded. Begin by clicking on the installer file and then go through on-screen instructions, as you go ahead. Everything is simple and just like any other software.

1 How to Download Xender for PC Free

Step 3 – Start the software and right within the first screen, tap on the Search tool ahead. Once it opens, enter ‘Xender’ as the search term and click on the link found in the search results.

2 Xender PC App Free Download

Step 4 – Before you can make any move further, a pop-up will interrupt, asking to set up sync feature of the software. This will allow you to access Google’s ecosystem and so, you’ve to login using a Google account only.

4 Install Xender on Laptop

Step 5 – Finally, once you gain access, the app will appear in the search results of the Play store. Select the right app and finally click on the Install option ahead, followed by clicking Accept button.

Done? If yes, then you must have got a notification from the BlueStacks app player software. Your job now is to move into All Apps section of the software and then launch the app.

Experience of Using Xender on Computer/Laptop

Personally, I really appreciate the Xender app for its simple, yet elegant user interface. Everything works just like as promised and you don’t find any issues whatsoever. You just have to make sure that the other device is having the same Xender app running and it is in the nearest possible area.

6 Free Download Xender for Laptop PC

Selecting another device isn’t your job because Xender finds them automatically and you then have to tap and transfer the file or folder. You just have to turn on the application once, and it starts working on its own.

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Wrap up

I hope you have begun using Xender app on computer/laptop using the method described above. If you find any issues, then our team will be available in the discussion section. Peace.

MobileGo app to Mirror/Control Your Android Phone from PC

Controlling and managing an Android phone or tablet from a computer or laptop, was always my dream, and I’m sure you share the same too. With the advancement of the mobile platform, there is few software which are available these days, that can complete our dream, efficiently.

MobileGo is one such application, developed by Wondershare, and here’s a guide to help you use MobileGo app to mirror/control your Android phone from PC/Laptop. This method will work only for Windows users, as the application isn’t released for Linux or OS X, or any other PC platform, yet.

About MobileGo Application (Review)

The first pleasing thing to know is that the app is available without any price tag. To get started, you’ve to install its Android client (available on the Google play store), and PC client too. Once done, create a free account, and login with the same on the two shores.

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The moment login is done, and an internet connectivity (or USB connectivity) is established between two devices, you are ready to fire up and utilize the features offered.

The UI of the software is well-designed, thanks to its simple and elegant looking elements. Everything is divided into proper sections, which makes it further easy for navigation. In fact, a navigation toolbar is always available at the top for easy access.


You’re allowed to keep backup and do a restore of data on any connected phone, and also manage or control varies activities. For example, you can access, delete, or edit any contact or add a new one in the phone book, you can send texts or access applications like WhatsApp. If you’re interested in that, then here’s a detailed guide on how to use WhatsApp on PC.

To enable the connectivity using USB, make sure USB Debugging option is enabled under Security Settings of your device. Or, if you’re opting for the easy Wi-Fi connectivity option, then make sure both devices are connected on the same, and it’s not a public connection (for security purpose).

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In short, this MobileGo app deserves every chance you’ve and it will never disappoint you.

How to Install MobileGo app on PC

Installation is pretty easy, on both the devices. At phone’s end, you can get the app from Play store and simply click on ‘Install’ option over there to get over with this.

At PC’s end, you’ve to grab the installer file from its official website, double click on the same, choose Run from pop-up, and then go through on-screen instructions, which are common as of any other software.


Once the installation is over, fire up the app from both devices, and create a free account on any one of them. You can sign up for a free account using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or even using a YouTube account.

Make sure the software is updated to latest version, which is already taken care of since you’ve just downloaded the newer version from the official website. The same account can be used to login on both devices now.

How to Control Android Phone from PC

As I mentioned previously, the devices can be connected either via USB connectivity or the same Wi-Fi network. In either way, the Android device can be controlled from PC using MobileGo software you just installed.

