Download & Install Adobe flash player on Android phone/tablet

Adobe has stopped the development and support for the Flash player for Android platform, but you still need it and so, here’s a method to download and install Adobe flash player on Android phone/tablet.

Go ahead, and follow the instructions I’ve enclosed in this guide, but you need to be aware of certain facts in starting itself. Those facts are as following.

The very first fact is that the application has been stopped from the official Adobe itself. So, if you’re getting it from somewhere else, where it’s been claimed to be the latest version, then don’t trust that source at all.

Download & Install Adobe Flash Player on Android  Phone Tablet

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Also, you need to download Adobe for Android through the APK file format, which is widely popular these days and everyone is aware of. So, this can go wrong for the health of your device if the APK file source isn’t good or genuine.

These were some facts you need to be aware of. And, now since you are well aware, go ahead with the method that will guide you till the end.

Download & Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Phone/Tablet

The method is going to work similarly on both Android phone and tablet. So, there is no difference at all.

Step 1 – You first need to get the Flash Player APK file downloaded. For that, I’ve two genuine sources available. You can either follow this official Adobe one, or the second one offered by XDA developers. At the first link, you’ve to scroll down to the bottom where Android section starts, and in case of the second one, the downloading will begin directly.

Step 2 – Save that Flash player for Android file to the device at your end. Now, install either Boat or Dolphin browser on your Android device. You can get any of the ones you chose from the Play store officially.

Step 3 – Once the browser is installed, move into Settings of your device, and under the Security settings, enable the option with ‘Unknown source’ label.

Step 4 – Tap on the APK file you just transferred and get it installed by following the on-screen instructions at device’s screen. This won’t take any longer than a minute.

Step 5 – Finally, launch the web browser you just installed, either Boat, or Dolphin, and move into its settings. Under that part, you’ll see a toggle enable the visual animations based on Flash Player. Once this setting is enabled, everything will be working at its best.

Done! The process is over and I guess everything went smoothly.

If you find any issues at all, then kindly explain the same in the discussion section below, and I’ll come up with a better solution as soon as I can.

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How to Quickly Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet

This tutorial isn’t just going to help you install WhatsApp on Android tablet, but will also help you to do the setup quickly. Both methods are different and are not that easy to get through on an Android tablet. So, this is the reason why I’m writing this help guide.

If you’re having an Android smartphone or any other then the process is pretty straight. You just have to look for the app on the Google play store, or App Store (iOS), or Windows Phone Store, or any other according to the device’s OS, and you’ll then have the option to simply install it.

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But, this isn’t the case with a tablet device. That’s because, in most of the cases, a tablet doesn’t have an SIM card slot or option for the cellular network connectivity.

How to Quickly Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet

Even if it has the cellular connectivity, then it’s for the data connectivity, not the call or message services. So, this is the real reason why you can’t download WhatsApp on Tablet, and install the app, as it relies on the phone number and cellular connectivity.

Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet and Setup

Following are the steps you need to go through, and the procedure will be over soon.

Step 1 – Move into the Security settings of your tablet, and enable the option with ‘Unknown sources..’ label under the same menu. This will enable the device to install the applications through APK format.

Step 2 – Now, launch the default web browser of your device, and then open this web page you’re reading. If this is already happening then go ahead and follow this official URL.

Step 3 – Over the official page, you’ll have an option to click on. Go ahead, click on the same, and the WhatsApp APK latest version will start downloading.

Step 4 – Once the file is completely downloaded, you can either tap on the notification itself or find the file using the File Manager app and then tap on the same. Now, click on the Install option in the pop-up arise.

Step 5 – Click on the Open button to launch the app finally and WhatsApp will be running ahead. The installation is done, but the setup isn’t. Enter the phone number you wish to continue using this account with and proceed.

Step 6 – Once the automatic activation fails, it will send a message password to the phone number. Copy that and enter the same into the tablet screen. This will verify your new account.

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Done! The next things remaining is that you create a profile and go ahead using the same services on the tablet device for now.

