This is Hard Fact for all who want iMessage on PC

I completely understand the need you are feeling of using iMessage on PC, which is primarily because most of your friends are online using the same. Now, you either don’t have an Apple device compatible with that app, or willing to use iMessage on Windows computer or laptop device, in order to control things remotely.

Whichever be the case, the hard fact you all need to know about is that there’s no way you can install iMessage on PC, or use it anyhow on the Windows platform. I can understand that you feel disappointed and thinking that, there should be a method available on some other website.

This is Hard Fact for all who want iMessage on PC

But, the real thing is that there is no method available which can help you in this situation. So, you’re left with just two options. First, you can get an Apple device to use the app, or if already having, then stick to the same. Second, you can switch to other similar apps available for the Windows platform, like iMessage alternatives for Windows, which I’ll be covering shortly.

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Is it possible to use iMessage on PC (Windows)?

So, finally this is the question you came here with, looking for the answer and the clear, simple, and straight, answer is a No. There is no way you can download iMessage for Windows laptop or computer because there isn’t any version available.

In case of Android applications or from any other vendor, it is possible to use their apps on other platforms, against their will. For example, you can use any Android app on PC or play Android game on PC, using the Android emulator software available these days.

But, this iMessage and similar other apps, are the product of Apple Inc, which has been known for keeping its things intact within its ecosystem only. If Apple doesn’t want an app to be available for a particular platform, other than its own, then there’s no way anyone can get it.

Even if someone tries and find out a working method, then it involve high risk of hacking and other dark activities of the Internet. Going through that way, you might be risking privacy and security tabs of the system on the risk.

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So, my clear advice is to forget about it and look for some alternatives, which are offering similar services on the PC platform.

iMessage Alternatives for Windows

I’m sharing here a mix breed of apps, which will definitely help you get started. I’m pretty sure you don’t need a lot of descriptions on each of them because you have already used or at least heard of them.

#1 WhatsApp – If you’re wondering what WhatsApp is doing in this list, because we’re talking of PC app, then you need to check my previously covered guide on how to use WhatsApp on PC without installation. If you’re already using WhatsApp on the phone, then you will love the way it works on PC too.

#2 Skype – This one has been available since years and is a Microsoft product. You can send messages, share pictures, videos, and even make free voice and video calls in HD quality.

#3 Viber – If you’re looking for a standalone app which is available for almost every platform known in the popularity stands, then Viber is the one you should be giving a try. Check out the existing guide on my blog on how to download Viber for PC.

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That’s for the day folks! I hope you not only find this guide helpful but also going to check the related ones I interlinked. Don’t forget to pass this valuable word on the social platforms. Peace.

How to Download FaceTime for Android and Vlog with Friends

One way or another, you’re going to know or at least hear about FaceTime. This is the best messaging application offered by Apple itself, which is truly dedicated to helping users to high-quality video chatting. And, many of us are looking to download FaceTime on Android and vlog with our friends, right?

How to Get FaceTime for Android?

Well, you need to get ready to meet a harsh truth. And, that’s very simple! The FaceTime isn’t available for the Android platform, or for any other, for the case, and you simply can’t use it out of the Apple’s ecosystem.

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To use this application, you definitely have to live in the Apple’s ecosystem, i.e., buy either an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any OS X powered personal computer. No other device is allowed to use this app because of the in-existence. So, the thing you came here looking for is pretty clear now, right?

Now, another question arises is that, if FaceTime for Android isn’t available, then how to get any other better app, or in other words, which are the best FaceTime alternatives you can use right away on any compatible Android device.

Best FaceTime Alternatives for Android

Well, the list can go on up to 10+ applications which are claiming to be super simple to use and offering high-standard of video calling service, but in reality, only the following ones were found completing that claim.

#1 Skype

Microsoft-powered Skype is the best video calling app ever. It can never be touched by any other because of being totally directed at that thing, and also being available since years.


Of course, it can compete with FaceTime directly even on the Apple devices, and this is the reason why you can find even the Apple users, having Skype installed. It can also be used to make free voice calls and paid calls to phone numbers directly. Skype can even allow you to share screens from one device to another.

#2 Viber

Viber is my second best as I’ve been using this app since two years. It has always managed to fascinate me with its cool and elegant user interface and I can assure that you’ll also find the same. Viber is being used by millions of users as it can offer quality and maintain it even at low internet speed.


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#3 Hangouts


Around one and half year back, Google updated the Talk application and released this Hangout for every device. Now, Hangout is available for every computing platform and can be used to make free voice and video calls. In fact, you can even make free group video calls, where each one of you can vlog and even share the recorded video on the YouTube directly.

#4 Tango

This is the last in my list of choices which suits perfectly to compete FaceTime and available for Android devices. The app is available for cross-platforms and has been offering its services since years. Go ahead, and try it out. I can promise that you won’t regret your decision, once you see the quality of the video it can stream live.

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Which one are you picking finally? Don’t forget to share this truth and FaceTime alternatives with all your Android using friends. Kudos!