How to Download WhatsApp for PC – My Personal Guide

Hello friends, this is the guide on Download WhatsApp for PC or Computer on Windows 7, Windows 8. You can even use WhatsApp Online or WhatsApp Web by referring to this guide.

First we started using applications on our Windows computer and Macs. Then came smartphones and we started running applications there but now it seems like an era is coming where we all want to use apps again on the PC platform.

It’s just like history repeating itself.

You must be thinking that I’m very late here. I know millions of users are already using WhatsApp on computer and this formula is alive since two years.

But the methods available till now weren’t promising at all. I kept on using and checking each of the methods that sailed us and promise to run WhatsApp on PC without any issues.

WhatsApp for PC Download

But what was the result? I don’t need to tell that, right?

Every method just gave us a pathetic experience and then we never wanted to think of going that way again, but we all did.

Why we want to do this? – WhatsApp for PC/Online

That tiny application has taken the world by storm. There were always applications available that helped the world to get connected but WhatsApp was the very basic, simple yet the most effective one.

The reason for its immense popularity is its simplicity. The app had got billions of users around the world which is even larger than the Facebook or Twitter or any other social network you know among the top.

They said that just install the app, create a profile using the phone number and forget about everything rather than starting a conversation with anyone in your contact.

Yes, you even don’t need to worry about adding friends anymore. It did allow blocking facility and some sort of security protection as well.

Soon many players came in the industry but none of them was able to touch the stardom WhatsApp achieved. And it is even continuing.

So, the primary reason behind this urge to use WhatsApp on laptop or any other computing system we own along with the smartphone, is because of the simplicity.

What all you can do using WhatsApp on PC?

You can do following things,

You can send texts to anyone around the world whose phone number is stored on your smartphone.

You can share pictures, voice memos, videos, and even live location on Map applications.

With recent updates, you can even make free voice calls over the data network.

Benefits and Experience

You don’t need to pay anything to send any kind of message that is allowed within.

You even don’t need to worry about global or national roaming norms, any conversation can go anywhere, without any cost.

You can share endless numbers of pictures, voice notes, video memos, and contacts.


Users can share real-time location on Maps and thus arrange a meeting or find themselves pretty easily.

Never need to remember any password or profile ID or any other thing. Even no need to login or logout.

With all that, we are allowed to do and benefits we can experience, WhatsApp is the best messaging application. Its availability on all possible smart platforms further makes it strong player. You can get it for Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and other Java powered mobile phone platforms.

Let’s begin the process now. Shall we?

If is there anything you wish to know then do let me know it (simply ask the question) in the discussion section below and I got all the experience and knowledge to provide the required solution or answer.

Do you need a separate review now? If the majority of you require it, then I’ll write and share the WhatsApp review with you.

But since I’ve added all benefits and experience related things already (and forward part also consists of same) so I don’t think there is a need to repeat things under the name of the review. Also, you all are aware of how this application works, its pros and cons.

Use WhatsApp on Computer/Laptop with Smartphone

This is the only official method and the best one. I’m calling it best because it doesn’t require any installation and also you are allowed to use one single account on your computer or laptop along with the smartphone.

Yes, you don’t need to create a separate account for computer platform rather same smartphone WhatsApp account will be activated, running and can be used easily.

And this is the biggest relief!

I took my time to test the WhatsApp PC version because I don’t like sharing my reviews unless I’m pretty sure of them. Although there are not many things to check and review but still things were not working effectively.

So, here is the process you need to go through.

Step 1 – Launch the Chrome or Firefox web browser on your system. No matter what platform it is as this method supports any platform (Mac, Windows, etc.) which can run any of these browsers. But make sure the browser itself is updated.

Step 2 – Open this help guide over there which you’re reading right now and now go to this official URL.

WhatsApp Web Application

Step 3 – It will open the WhatsApp Web official website. And, there you’ll see a big QR code along with certain details.

Step 4 – It’s time to use your smartphone now, pick it up, launch WhatsApp app in it and update it to latest available version.

WhatsApp Web for PC

Step 5 – Once updated, move into Menu from the home screen of the application and tap on ‘WhatsApp Web’ option.

