Snapchat Online Login – How to Access Snapchat From Your PC

Directly access Snapchat using a web browser or an Android emulator on your PC. Follow this detailed tutorial to know how.

Officially, there are no methods that allow you to download and use the Snapchat app on your PC. However, there are still a few ways you can access the app from a web-enabled computer.

The first hurdle is to login using your Snapchat credentials using a desktop or laptop. Once that is accomplished, you should be able to access most of the Snapchat features. Following are a couple of methods that work.

How to Use Snapchat Online for Free

The great thing about these methods is that they are absolutely free. Among the two methods, the first one doesn’t require any installation while the second method does. Both methods are completely safe and it takes just a few minutes to do them correctly.

I’ve personally tried and tested both of these methods and I am going to lay it out for you guys step-by-step.

Snapchat Online Login to Use Snapchat app on PC

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#1 Snapchat Online Login Method

The first method is pretty straightforward. Simply go to the Snapchat Online website and login using your credentials. Once successfully logged in, the web app will allow you to access your Snapchat profile.


Snapchat Online Login

Here’s a link to the Snapchat web login page. Simply click this and go directly to the official Snapchat web login website.

The downside of this method is that Snapchat Online does not allow you to access the complete list of features you otherwise get on your phone. If you follow this process you have to make do with the restricted features list.

#2 Download Snapchat on PC/Laptop

The second method is what I usually share with all my friends who want to access Snapchat on their PCs. Follow the simple steps to be on your way.

Step 1 – Since you are not logging in through the official Snapchat Online page you have to first download an Android emulator to run the app on your PC. Simply download the BlueStacks app player software from the official website.

Step 2 – Once downloaded, double click on the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions. Check out our earlier guide on how to install BlueStacks if you need any help using it.

1 Download Snapchat for PC

Step 3 – Once installed, run the BlueStacks application and locate the search bar on the interface. Search for the app by typing in ‘Snapchat’ in that bar.

2 Install Snapchat Computer Online

Step 4 – Once the app is found on the Play Store, select it and click install.

6 Snapchat Online PC Computer

Step 5 – A pop-up window will appear asking for your Google credentials anywhere between the steps 2, 3, and 4. Login using your credential and proceed as directed above.

A notification will appear once the Snapchat app is installed successfully. You can now launch Snapchat by going to the All Apps section on the BlueStacks interface.

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The BlueStacks Android emulator software is completely safe. However, we do recommend downloading it from the official website.

Wrap up

These are the two guaranteed methods to access Snapchat on your PC. The second way is ideal for people who want to access the full features of the social media platform.

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How to Upload/Post Photos to Instagram via Computer/Laptop

There’s a short trick to upload or post photos to Instagram via computer or laptop at your end. And, you’re here to learn the same. Don’t worry, the trick is pretty simple, and you’ll have two options to choose from. Yes, you get it right!

So, I’ll be explaining both of those methods to help you understand the process to share images to Instagram from PC online. Before getting started, you need to be aware of few facts.

Upload/Post Photos to Instagram via Computer/Laptop

Instagram is an application available for Android and iOS platforms only. It can never be completely used on any other platform (I’ll actually let you know, still how to do it later), and even if you get it working somehow, then you’ll never have complete features working.

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This is because of the strict rules and regulations of the platform, which haven’t changed so far, and I can’t hope for it in future as well. Shall we start with the first method now? For the record, both methods work for Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

#1 Share Pictures to Instagram from PC using BlueStacks

This method is little lengthy compared to the second one, but it will feature other benefits. Once you pass this method, you can use Instagram and any other Android app or game on the computer later.

Interested? Following are the steps you need to go through one by one.

Step 1 – Get started with the procedure of downloading and installing BlueStacks app player. If you need help, then it’s explained over previously shared guide here.

Install Instagram for PC

Step 2 – Launch the software and head over to this particular guide, which will further guide you on how to use Android app on PC, including Instagram.

Use Instragarm for PC

The procedure is pretty simple, launch the software, search for ‘Instagram’ app, login using a Google account, click on the app and finally click on Install option ahead of the app’s listing within Play store.

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Once the app is ready, hit it from the All Apps section and get started using the same. Now, you’re accessing the complete features of this app, except for the Camera, in case the PC doesn’t have a hardware for the same.

#2 Share Images to Instagram via PC using Gramblr

This one is a comparatively simple method, which can be executed by going through following steps.

Step 1 – Grab the installer file of Gramblr software and extract the zip file on the desktop.

Step 2 – Launch the application, and get the image ready for sharing. Gramblr will not offer any image editing too, so get it done using some other application.

