Hotstar Live TV for PC & Watch content online for Free

If you’re an Indian, either living in the country or away, or the foreigner who is interested in Indian specific content, then you need to go through this guide because it will help you get Hotstar Live TV for PC download and install the app to watch free movies online.

One way or another, you’re watching movies and TV shows online through the fast internet connection you got these days. Thanks to the advancement in technology that we no longer need to stick to the traditional TV set to get entertained.

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About Hotstar PC app

This is the app which has been released by the Star TV network, the one which is very popular in the India and also in some foreign countries. The app has been offered with any price tag, and every content offered inside comes without any price tag.

hotstar live tv

You can start with watching any of your favorite TV show, or movie, or can even watch live streaming cricket or other sports matches. In short, you get everything wrapped inside, without any price tag.


You need to be doubly sure before proceeding ahead with the installation instructions, because if the system at your end isn’t compatible 100% with the requirements, then you may find errors or the method won’t work at all.

The system which is fit to run this process, is the one having at least 4GB RAM, 5GB free C Drive storage, HD standard of graphic driver, and perfectly working system, without any performance issues.

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This is because the software we’re about to use to make this thing happen, is the heavy one, and that’s because it will install the Android OS completely on the Windows or Mac system at your end. Yes, the method includes using Android emulator software.

How to Download Hotstar app for PC

Proceed with going through the steps mentioned down here, and you’ll find the Hotstar app getting installed within next five minutes.

Step 1 – Start with downloading the Android emulator software you wish to use. I’ll recommend going with the BlueStacks and I’ve shared a complete guide on how to install BlueStacks easily.

Step 2 – Launch the software once is ready to offer its services, and right within its user interface, select the Search tool. Enter ‘Hotstar’ as the search term, and follow the link you found in results.

Step 3 – Before you can move forward with the installation, a must-to-do thing will appear, asking you to login using a Google account. So, go ahead and do the same and it will allow you to access Android’s ecosystem.

Step 4 – Finally once the login process is done, and you gain the access, the app will appear in the Play store, with ‘Hotstar Live TV…’ name. Click on the same, click on Install and finally, click on Accept button from the pop-up.

Things are done from your side and now you can move on. Go to the homepage of the BlueStacks app player, and then into All Apps section. Over there, you’ll find the launcher shortcut of the app.

Benefits of using Hotstar Live TV app on Computer/Laptop

Clearly, the benefit of using this Hotstar app on laptop/computer is that you’re allowed to watch those free media contents on the bigger and better screen. Of course, the smartphones has up to 2k displays these days, but, still the bigger and better screens of laptops and computers, are way ahead.

The UI of this app is very simple and good enough to understand and get addicted from the very first moment. The collection it has of movies, TV shows, and sports matches, is wide enough to keep you entertained for the whole week.

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The content is refreshed every day, which means, you have a lot of to watch every day. The app offers everything for free, except for the fact that you have to watch few advertisements between those live streaming.

Wrap up

Things are done from both of us side, so go ahead and launch the app for the first time, and see if you like it or not. I can assure that you’ll have a great experience if you’re having an internet connection of at least 2MBPS continuous and stable speed. Don’t forget to share this guide to download Hotstar for PC with all your online friends. Peace!

The Best Voice Changer App for Windows PC

Here’s a tutorial to help you get the best Voice Changer app for Windows PC, and get over with it’s downloading, installation and usage process. In past, we all have waited for most basic applications like the Voice Changer, Face changer, etc., to be available for computer platform, but they were never so simple, as of now.

The apps were available in past too, but they were not so simple to get and definitely not simple to get the job done. But, this scarcity is over, thanks to the development and popularity of the Android platform, which holds thousands of quality applications.

7 Voice Changer app Windows 7 Download

In a very short time from now, maybe just five minutes, the Voice Changer app will be running at your end. All you’ve to do is to go through the process I’ll be adding right here and in no time, you’ll be done with everything.

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If you’re interested in knowing the details, then I’m definitely not sharing any Voice Changer app for PC format over here. Rather, I’m sharing a method to install my favorite Android application in this niche, on Windows computer/laptop. Yes, it can be done and that too very easily.


The system required to run this application doesn’t needed to be a super computer or a dedicated gaming one. You just need to make sure that it has at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage in C Drive, and HD standard of the graphic driver which is also updated to the latest available version.

How to Download Voice Changer app for PC

The procedure to install Voice Changer app on computer is explained below. Make sure you go through the steps one by one and don’t skip any of them.

Step 1 – The very first thing to do is to get an Android emulator downloaded. BlueStacks is the one I’ll recommend here and you can get it for free from here.

Step 2 – Start installing the software you just grabbed, by double clicking the installer file, clicking on Run, and then clicking on Next, Next, buttons, while following every on-screen instructions, until you reach the Finish one.

1 Voice Changer PC App Download

Step 3 – Start the software and then use the search tool available within to first find ‘Voice Changer’ app and then click on the link you found that promises to take you inside the Play store.

2 Best Voice Changer App for PC

Step 4 – Make sure you react to the pop-up asking to setup sync feature in a positive way. You can’t skip this step, and to complete it, you’ll require to login using a Google account.

4 Download Voice Changer app for PC

Step 5 – Now, select the app from the search results, and finally click on Install and then Accept buttons ahead. Make sure you select the app according to screenshots I’ve attached here.

The process is over and you’ve to wait a minute for the notification regarding successful installation of this application. Don’t worry, it will be automatically and later you can launch it from the All Apps section of BlueStacks app player.

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Experience of using Voice Changer app for Windows

I can assure that the app I’ve recommended above is truly awesome and deserves the chance you’re giving in. It is available for free and never offers anything to be paid for.

The UI inside is very simple in design, elegant from every corner, and easy enough for anyone to understand quickly and get started using the services being offered inside.

9 Voice Changer for Laptop Download

You can quickly switch between different kinds of voices available inside and they all gets activated on the live events, instantly. So, my advice is to get started with the app and see how it turns out for you.

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Wrap up

I hope everything went smooth and finally you are ready to move ahead. The only thing you need to do finally is to share this guide on your social platform to help your friends. In case if you find any errors, then describe it in the discussion section and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution.

If you’re interesting in such helpful tutorials, then don’t live in dark. Either follow our social profiles to receive updates instantly in your News Feed or sign up for our free newsletter. Peace.