Step 6 – It will activate the rear camera of your smartphone and now you need to use the rear camera to scan that QR code on your computing system.

Step 7 – Once the scan is done, the login process will start and instantly the WhatsApp app will be running on your desk.

Note – recently, Opera and Safari web browsers are also made compatible with this method.

So, this was the simple method that can help you run and use WhatsApp online without installing anything. The best part is that the whole method is official and free.

Requirement – The only requirement you need to take care is that your smartphone and PC, both should be connected to an active internet connection whether through Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity. Once any of the devices gets disconnected, the app will stop working instantly.

That was the official method, now let’s check on another alternative available and see if they are working or not.

Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop using Android emulator

This is the second most popular and best working method to use WhatsApp on laptop or computer. But it requires an Android emulator software to get installed first.

WhatsAppBlueStacks app player, YouWave and Andy are the three most popular emulators available. Out of these three, I recommend only BlueStacks and YouWave because the third one requires a high-end system to work.

So, unless you’re having a machine with at least Core-i5 or similar standard of processor, 4GB+ RAM, dedicated graphics card of 1GB+ size, you shouldn’t be using Andy software, because you can’t.

That leaves us with two options, BlueStacks and YouWave.

System Requirement

Before running any of them, there is a specific system requirement which you should be checking.

The system should have at least 4GB of RAM. This is very common to ensure latest graphics and visuals compatibility while not costing on performance at all.

Next and most importantly, graphics driver version should be latest and it should be compatible with HD standard of visuals. This is required since you’re about to run Android OS on system which itself uses HD standard of visuals.

Note – If everything matched, then go with BlueStacks but if your system is having anything lesser than go with YouWave. This is because, YouWave uses lesser CPU resources than BlueStacks. But don’t try using any of them in an old system that isn’t matching with these requirements at all.

Install WhatsApp on PC via BlueStacks

This is the recommended choice out of two I’m giving you here. Start going through steps I’ve added down here and get prepared to run WhatsApp on PC.

Step 1 – Download and install the BlueStacks software first. You can get it running easily. Just follow this section where I have already covered BlueStacks installation process and choose the appropriate one as per the OS platform.


Step 2 – Once installation is over, then go and run it. From the moment it starts running you’ll see a search tool on top left corner. That’s the tool you have to use, click on it.


Step 3 – Now, type in ‘WhatsApp’ as search term and instantly you’ll see the results. Click on app result in there. In most of the cases, this app comes pre-installed within BlueStacks or else you have to install it from Google play store (simply follow screen instructions for that).


Step 4 – If app is there then launch it, if not then app will open up in Google play store, click on it there and finally click on ‘install’ option ahead of its listing.


Step 5 – Everything is done now. To be honest, this isn’t the last step as it can occur anywhere around, even on first one. BlueStacks will ask you to login with a Google account, in order to setup its synchronisation feature and also to allow you access Google’s ecosystem.


Done! Within next one or two minute (max), WhatsApp will be ready at your end there. Login with your phone number and start using it.

Run WhatsApp on Laptop/Computer via YouWave

You can also call this method as ‘without BlueStacks’ as that software isn’t involved here. Just like above, follow the steps I’m writing below.

Step 1 – You need to get the YouWave software install first. Get it for free from here and you’ll get first 10 days of free trial. Yes, it’s a premium software. For you, I had already covered a detailed guide covering YouWave installation. Or simply download and install it, its just like any other software.


Step 2 – Once you’re done with that separate guide of installation and the software is ready to use then start it and choose Free Trial option from the first interaction.


Step 3 – Launch Web Browser app you see in there. You need to then open homepage of Google play store. This is required to do because there is no Google play store app in YouWave.


Step 4 – Once the website is open completely, then you need to begin using its search tool. Make a search for WhatsApp application and click on the appropriate official app in search results.


Step 5 – There is the listing of our beloved messenger application. Now, simply click on install option ahead there and login with a Google account as you’re trying to use Google’s ecosystem.


It’s done from your end now. Wait for a few seconds and within a minute, WhatsApp will be ready to use.