How to Upload:Post Photos to Instagram via Computer:Laptop

Step 3 – Enter the Instagram’s credentials into the application and you’ll be logged inside.

Step 4 – Simply use the Uploader tool available at your screen, to upload the image which will be shared over your profile. Yes, you’re allowed to add a caption and all your mighty hashtags.

Wrap up

There are few other applications available like Gramblr over the Internet, which can be used to do the same thing. But, this is the one I found perfectly working and 100% safe to use.

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So, as you’re aware of the method to share Instagram photos from PC platform now, go ahead and try doing the first one. Don’t forget to share the method at your social profiles, and spread the word. Kudos!

How to Download Dubsmash for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

Finding a unique social platform is not that hard, based on the fact that every month, a unique attempt is made, which gets popular initially, but later forgotten by the public. This may be the case with every other app, but it isn’t with Dubsmash, and here I’m sharing a guide to help you download Dubsmash for PC.

This is the app you should be using on at least one device, and if you’re not having a compatible smartphone, then doing the same on a PC, will do the job. But, you need to check the PC with requirements asked, which I’ll be covering the Prerequisite section.

How to Download Dubsmash for PC

The app is available for the Android and iOS platform for free, and I can assure you of the fact that it is definitely going to be your next addiction. If you don’t become good at dubbing, then you can still be good at making fun of your friend’s dubs or at least enjoying it.

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So, in every case, the situation is a win-win, and so, you’re going to become addicted inside. Millions of users have already been using this app for the same reason, and soon you’ll join them too.


The system at your end needs to have at least 4GB RAM, 5GB free C Drive storage, and HD standard of updated graphic card driver. If these things are part of the system along with timely updated and fresh OS version, then you can proceed ahead.

How to Download Dubsmash for PC

Following is the section where you’ll find the simple steps, and the only thing you need to do is to go through them as it is.

Step 1 – Start with downloading the BlueStacks app player software first, which is easy to get and free to use, completely. You just have to visit its official website, and then it will be available.

Step 2Start installing the software of which the installer file you just downloaded. You can start the process by double clicking on the installer file, and then following the on-screen instructions, as it is.

Step 3 – Launch the software once it’s ready to use, and then use the Search tool inside. Click on the same, enter ‘Dubsmash’ as the search term, and hit the link which appears inside.

Step 4 – Now, a pop-up will appear, asking to set up Sync feature. You need to click on the same, and login with a Google account to finish it up.

Step 5 – The moment that login thing is done, the app will appear in the search results within Play store. Select the right one and then click on the Install option ahead.

This will finish things from your side, and now you need to wait until the app gets ready. After then you can launch it from All Apps section of the software.

Using Dubsmash on Computer/Laptop

This is the app which you should be using right away, because it is easy to use, and extremely fun if things are done right. Using the method I shared above, you can get the chance to use Dubsmash on laptop/computer, but you need to start it now, right?

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The moment it starts, you’ll see certain categories. Pick any of your choices, and then you’ll see audio clips under that genre. You can listen to that and then act accordingly on that audio.

This is how the things get a dub, and your recording can be shared over the social platforms online. If you manage to act well in the production, the result will be hit, and you’ll addict to the app for sure.

Now, having this kind of experience on a computer or laptop, with bigger, and better screen, is always a better choice when compared to using the app on a phone.

Wrap up

That’s it for now guys! I hope you find this guide helpful and things went on at your end, as I promised here. If you find an error, of any kind, kindly share it in the discussion section, and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution, ASAP.

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Now, it’s time for you to start with the app, and if you’re looking for few more similar tutorials, then don’t forget to visit the homepage for most recent guides. Peace!

Grindr app for PC download & Use for Free!

You’re looking for an easy way to find the like-minded people in your area, and then get started with your friendship, right? Believe me or not, the best method to do that, is by using the modern smartphone you’re having, and using the Grindr app.

If you wish to use the same app on the computer, then here’s a guide on how to get Grindr app for PC download and then use it for free. Yes, it possible to use the same official Android app version on the computer or laptop directly, and for that, you don’t need to pay anything, at all.

Grindr app for PC download & Use for Free!

Just ensure that you’re heading towards the right app. I mean, the app is perfect for this niche, but this is the thing you’re looking for. The services offered by this app are exceptional and I can assure that you’ll stay addicted throughout for the rest of your life unless something happens to the app or its services.

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Grindr gay app is what people generally call it, and I can assure that this is the best in this niche. It allows you to quickly swipe through various profiles of like-minded people, connect with them, chat between, and finally deciding the place to meet up for the first time.

If you become a friend of a person, then you’re always going to be his friend. You can never lose that contact, thanks to the top-notch standard of features and services offered by the app itself. I can assure you of the fact, that you’re definitely going to like it, and share it with the rest of your interested friends, too.


