[Android App] VivaVideo for PC Download Free Tutorial

Trust me, video editing isn’t that easy on any device or with any tool. But, applications like VivaVideo are changing the era and soon they will make this bulky task, very easy. Welcome to the tutorial on how to download VivaVideo for PC, as this app is available only for Android devices and iPhones.

Yes, there is no other device compatible to run this application, meaning you need to have a super awesome Android device or any latest iPhone. If you have any old or incompatible device, then you’re going to face worst issues while accessing the tools available inside.

The issue isn’t caused by the application, but the hardware and software side shortage of the device. I can make it further clear by sharing one fact related to any free video editing application. That fact is, such apps need to be used on high-end devices only because we are talking of lots of pixels and animations here.

3 Download VivaVideo for Windows computer

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Now, if you understood the point, then it must have been clear to you that it will be easy and comfortable to use VivaVideo on computer online, rather then trying it on a smartphone and then increasing the chances of getting trapped within errors.


By writing PC above, I never intended to cover all of them. There is a standard configuration which needs to be matched if you wish to stay away from errors and issues, completely. Luckily, the requirements here are not much, rather, they are part of modern PCs and laptops.

A PC or laptop which is compatible to run HD media content (i.e., HD standard of updated graphic driver and HD resolution display), with 4GB RAM and 5-10GB free storage in C Drive is compatible 100% with this process we’re discussing here.

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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started with the installation procedure to get VivaVideo on laptop/computer so that you can create the most amazing videos in very few clicks.

How to Download VivaVideo for PC

Once you’re completely sure that system at your end is 100% compatible with above-mentioned requirements, then you’ve to start going through the following set of instructions.

Step 1 – The app is available for free, which clearly means that no money is required to get over with this procedure. So, we will use BlueStacks app player, which is totally free to use and also 100% legit software. So, download the software first.

Step 2 – Once it’s downloaded completely, then you need to double click on the installer file and hit the Run option in the first pop-up. Once done, the procedure will begin and to complete it, follow the on-screen instructions. Here are the complete BlueStacks installation instructions.

1 Download VivaVideo for PC

Step 3 – Start the software and at the first screen, hit the search tool you see on the top left corner. Enter ‘VivaVideo’ as a search term, the moment tool opens. Click on the link you see in results, which promises to take on Google play store.

2 Free Download VivaVideo for PC Windows

Step 4 – Before the store can be opened, an interruption will occur, asking to set up sync feature of BlueStacks. You have to proceed ahead and login using a Google account. It will also allow your access to Google’s ecosystem for Android.

5 Install VivaVideo on Computer

Step 5 – Finally, you’ll have the chance to select the app from search results among Google play store and finally click on Install option ahead at it’s listing. At the next pop-up click on Accept button.

The process is over and I hope you’re ready with the app to be launched. A notification will also be offered by BlueStacks regarding the success of this event.

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Personal experience of using VivaVideo on Computer/Laptop

This is where I’ll be sharing my personal experience of using VivaVideo app on computer and laptop device I own. Yes, I own both devices and the event was successful on both.

First of all, I would like to thank the hard work done by BlueStacks team. The software made it possible to run Android apps on PC easily and that’s why we are having our VivaVideo PC version app available for us.

6 Install VivaVideo on Laptop

Once the app starts, we’ve to either select already snapped pictures or a video clip. Then it opens in the editor where all the tweaks can be done with simple clicks. You just have to look and find the perfect recipe for the video being created.

Once done, you’re ready to either share it with all the social platforms or keep it stored in the local drive for future playbacks. Easy, huh? Trust me, you’ll definitely love and get addicted to this free video editing Android app.

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Wrap up

Guys, launch the VivaVideo app from All Apps section of BlueStacks and begin using the same. I hope this method to use VivaVideo on laptop/computer helped you in all possible ways and finally you are ready with everything available at the fingertips. Happy video editing with Viva Video for PC.

Steps to Get MovieBox app for PC Download

Out of many available applications to watch free movies on smartphone or on computer or laptop, MovieBox is the one you should be interested in because it comes without any price tag, and always has some fresh content to watch. If you’re interested in it, then here’s a tutorial to help you get MovieBox app for PC download.