Future method

Recently, Google has launched its ARC service (App Runtime for Chrome) which allows few Android apps and Google play services to be running in Chrome web browser, regardless of the PC platform.

I did tried using this method but never find any app that worked without any issues. Yes, I also tested WhatsApp application but it was crashing most of the times.

Until, Google updates this ARC and get it better, I won’t recommend you to try it. Also, now you don’t need to wait for it because you got three best methods to download and run WhatsApp on computer above.

Let’s wrap it up – WhatsApp PC

I hope the information I came up with was helpful in every possible manner. If you failed to do anything or I failed to include any important thing, then do let me know through discussion section.

We both will try to discuss the matter further and find out solution if you’re in some kind of problem using WhatsApp on computer.

If you truly find this guide on Download WhatsApp for PC helpful, then you can show appreciation by sharing it over all your social network. Peace.

Working Method to Download BeeTalk on PC

First of all, you need to understand the reason why you’re thinking of using this app. The prime reason is the fact that you’ll have super awesome and top-notch experience, which is not that common with newer apps, these days. So, here’s your guide to download BeeTalk on PC.

The app is available for the iOS and Android platforms, and can be installed for free. There aren’t any paid features inside, and you don’t need to worry about its credibility too. The app has been used by millions of users so far, and you’re also going to join them right away.


The reason why it manages to offer that top-notch experience is because the developers have done superb and very hard work, in developing everything in the app. From the user interface to the set of features included within, everything is super awesome and scaled to the reach the best possible standard.

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So, if you’re feeling bored with the existing messaging applications, then start using BeeTalk right now, and see how it goes. For starters, you can use it on a computer or laptop, before making it the default app on your smartphone.


The system at your end needs to have an active internet connection, along with at least 4GB RAM, 5GB free C Drive storage, HD standard of updated graphic card, and HD resolution display screen.

After checking all these, also make sure that the operating system powering the system is updated with every fresh upgrade issued by the vendor.

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Once assured of all these things, you can proceed ahead, and I can assure that you will not find any kind of error, at all.

How to Download BeeTalk for PC

You need to follow the steps mentioned down here, as it is and it will take around five minutes to get done with everything.

Step 1 – Start downloading BlueStacks app player software first, which is free to get from its official website, and then you need to start installing the same.

Step 2 – Double click on the installer file, and then go through the on-screen instructions, as you follow in every case. The software will require an internet connection and will end up within 2-3 minutes.

Step 3 – Launch the software, and hit the search tool available on the top left the corner. Enter ‘BeeTalk’ as the search term, and then click on the same.

Step 4 – Before you can make any further move, a pop-up will appear, asking to set up sync feature. You need to proceed with a Yes, and login using a Google account.

Step 5 – Finally, go ahead and click on the app from search results, followed by clicking the Install option ahead.

Things are over from your side, and you don’t need to do anything else now. Wait for a minute, and the BeeTalk app will be installed.

Using BeeTalk on Computer/Laptop

The moment this app works, you will start liking everything you see. From the user interface to icons, to the messaging formats available inside, everything looks just superb.

Things work fine while using the app on the computer as well, or the laptop, and you can still send any number of messages to any number of friends online.

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You’re also allowed to quickly share pictures, videos, and active location on the Map. Go ahead, and start using the app, as this is going to be your next addiction.

Wrap up

So, the procedure is finally over and I guess everything went smooth. In case if anything went wrong, kindly explain your side in the discussion section below, and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution, ASAP. Don’t forget to share it with all your friends. Peace!

[Android App] Get Viber for PC Download Methods

Whether you’re having a laptop or computer powered by Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10, or Windows 7, or Mac OS X, you can download Viber for PC and use it online for free. The native application versions are available for the platforms and I can assure that you’re definitely going to love using it.

The app is developed by an official developer company, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just go through this guide, select the instructions as per the platform at your end, and then you just have to go through those simple steps.

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Why use Viber on PC?

The reason why you should be using this application on the computer or laptop is because you need to communicate with the rest of the world. And, Viber offers the best possible interface and platform to do the same.

[Android App] Get Viber for PC Download Methods

It looks great, feels great, and offers an experience which is really top-class. I’ve been personally using this application and after using it for a year, all I can say is that this is the one you should be using in every case.

