How to Download Candy Crush Saga for PC & Play Free?

To be honest, if you don’t have free time to kill and have a lot of productive works to do every day, then you should keep a distance from this game. It is highly addictive and I can bet that once you start with it, it will be too much pain to stop the playing. On the other hand, if you are looking for similar kind of game, then here is your chance to download Candy Crush Saga for PC.

To play this game, you require an Android or iOS or Windows Phone smartphone or tablet, which is compatible with the hardware and software requirement by this game. At hardware side, at least dual-core processor and 1GB RAM is enough and at the software stand, full HD resolution support and native HD standard of graphic support are required.

Candy Crush Saga for PC

Buying a smartphone compatible with this game can be pricey, so by playing this Candy Crush Saga game on computer, you can save a lot of money. I seriously mean the thing I am saying here because I am personally playing the game on my Mac, and also have installed on my Windows PC in the office.

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It is a puzzle solving game mainly in which you have to take on different challenges and start going through levels and levels. Graphics is cool enough to keep you addicted and predictive that you can win the battle against all the odds.

The Benefit

Candy Crush SagaThis is the first thing I want you to know i.e. the benefit of installing Candy Crush Saga on laptop/desktop. Well, officially there is no PC version of this game, but there is still a legit way that I will be sharing in this tutorial.

But the benefit of this method is that you will be able to play this game online i.e. with keyboard and mouse. Also, the display monitor’s screen size is bigger than the smartphone or even the tablet one, so watching all those cool animations will be more fun.

This game is a huge addiction so if you want to play it during working, then you no longer need to pick your smartphone or tablet for the same.

In short, it offers two benefits, a much better experience and a better comfortable environment.


There are just two things which you need to ensure to be part of your computer or laptop. First is related with the storage while other is with the graphics.

  1. The storage part requires the system to have at least 4GB RAM and 5-10GB free storage in C Drive. This ensures good performance of the system and makes sure you don’t face any hiccups.
  2. The graphic part requires the display monitor to possess HD scale resolution and drive which are updated and compatible with HD standard of content. This ensures proper running of animations and graphics.
  3. This is how a raw desktop/laptop should look which you want to use to play Candy Crush Saga game for free.

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

This is where you will find the installation process to follow that will get the Candy Crush Saga game installed for free. Yes, there is no pricing involved in this method and if your system is compatible with above-mentioned requirements, you don’t even need to worry about facing any issues.

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC Online

Following are the instructions you have to go through. Make sure you go through them step by step and as I have added.

  1. The first thing to do is to grab the installer package of BlueStacks app player software. This is the app player software that will help you to achieve this unofficial and impossible thing.
  2. Yes, the software is free to use and you need to start installing it now. Double-click on the installer file and start going through the instructions at your screen. You can help yourself with a detailed guide I had already shared on how to install BlueStacks over here.
  3. Start the software and use the search tool as you see inside. Yes, it is at the top left corner. If BlueStacks ask you to pay for its services, then it will offer a free option. Choose that and stop worrying about the money.
  4. Login with a Google account when BlueStacks again ask you to set up its sync and one more other feature. This is also to allow you to access Google’s ecosystem and Google play services.
  5. Use the search tool now to find ‘Candy Crush Saga’ game. You will find it quickly in the results, and you have to press the clickable link.
  6. It will take you to the Play store’s search results. Now click on the game again and finally click on Finish button over there.

This will finish the process from your side. Wait for a while and the Candy Crush Saga game will be installed and ready to be played then.

Play Candy Crush Saga game online

Once you are done with the installation, you can begin the playing process almost instantly.

For that, start the BlueStacks app player and then use its search tool to find and launch Candy Crush Saga game. You can also find the shortcut of this game in All Apps section.

Once it’s running, you can synchronised the game status with Facebook profile. For that, you will see an option, so click on the same and login with your Facebook username and password credentials. This will keep all the data synchronised and you will be able to compete with your friends too.

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Then, hit the play button and select the first level at your end. This will load the first puzzle and there you go. This is how you can start and play Candy Crush Saga game online on computer and that too without paying for anything.

Wrap up

This is the time when I should take leave. The journey we both were together so far was good, was it? If this tutorial helped you to achieve what I promised and the thing you came here looking for, then you can help other friends by sharing it over the social platforms.

On the other hand, if you face any issues throughout the game or the process or want to know information on any related subject, then gather your thoughts in the discussion section and I will come up with answer/solution as soon as I can.

Voila! Tell me how you feel now about playing Candy Crush Saga game online with keyboard and mouse?

[Android Game] Download Bejeweled for PC & Play free online

You should start your day with this super awesome Bejeweled game which isn’t available for PC platform officially. To help you get the same instead of restricting you with playing Bejeweled on Android/iPhone, I’m writing this tutorial to help you download Bejeweled for PC.

The game is available for free, if you’re looking for the Android and iPhone platform, and since we will be installing the Android one on computer/laptop, we don’t have to pay for anything or worry about any payment.

Just be ready to solve the mysterious puzzles developed by the official EA game company, which we all are aware of and mostly love as well. I can assure that you won’t find any better puzzle solving game than this one, instead you’re going to praise the word with your friends to start playing the same.