Over to you

The process is finally over, and I guess you’re done with it without meeting any issues at all. Don’t keep this method with yourself completely, as you can share it with the rest of your friends quickly using the social sharing buttons available below.

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So, go ahead, and share this guide to help others install WhatsApp on tablet devices. If you have any concern or issues, then write it down in the discussion section and I’ll come up with a better and custom solution, as per the conditions at your end. Don’t forget to mention the tablet model you’re using. Peace!

Best Launchers for Android Tablet in 2015 [List and Review]

You need to understand one fact, that not every app or game works effectively on an Android tablet. This is strictly because of different hardware, screen size and OS version. So, when you’re looking for a launcher for tablet, then you’ve to search for best Android launchers for tablet.

I’m going to share the same over here. You just have to pick the one according to your likes and choices and I can assure that it will fit any kind of tablet at your end.

Best Launchers for Android Tablet in 2015

Go ahead, check them one by one, and grab the one which looks perfectly smooth, tanned and elegant according to your taste. Don’t worry about their credibility as each of them has at least a thousands of users, at the time of writing this compilation.

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#1 Nova

Nova is a launcher which is always on top of my list. It was even among top three in my list of best launchers for Android phones, I previously shared. It got almost everything to deserve this place and I can assure that you’re definitely going to first like it and later get addicted.

Nova Launcher for Tablet

It looks great, it weighs less and it performs like it should. I never find anything lagging because of the launcher itself. Additionally, you’re getting material design inspired user interface, i.e., Lollipop powered design.

Everything not only looks elegant, but also simple enough to make people understand how to use everything from the very first stand and that too without needing any user guide. The application offers bunch of customisation and also comes in a premium version offering the paid features.

Get Nova Launcher for Android Tablet

#2 Google Now

As the name must have cleared you, this is a launcher from official Google factory and it can change the look throughout the tablet. It will make the device look like it’s a Nexus, as it adds a stock Android launcher experience to the base. Additionally, you’re also getting direct access to the Google Now which is now just one swipe away.

Google Now Best Android Launcher for Tablet

Everything looks simple, elegant and just like any fresh version of Android, as it should be. I’m pretty sure, this will do the most basic jobs you’re looking from a launching application.

Get Google Now Launcher for Android Tablet

#3 Smart Launcher 3

This particular one comes without any price tag, and offers a simple seamless UI and an integration which can be used to implement similar design elements on multiple devices.

Smart Launcher 3 - The Best Launcher for Android Tablet

The apps are arranged in categories, which slightly changes the UI from stock Android experience, but the change looks good and is very little. Moreover, the UI looks simple enough to understand quickly and also works fast because of being super light weight.

Get Smart Launcher 3 for Android Tablet

#4 Lollipop

If Google Now launcher was your choice but it was missing certain fancy features, then try this Lollipop launcher. As you can get from its name, it changes the UI and make it look like a Nexus device. With additional features like gestures, powerful and fast performance, infinite scroll, scrollable dock, and customizable app drawer, it’s definitely a good choice to start with.

Get Lollipop Launcher for Android Tablet

#5 Lucid

Lucid offers a vertical app drawer, which offers space to showcase different meta data, which is useful in some cases. With unlimited widgets, icon theme support, grid or list view for app drawer, vertical home page scrolling, different and unique customization options search bar, favourite bar, and fully functional web browser, Lucid is definitely screaming well to get a try.

Get Lucid Launcher for Android Tablet

#6 Total

This one is the last option according to my research and it works perfectly on any Android device. I tried it on Nexus 7 and Asus FonePad, and it was working as it was supposed to. You should try it out, as I don’t wish to spoil the surprise by describing the features here.

Get Total Launcher for Android tablet

I’m pretty sure of the fact that these are not the only best launchers for Android tablets, but these are the ones which are 100% compatible with a tablet device. Other launchers are strictly designed ‘only for phones’. So, you need to count this factor during the research.

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I hope the compilation above helped you to get the list of best and also updated the knowledge. Let me know if you need to know anything else on the related subject in the discussion section. It’s time for you to share this guide over social platform now. Peace.