In the upcoming guides, you’ll be needing to open the official website, so, I’m adding the same right here.

Official Website of Viber app

The introduction is over from my side, and I guess I left a lot for you to discover on your own. The method I always follow if I wish someone to understand a thing.

Download Viber for Windows 8/8.1/10

In case, the system is powered by Windows 8, or 8.1, or the newest 10 OS version, then you can get the app from the official Store as well. Or you can follow the official link I added above, and then select the platform to grab the installer package.

Download Viber for Windows 7

In case of Windows 7, Viber standalone version is available which can be downloaded from the official website, as linked above, and after then, you need to double click on the same file, choose Run, and then move to the end by following the on-screen instructions.

Viber for Mac Download and Install

Thanks to the developers, Viber for Mac is officially available and so we don’t need any Android app player like BlueStacks to take help from. Simply grab the file from the official website I linked above, and you’ll get the installer package of Viber for Mac.

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After then, you’re already aware of the process to deal with the installation.

Install Viber on Computer/Laptop using BlueStacks

The process of installation is pretty straight. You can follow the simple steps, and everything will be over within 10 minutes or sooner.

Step 1 – Start with downloading and then installing the BlueStacks app player software. Go ahead and check this guide I shared over here which is going to help you completely.

Step 2 – Launch the software for the first time, and complete the setup process to start it completely. After then, start the search tool to first find ‘Viber’ app and then click on the link in the results.

Step 3 – An interruption will appear asking to setup the sync facility of the software. Go ahead and do the same and you’ve to login using a Google account inside. This will allow you to access Android’s ecosystem, completely.

Step 4 – The moment you’re done with the login process, the app will appear in the search results, where you need to simply select the appropriate one and finally click on the Install option ahead.

The process is done from your side, and you just have to wait till a notification appears, claiming the completion of the process. Go ahead, click on the All Apps section of BlueStacks, and you’ll find the Viber app available to launch over there.

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The reason why you should be going through this method to get the Viber app install on PC, when the official standalone versions are available, as explained above, is because once this software is installed, you can play other games and use other apps as well.

Over to you

Well, I guess you’ve found the working method completely useful and didn’t found any confusion in selecting the method to go with. This time, it’s you who has to share this guide with the rest of your friends, as this will help them know the method as well.

If you need assistance on any related subject, then write the query in the discussion section and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution ASAP. Peace!

How to Quickly Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet

This tutorial isn’t just going to help you install WhatsApp on Android tablet, but will also help you to do the setup quickly. Both methods are different and are not that easy to get through on an Android tablet. So, this is the reason why I’m writing this help guide.

If you’re having an Android smartphone or any other then the process is pretty straight. You just have to look for the app on the Google play store, or App Store (iOS), or Windows Phone Store, or any other according to the device’s OS, and you’ll then have the option to simply install it.

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But, this isn’t the case with a tablet device. That’s because, in most of the cases, a tablet doesn’t have an SIM card slot or option for the cellular network connectivity.

How to Quickly Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet

Even if it has the cellular connectivity, then it’s for the data connectivity, not the call or message services. So, this is the real reason why you can’t download WhatsApp on Tablet, and install the app, as it relies on the phone number and cellular connectivity.

Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet and Setup

Following are the steps you need to go through, and the procedure will be over soon.

Step 1 – Move into the Security settings of your tablet, and enable the option with ‘Unknown sources..’ label under the same menu. This will enable the device to install the applications through APK format.

Step 2 – Now, launch the default web browser of your device, and then open this web page you’re reading. If this is already happening then go ahead and follow this official URL.

Step 3 – Over the official page, you’ll have an option to click on. Go ahead, click on the same, and the WhatsApp APK latest version will start downloading.

Step 4 – Once the file is completely downloaded, you can either tap on the notification itself or find the file using the File Manager app and then tap on the same. Now, click on the Install option in the pop-up arise.

Step 5 – Click on the Open button to launch the app finally and WhatsApp will be running ahead. The installation is done, but the setup isn’t. Enter the phone number you wish to continue using this account with and proceed.