The app isn’t available on a reputable source, like Play store, which is the reason why not everyone is aware of its presence. But, it can be installed safely from the internet and then, can be used to watch free TV shows online, or any other kind of video content available inside.

Steps to Get MovieBox app for PC download 1

This tutorial over here will take help of one Android emulator software, named BlueStacks, which is definitely going to work at your end. If you have a very high-end CPU at the base, then I’ll recommend going with Andy Android emulator, and in other case, if the system is too old, then you should give it a try with YouWave software.

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But, the best chance in any scenario are with BlueStacks app player only, and I can assure you that you’re definitely going to love what you’ll be doing.

About MovieBox PC app

This is the app, millions of users are using on their smartphones, tablets, especially the Android ones. It works smoothly in most of the cases and thus have a very high user ratings and reviews across the internet.

It simply allows users to watch any available video content online. You can simply pick the one from the home screen carousel, or use the search tool to find a specific one, or pick from the categories. Once picked, the video content will start streaming online for free.

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The user interface is simple, straight and somewhat elegant to make sure the users are kept addicted, and I can assure that you will experience a high standard of experience inside.


The reason why you’re seeing this part mentioned over here is because you need to check the configuration of your system and make sure it is 100% compatible with whatever resources the BlueStacks software is asking.

So, the few things you need to check are 4GB RAM, 10GB free C Drive storage, updated graphic driver, HD standard graphic card, and HD resolution display screen. This is how a perfect computer or laptop looks like, which is ready to move ahead with the instructions below.

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There’s also a catch at the Operating System side. It should be having at least Windows 7, and that too with every fresh update (released by Microsoft) installed. If you find an error while trying to follow the method below, then you need to check the update history and make sure there’s nothing pending.

Download MovieBox for PC

Following is the steps you need to follow, and the app will be ready in few minutes.

Step 1 – Start the procedure by downloading the BlueStacks app player software. This comes without any price tag, and can be installed and used for free. But, you need to take the default installer file from its official website only.

Step 2 – Now, once the installer file is completely downloaded, you need to double click on the same and then move through the on-screen instructions ahead. You will soon find the Finish button to click on, and then the software launch will be ready.

Step 3 – Launch the software, and within the first screen, move into All Apps section, and then click on the Browser app in the list.

Step 4 – Use the Browser to first open the Google search engine, and then search for ‘MovieBox APK download’. You need to select any particular website from the top list and grab the APK file.

Step 5 – Once the APK file is downloaded, click on the related notification, and you will see an option to install the app. Follow the same, and MovieBox will be ready within 2-3 seconds.

Step 6 – If the procedure above gets interrupted by Sync feature setup of BlueStacks app player, then you need to login with a Google account, to set it in the right way.

Things from your side, are over, and you will soon get the app to be installed. It can be launched from the All Apps section.

Using MovieBox on Computer/Laptop

The procedure was simple, and I guess you too found it in the same way. I can assure you that you will love the way this app works on laptop and computer devices, because the experience of watching a movie on bigger screen, will always be better than watching the same on a smaller smartphone screen.

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This is the reason why using MovieBox on laptop or computer, makes better sense than installing and using the same app on a smartphone or even a tablet. The only case when the reverse thing will be better is when you’re traveling since you can carry the phone or tablet along.

Wrap up

The procedure and every detail required for you to be aware of are over. I hope you found things working perfectly at your end, and now you’re also going to share it with all your friends. This will help them know about this method to use MovieBox on PC, and most importantly, about this useful app. Peace.

How to Get Showbox for PC Download & Watch TV Online

The need to watch movies and TV shows online through the live streaming apps is increasing day by day. You need to have a fast internet connection, which is easily available with affordable price tag. So, if you’re looking for doing this, and setup with the right system and perfect speedy internet connection, then the last thing remaining is the perfect application.

So, go ahead and find yourself an app through this guide. You’re going to learn how to get Showbox for PC download and watch TV online. And, that too using simple instructions which I’ll be adding in simplest possible instructions.

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The reason why this app is being recommended over here is because it is one of the best available and simple to use the app. It also has a wide collection of hundreds of movies and TV shows in multiple languages. It especially covers the English language content, which I’m sure you’re looking for.

Showbox for PC Download

How to Get Showbox for PC Download & Watch TV Online redUntitled-4

Go ahead, and start following the steps mentioned down here, as it is. Make sure the system at your end is complete enough to run the BlueStacks app player or any other Android emulator comfortably.