Before proceeding ahead with the exact installation procedure, you need to check few things at the configuration level. The system should be perfectly ready for this installation procedure, which will ensure that you shouldn’t find anything wrong.

The first thing to ensure is that the system is having at least 4GB RAM. It can work with 2GB RAM, as well, but for a smoother experience, 4GB is a must. At least 5GB free storage in C Drive should always be there, along with updated graphic card driver, and that too of HD standard.

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In short, your system should be modern, and should be running on an updated and newer operating system. If a slower or very old system is the case with you, then you definitely need to go for the upgrade first.

How to Get Grindr app for PC Download

To download Grindr gay app, you need to go through following a set of instructions, as it is, and the procedure will get over soon. Don’t try to rush, as you might skip the step.

Step 1 – Start with downloading and then installing, BlueStacks app player software. You can get it for free, and if you need help in its installation part, then check out my already covered guide on the same.

Step 2 – Launch the software, and then use its search tool ahead, to find, ‘Grindr’ app and then click on the link which appears in the results. The link will promise to open in the Play store.

Step 3 – Before you can make any further move or the Play store appears, an interruption will occur, asking to set up Sync feature of the software. This will require you to login using a Google account.

Step 4 – Finally, when login is done, and you gain access to Android’s ecosystem, the app will appear in the Play store. Select the appropriate one, and then click on Install option ahead. The app will start downloading once you click on the Accept button in the pop-up.

Done! The procedure is over, and once it’s downloaded, the Grindr PC app will be installed on its own. After then, you can launch it anytime from the All Apps section of the software, and it will be ready to use.

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Wrap up

So, I guess everything was simple and without any issues, at all. If you need help on any related subject, feel free to describe that in the discussion section, and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution ASAP. Peace!

Quickest Working Method to Get Instagram for PC Download

There can be any reason behind your need to use Instagram on computer or laptop online, and I’m here to complete the same. This guide is going to help you get Instagram for PC download and learn how to use it online for free.

I’m going to share both the methods which require installation and the one which doesn’t require any installation at all. So, go ahead, as this is the guide you were waiting for so far.

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There is hardly anything left about the application which you’re not aware of. So, I’m not going to invest your valuable time in those introduction things, and hence, going to start with the procedure directly.

Quickest Working Method to Get Instagram for PC Download

This is the app which can also be accessed online if you have a login ID and password, i.e., an existing account. Open this official URL and login with the credentials. After then, you can access profile and some public profiles.

But, this isn’t going to offer you the complete set of features you’re looking for. To get them, the best method has been shared right below.

How to Download Instagram for PC

Go ahead, and start following the simple steps assembled for you, right below. This will be simple and will be done within 10 minutes (max) from now.

Step 1 – You’ve to download BlueStacks app player software and then install it. If you need help in that, then here’s an already covered guide on how to install BlueStacks and how to install Android apps further.

Step 2 – Start the software on your system which is just installed, and then launch its search tool, available at the top left corner. Enter ‘Instagram’ as the search term, and hit the link found in results.

Step 3 – The software at your end will stop you from proceeding because it requires you to login with a Google account. This is to get you access to Google’s ecosystem, and it will also enable the Sync feature. So, go ahead positively with the same.

Step 4 – Finally, when login part is over, the app will appear in Play store’s search results. Select the appropriate one and finally click on the Install option ahead to finish things from your side.

The app has been installed and I guess you don’t find any errors at all. Give it a minute, and the Instagram will be ready to launch from All Apps section of the software. You’ll get a notification regarding the same.

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Benefits of Using Instagram on Computer/Laptop

The benefits are pretty straight. Since, there is no official Instagram PC app version available so far, so you need to go through this method I shared above to use Instagram on laptop or computer.

So, the very first benefit is pretty clear to you, I guess. Yes, you’re getting a working method to use this application online. And, you’ll be able to share the pictures and videos instantly from the PC itself, which holds a maximum of them.

Also, it works very smoothly on a computer, in case if you don’t have a compatible Android or iOS smartphone. The app isn’t available for tablets as well, since they are not a phone, and this is specifically released for the phones only. So, instead of buying a modern phone to use this app, here’s your method to use it on computer directly and save that money for something else in your life.

Wrap up

These were the method to download Instagram for PC and the benefits of using the same on a PC platform rather than sticking for the phone one. I guess, you agreed with the benefits I explained and found the working method, effective at your end.

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If you need assistance on any related subject, then explain your side in the discussion section below and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution ASAP. Feel free to share this guide with your social friends using the sharing buttons below. Peace!