Once the connection is setup completely, you’ll have access to not only File Manager, but also to apps installed on your phone. You can access Phone Book, Messages, send messages from the computer, and do a lot of other stuff.

MobileGo app to Mirror:Control Your Android Phone from PC

Keeping backup and doing the restoring work is also possible. In the additional options, you’re allowed to create a copy of the whole phone, and make a newer device have all of it.

Wrap up

Everything is covered and over, I guess. If you feel something is missing, then start a new thread in the discussion section and I’ll come up with an answer soon. If required, I’ll update this guide with that addition or post a new one, covering it in depth.

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Now, let me know one thing in the discussion section. Was this method to manage an Android phone from PC helpful and simple? If yes, then help other friends by sharing it over social platforms, using the simple social sharing click buttons below. Peace.


The Easy Way to Use Truecaller on PC (Download & Install)

This is the high-time when you should learn the way to use Truecaller on PC because we are totally depending on the smartphones and internet based applications. They are working like memory for us. So, we don’t have to remember contact details anymore, because it’s all taken care by an application named Truecaller.

It has been available for free since the very first day of introduction, but also comes in a premium version. The premium build offers additional contact details of the phone number along with a shiny premium badge on your profile.

6 Truecaller PC application online

The app is developed and maintained by a software developer company, which truly means that it’s highly credible and you don’t have to worry about anything inside. It simply imports contact stored in your phone and stores them in its database.

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This is how, millions of its users are acting like a global repository of the contact details, and thus, chances of finding a phone number details inside are very high. So, if you prefer accessing those features on the computer itself, then here is a guide you should look at.


A system which is compatible to run a modern app needs to be modern as well. That means it should have modern hardware and updated software. You can make sure if your system is compatible to run Truecaller PC app or not, by matching the configuration with following requirements.

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The system should have at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage, HD standard of the graphic driver which is also updated to latest version, and HD resolution display unit. At the software side, in case of Windows, it should be running on Windows 7 or higher versions like 8, 8.1, and 10, while in case of Mac, the complete system shouldn’t be older than 2013, and must be running on every fresh update released by the Apple.

How to Download Truecaller for PC

The process isn’t tedious at all. You have followed simple steps which need to be followed as it is.

Step 1 – Go ahead with downloading BlueStacks app player software on your system. It is available for free and you don’t need to worry about its credibility. It’s highly popular and till now downloaded over 85 million times.

Step 2 – Start with the installation procedure of the software now, which is pretty simple. Go ahead with the on-screen instructions at your end and the software will be ready in couples of minutes at your service.

1 Truecaller for PC Download

Step 3 – Launch the software and use its search tool to first find ‘Truecaller’ app and then click on the link you see in the search results.

2 Truecaller for Laptop Download

Step 4 – A pop-up will appear asking you to setup sync feature of the software. This will require a Google account login and you’ve to proceed with the same. You can’t skip the step and move ahead.

Use Truecaller on Laptop

Step 5 – At the next moment, you will see the app in search results. Select the right one and then click on Install button first, followed by Accept one in the pop-up, afterward.

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Wait for a minute and the app will be installed. You will get a notification regarding the successful event and later you can launch it from the All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player.

Experience of using Truecaller on Computer/Laptop

Although, the services of this Truecaller application can be accessed through its online website, but still there are few things which require you to move ahead with this installation procedure and get the Truecaller PC app version.

Use Truecaller on Computer

First of all, it’s a complete application that is working like a standalone version. So, you will have the complete features available at your service.

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The UI works just fine and looks elegant enough to keep on using the services. It is also very easy to understand, and the search tool works like a charm.

Wrap up

Everything is done for now. You have the application ready at your service and are also aware of its review and features offered inside. So, what’s waiting for now? Go ahead and start searching for all the missed calls and find out who were they and where they are from.

Before leaving, you can do one little thing to help this tutorial and also your friends. Simply share this tutorial to download Truecaller for PC on your social profiles and let your friends know about it. There are simple buttons attached just below to help you do the sharing in a single click. Peace.