How Safe Softwares like BlueStacks Really Are?

This is the question most of the people ask themselves (or the Google), before installing any Android emulator software, that, ‘How Safe Softwares like BlueStacks really are?’. Well, I’m bringing an answer to the same query over here, and will try my best to help you reach a conclusion.

The software you’re about to install, is developed by a registered software developer company, which has been known for its products. In fact, the person behind the company has been doing this software development thing since years.

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So, there is nothing to worry about the credibility scorecard of the BlueStacks app player software. But, this isn’t the only software available in this niche, as you can check my best BlueStacks alternative coverage.

How Safe Softwares  like BlueStacks Really Are

YouWave, Andy, GenyMotion, Android x86, etc., are the few known names in this niche, out of which, I can personally trust only BlueStacks, YouWave, and Andy. Rest others are known for a long list of issues they deliver while installation attempt or during the usage.

First of all, the basic thing needs to be clear in your mind. You’re not trying to do anything illegal here, just because you’re looking to install Android apps and games on a different platform. That’s because, the whole Android operating system is available under the Open Source license agreement.

Also, it is totally legitimate to boot secondary OS into the main one, using the virtualization concept. As, software like VirtualBox and many other are available since years, and doing the same thing. BlueStacks app player and others like it are doing the same thing.

They are offering a way to users, a virtualisation method to host Android OS, into the Windows or any other supported one. For example, BlueStacks supports both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

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So, there is nothing illegal over here. Now, coming at the second thing, i.e., errors and issues users find during installation and usage.

This thing is common with any software or application. There is nothing to worry about in this situation. Because, there are some things which are never controlled and can never be. They go wrong with every software at the hardware and software ends.

The only thing you can do is to make sure that the system is always compatible with the requirements posted at the official documentation of any software before installing the same.

So, unless you’re installing any fake, or malicious Android app or game into the Windows system using this software, software like BlueStacks are completely safe to use. Go ahead and check our Android apps for PC, and Android games on PC sections to start your journey. Peace!

How to Stay/Be Safe on Mobile Social Apps (Special Coverage)

One way or another, the mobile apps are learning a lot of things about you. They are learning who you are friend with, whom you hang out with, and most importantly, what’s your current location, all the time. You’ve been offering all these details, using a simple addiction you got few years ago, i.e., smartphone.

The device has a GPS antenna built inside, which is accessible to almost any app, you’re allowing to access permissions to. This is the reason the recent version of Android has been taken care of those permissions and offering the end-users the facility to control which apps uses which permissions.

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How to Stay/Be Safe on Mobile Social Apps

How to Stay:Be Safe on Mobile Social Apps (Special Coverage)Anyways, coming back to our need, i.e., how to be safe on mobile social apps. I’m writing few tips here which you can follow and will have instant benefits.

The wide number of cyber frauds take place through Facebook and related application offered by the giant social network provider. It offers Messenger, Groups, Page Manager, and the Facebook native app itself. All of them can access your location, and can include that data in your post and photos.

Now, you need to either stop this functionality or set the privacy settings so hard that no other than you is allowed to see those posts and photos, and especially the location being posted with them.

The same rule is applied to other applications like Foursquare, Tinder, etc. One way to do that is that you use fake profile to access these applications, so even if you’re logged in and check-in at any location you wish to be private at, no one is going to know that it’s the real you.

Another thing you can apply simply, is that keep the GPS connectivity turned OFF. This will not only save your active location from getting posted online, but it will also increase the battery life of your device by a noticeable margin.

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So, go ahead and take these precautions very seriously, if you really care about protecting yourself and stay safe on mobile social apps.

I know you can’t live without them at this moment, but you also have to decide whom you’re sharing that data with, right?