Step 6 – Once the automatic activation fails, it will send a message password to the phone number. Copy that and enter the same into the tablet screen. This will verify your new account.

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Done! The next things remaining is that you create a profile and go ahead using the same services on the tablet device for now.

Over to you

The process is finally over, and I guess you’re done with it without meeting any issues at all. Don’t keep this method with yourself completely, as you can share it with the rest of your friends quickly using the social sharing buttons available below.

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So, go ahead, and share this guide to help others install WhatsApp on tablet devices. If you have any concern or issues, then write it down in the discussion section and I’ll come up with a better and custom solution, as per the conditions at your end. Don’t forget to mention the tablet model you’re using. Peace!

LINE PC app Version Free Download & Install

Out of much available messaging application, LINE is my favorite, that’s because the kind of stickers and cute user interface it offers. If you’re sticking to this app completely, then here’s your chance to get LINE PC app version free download and learn how to install the same.

This is the app which was heavily advertised during the initial years, and thus, managed to get millions of users from the first month of appearing. Since then, it has managed to keep those users along with and is also getting new users continuously.

So, go ahead and start with this app because it is definitely going to be to one with which you’ll get addicted for sure. I can assure that this guide will be helpful in every possible manner, and you’re definitely going to share it with the rest of your friends online.

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Before starting, you need to be aware of the fact that just like every other software, this one also requires certain things at the configuration level of the computer or laptop.

LINE PC app Version Free Download & Install

So, a perfect system to go ahead, is the one which is having at least 4GB RAM, 5GB free storage in C Drive, and HD resolution of graphic performance by every manner, i.e., at both hardware and software levels.

LINE PC app Download and Install

The process is fairly simple and totally safe. You are getting the official LINE PC app standalone method right here, and all you’ve to do is to follow the steps mentioned down here, as it is.

Step 1 – Go ahead, and open this official website. Over there, you will find a direct download link for the Windows computer and laptop. Click on the same!

Step 2 – Now, the software will be downloaded on which you’ve to double click, select the Run option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3 – Finally, you’ll reach the Finish button that will close the process, and then start the app itself. Now, log in using your existing account or you can also create a newer one.

The method above was for the Windows 7 and every previous version of the operating system.

In case, if you’re using Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10 OS, then you can download LINE for Windows 8/8.1/10 from the official Store itself. You can either search for the app over there or follow this direct link in the default web browser of the system at your end.

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The process is simple, as you’re already familiar with.

LINE for Mac Download

The process for Mac is also simple and safe. Thanks, to the official Mac version of the application. So, go ahead and go through the process explained down here, as it is.

Step 1 Visit this official webpage, where you’ll find a direct link for the Mac version. Click on the same and the file will start downloading, automatically.

Step 2 – Start the app’s installation by double clicking on the file, and do what you’ve always done at the time of installing any third-party app on Mac.

Step 3 – Finally, drag the app’s shortcut into the Application folder and after a minute, the process will be over.

Everything is done and you can go ahead and launch the app from the Application shortcut.

So, these were the official method to download LINE for PC, without BlueStacks or any other Android emulators.

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But, if you’re looking for the same method, as it will help you have access to hundreds of other quality apps and games, then proceed with the method I’m about to explain.

Download LINE for PC using BlueStacks

Again, the process is explained in the following simple steps.

Step 1 – Go ahead, and download the BlueStacks app player software. Once it’s downloaded, you can start with its installation procedure, which I’ve already explained over a previously shared guide.

Step 2 – Start the software, and within the app itself, you’ll see a Search tool. Click on the same, and quickly enter ‘LINE’ app’s name.

Step 3 – Before you can make any further moves, the software will ask you to log in with a Google account only. Go ahead, and perform that task, as you’ve no other choice than to proceed positively.

Step 4 – Finally, once the login is done, the app will appear in the search results of Play store. Select the right one, and finally click on Install option ahead at it’s listing.

Done! Wait for a minute, and within that time period, you’ll have a notification regarding the success of the event from the BlueStacks itself.

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Over to you

So, these were all the methods available to install LINE app on PC and use it online for free. I hope you found the one you came here looking for and finally going to share it with the rest of your friends too. Peace!