Step 1 – Start with downloading the BlueStacks app player software first. You can get it for free from its official website. Start installing the same, and if you need help then open this guide I covered earlier on the same.

Step 2 – Once the software is installed, run it and once it starts, it will ask you to setup the Sync feature of its own. This will require a Google account login which will complete the setup and also allow you to access Google’s ecosystem.

Step 3 – After then, move into All Apps section, available on the top right corner, and launch the Browser application. Use that to find ‘Showbox APK’ and once you see a genuine website, go ahead and download the APK file from that source.

Step 4 – Once the file is downloaded, click on the same APK file, and you’ll see an Install button on the screen to hit its installation procedure.

Once the app is totally installed, you’ll get a notification from the software, and after then, you can launch the Showbox app from All Apps section.

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Over to You

The things are completely done for now! Go ahead and start the app at your end and see how it works. I’m sure it will work effectively and you’ll love the collection available inside. You can, of course, share this guide to download Showbox for PC with all your social friends using the social sharing buttons added below. Peace!

How To Watch Netflix in India Using using this Simple Trick

The moment we access Netflix from India, we get a screen with a Sorry message, that this service isn’t available in the country. This is because, what it says, the services are limited to few countries where Netflix works. But, if you’re eager enough start it anyway, then here’s a detailed guide on how to watch Netflix in India using the simplest trick you can ever find.

Technically, the only way which can help you, is the one you’re already aware of, sort of. If you have ever heard the name of VPN or proxy, then I was probably right at my claim.

How To Watch Netflix in India Using using this Simple Trick

How to Watch Netflix in India

Now, based on the type of proxy or VPN you’re using, the quality of service you’ll get, will vary. So, you ought to be figuring out which one works best at your end. I’m going to share both, free and premium versions you can go with, and I guess, if you’re really interested in watching Netflix for free in India, then you definitely have to pay for the VPN at least.

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#1 Using Hola Extension (for starters)

Hola is a free but premium proxy service provided by a known company, and it has been available since years. You just have to install its extension in the browser you’re currently using, and once its running, the proxy will be activated, offering you access to Netflix or any other blocked website.

You’ve to simply open this webpage over here, and you’ll see the extension download links for appropriate browser versions. Select the one according to the browser you’re using and the extension will be installed in the future instructions.

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At this moment, this service is available only for Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you aren’t using any of these, then following is the method you can use.

#2 Using Tor or Epic Browser

Tor and Epic browsers are available for those who are looking for a dedicated and in-built proxy or VPN web browser. Both the softwares are available without any price tag, and I can assure that you’ll fall in love with both of these.

Install any of them, and the moment you start, you’ll have a simple button to click to get the VPN activated at your end. If you wish the browser to take care of every technical thing, then use Epic, as it offers a simple button, which once enabled, proxy is enabled.

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But, you can’t control the country servers in Epic. So, in this situation, Tor excels, as before starting, it offers you certain free and best available servers. You can easily choose any of your country, and get started with using the web with a masked IP.

#3 Using HideMyAss (Best option)

HideMyAss is the most premium, most popular, and widely recommended VPN service. It comes with a price tag, and you can’t have it anyhow for free. So, go ahead and pay for it.

The moment you gain access, you can choose a server from anywhere of the world, since all popular and known countries are covered. Their servers are speedy enough to manage the data streaming load of Netflix or any other movie streaming service. So, this is the best chance you all got.

#4 Finding a better proxy

If you’re lucky enough to find a better proxy with awesome server and streaming data speed, then you don’t have to pay for anything or use any of the above software or services. Just, access that proxy website, and enter the official website of Netflix inside to gain the access.

But, here’s the real deal. Finding such a proxy website is really hard. I’ve personally tested over 500 of them, and couldn’t find anything which work like it supposed to.

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This is the reason, I’m not recommending any proxy website at this moment. Surely, if I find something working, then I’ll update this article. You can also help in that by sharing the one working at your end.

Over to you

So, these were the possible methods to watch Netflix movies in India. If you’re officially waiting for the service to arrive in India, then you probably have to wait for at least 6 months to one year, as the officials are planning to play the game in our country. Peace!