5 free online games bejeweled

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Trust me, this is the game which you should start the day with. I’ve been personally doing the same and I’m loving my days. Ready?


Well, this first part isn’t directly with the installation procedure, rather it is a safeguard that will ensure you don’t find any issues or errors while dealing with the installation procedure. Issues are possible because the Bejeweled PC game version is Android and the Android emulator software we will be using will have its own requirements.

Those requirements are pretty straightforward and you don’t need any super high standard of the computing device. Rather, a system with 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage and HD standard of updated graphic driver will do the job. Also, make sure that the display attached to the system is having at least HD standard of resolution.

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So, do you have a computer or laptop ready with these requirements? I hope you do because you like keeping things updated with the modern world.

Download Bejeweled for PC Game

Let’s start with the actual installation procedure now. Following part under this heading consists of the simple instructions you’ve to go through, without missing anything.

Step 1 – This is the first step and I want you to take a wild guess of what we’ve to do. You’re right! We’ve to install the BlueStacks app player software first. So, get it downloaded from its official website.

Step 2 – There is no pricing involved in using this software. Once downloaded, double click the installer package file and go through on-screen instructions. It will take 5-8 minutes, depending on the speed of internet connection and CPU’s clock speed. If you need help, check the already covered BlueStacks installation procedure.

1 Free Download Bejeweled for PC

Step 3 – BlueStacks is ready to start, so do the same and in the very first screen, click on the Search tool. Enter ‘Bejeweled’ as a search term and finally click on the link you found in search results.

2 Bejeweled PC Game Free Download

Step 4 – Now, before you can make any moves further, a pop-up will interrupt asking to setup sync feature. So, follow that part and login using a Google account only.

3 Free Bejeweled PC Game Download

Step 5 – Once you’re done with the login process, you’ll be redirected back to the previous screen. Click on the game and it will open in search results of Play store. Select the appropriate game again and finally click on Install option ahead. You’ll be asked to Accept the app permissions too.

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Done! Everything is over from your side and you must be seeing Bejeweled PC game getting downloaded on its own. Don’t worry, it will be installed by the BlueStacks app player and you’ll get a notification on its success.

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After then, there is nothing between you and this game. Start it from All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player software and you’re ready to shoot the puzzles out.

My Experience of Playing Bejeweled PC Game

Voila! Yippie! These were the expressions when I was successfully completing the levels offered to me. I was able to create the best time records too, many times. So, this is a game which gets under your skin and I’m sure you’ll feel addicted after playing it for a couple of minutes.

7 puzzle games bejeweled

Graphics was too awesome and so does the sound effects, thanks to the high-quality computer and laptop I tried playing this game on. The levels inside are not too hard and not too easy. So, you get mix-up puzzles, waiting to be solved by a genius nerd.

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Wrap up

So, ready to crush those puzzles? Now, I’ve made sure you get every chance to play Bejeweled game online on computer/laptop, and that too for FREE.

How to Download Monument Valley for PC [Puzzle Game]

Finding a very perfect game is not that easy but if you happen to know or watch the game playing of Monument Valley, then you’re in for the treat. This game has been very popular since it was introduced in the House of Cards season, and for all you guys, I’m sharing a guide to help you download Monument Valley for PC.

This is the game you should be playing from the very first moment of buying a high-end or even a middle-end smartphone. But, if you don’t happen to have any, then not to lose heart, as this guide will help you install Monument Valley game on PC or laptop.

How to Download Monument Valley for PC [Puzzle Game]

The game requires you to solve a very challenging puzzle which involves buildings, old monuments, in a very attractive environment. You have to use a lot of your brain in order to win the battles inside this game because it is not at all easy. If you don’t trust me, then check out the videos posted by users over YouTube.

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Few things you need to check is that the computer at least has 4GB of RAM, HD standard of graphic, updated graphic driver, 5GB free C Drive storage, and HD resolution display. Once you’re having these specs matching, then you’re ready to move.

How to Download Monument Valley for PC2

How to Download Monument Valley for PC

Following are the steps you need to go through in order to get the Monument Valley game installed.

How to Download Monument Valley for PCStep 1 – You need to first get the software downloaded named BlueStacks app player. I’ve shared a complete guide on the same which you can check over here.

Step 2 – Once the software is installed and ready to use, launch the same and right within the home screen, click on the Search tool, as you see.

Step 3 – Now, enter the search term, ‘Monument Valley’ and once found, click on the link in the result.

Step 4 – Before the game can open in the Play store, you’ll be asked to setup Sync facility of the software. Do that, and login with a Google account to complete the procedure here.

Step 5 – Once the login is done, you can move ahead and click on the Install option ahead of the game listing. Of course, the install option will appear once you pay for the game.

This is all for now guys, you can wait for now to let the game installed for you by the BlueStacks software and it will happen soon.

How to Download Monument Valley for PC1

Wrap up

This is all guys for now and I hope you liked this effort which helped you to get Monument Valley game on PC for free. You don’t have to pay any extra money to play the super game on your computer or laptop.

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You just have to pay the price of this game, because it is not free. But, it is totally worth of the price tag, and I can assure you that you will have a way top-notch experience.

Don’t forget to check our other guides and like our social profiles to stay updated. Also, share this tutorial with your friends to help them know this game and this method particularly. Kudos!