[Android App] Get Viber for PC Download Methods

Whether you’re having a laptop or computer powered by Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10, or Windows 7, or Mac OS X, you can download Viber for PC and use it online for free. The native application versions are available for the platforms and I can assure that you’re definitely going to love using it.

The app is developed by an official developer company, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just go through this guide, select the instructions as per the platform at your end, and then you just have to go through those simple steps.

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Why use Viber on PC?

The reason why you should be using this application on the computer or laptop is because you need to communicate with the rest of the world. And, Viber offers the best possible interface and platform to do the same.

[Android App] Get Viber for PC Download Methods

It looks great, feels great, and offers an experience which is really top-class. I’ve been personally using this application and after using it for a year, all I can say is that this is the one you should be using in every case.

In the upcoming guides, you’ll be needing to open the official website, so, I’m adding the same right here.

Official Website of Viber app

The introduction is over from my side, and I guess I left a lot for you to discover on your own. The method I always follow if I wish someone to understand a thing.

Download Viber for Windows 8/8.1/10

In case, the system is powered by Windows 8, or 8.1, or the newest 10 OS version, then you can get the app from the official Store as well. Or you can follow the official link I added above, and then select the platform to grab the installer package.

Download Viber for Windows 7

In case of Windows 7, Viber standalone version is available which can be downloaded from the official website, as linked above, and after then, you need to double click on the same file, choose Run, and then move to the end by following the on-screen instructions.

Viber for Mac Download and Install

Thanks to the developers, Viber for Mac is officially available and so we don’t need any Android app player like BlueStacks to take help from. Simply grab the file from the official website I linked above, and you’ll get the installer package of Viber for Mac.

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After then, you’re already aware of the process to deal with the installation.

Install Viber on Computer/Laptop using BlueStacks

The process of installation is pretty straight. You can follow the simple steps, and everything will be over within 10 minutes or sooner.

Step 1 – Start with downloading and then installing the BlueStacks app player software. Go ahead and check this guide I shared over here which is going to help you completely.

Step 2 – Launch the software for the first time, and complete the setup process to start it completely. After then, start the search tool to first find ‘Viber’ app and then click on the link in the results.

Step 3 – An interruption will appear asking to setup the sync facility of the software. Go ahead and do the same and you’ve to login using a Google account inside. This will allow you to access Android’s ecosystem, completely.

Step 4 – The moment you’re done with the login process, the app will appear in the search results, where you need to simply select the appropriate one and finally click on the Install option ahead.

The process is done from your side, and you just have to wait till a notification appears, claiming the completion of the process. Go ahead, click on the All Apps section of BlueStacks, and you’ll find the Viber app available to launch over there.

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The reason why you should be going through this method to get the Viber app install on PC, when the official standalone versions are available, as explained above, is because once this software is installed, you can play other games and use other apps as well.

Over to you

Well, I guess you’ve found the working method completely useful and didn’t found any confusion in selecting the method to go with. This time, it’s you who has to share this guide with the rest of your friends, as this will help them know the method as well.

If you need assistance on any related subject, then write the query in the discussion section and I’ll come up with a dedicated solution ASAP. Peace!

How to Install BlueStacks app player on Mac OS X?

You’re at the perfect place if you were looking for the method to download BlueStacks on Mac OS X, since, I’m sharing exactly the same. I’m going to share everything in the simplest possible way with some tips that can help you to use the app at its best.

This software can help you install and run Android apps and games on the OS X platform without doing anything wrong. The method is officially available and this software we are using is developed by a registered software developer company.

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Install BlueStacks app player on Mac OS X

How to Install BlueStacks app player on Mac OS X 1

Following are the steps you need to go through and the app will be installed in less than five minutes. The actual time will depend on the speed of internet connection at your end.

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks DMG file from the official website itself. The moment you open that website using a Mac OS X device, you’ll get the appropriate link.

Step 2 – Wait for the file to be downloaded completely and once it does, double-click on the same. It will begin the process which will require you to follow certain on-screen instructions. So, go ahead and follow the same.

Step 3 – At the last, you’ll have a screen, with BlueStacks shortcut and Application folder. Drag the shortcut into the Application folder and the files will be copied afterward.

The moment those files are done copying, the BlueStacks installation on Mac is over and you can find the application available in the Application Launcher.

Go ahead, and launch the app for the first time, and the moment it starts working, you’ll be asked to set up the Sync feature. This is required to be done because you need to login with a Google account to access Android’s ecosystem. The same thing which is required to enable an Android device completely.

Once you’re done with the login thing, the app will be working at its best and you can use the same to install Android apps and games on OS X platform.

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So, how was this method? Was it simple enough that you can dictate it to your friends? If you can’t dictate but found it helpful enough, then you can still help them by sharing this tutorial directly to your social profiles. You can use the sharing buttons added below. Peace!

Truth about GarageBand for PC and why it affects You!

Having the will to use an Apple product on Windows platform, or on any other, isn’t bad. We all keep our hopes and have the will to use the best in the industry. But, the hard fact you need to grasp here is that GarageBand for PC isn’t available officially. And, there is no better and working method available so far, which can let you download GarageBand for Windows platform.

So, what choice we all have to move ahead with? Well, there is no way you can use this Apple only application on the computer because the software isn’t released officially for the platform.

Truth about GarageBand for PC and why it affects You!

When it comes to Apple software, they are mostly limited to the Apple platform only. So, to use one, you’re aware of the action you have to take.

What’s a GarageBand?

Still, if you wish to know what’s a GarageBand app, then here I’ll share the details.

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Apple has been known for developing a quality application on the software end and also manufacturing the quality hardware products. Now, GarageBand is one of the software products which are known throughout the industry because it is so powerful and so good, that it works like it should.

As the name suggests, this is the software you should be using to add and manage different music instruments on your band and check and manage the audio quality around. The UI is pretty simple and everything is powerful enough to keep things going.

The end products are professional enough to be instantly shared over the social platforms. In fact, a direct social sharing tool is also offered, which we usually see in every Apple application.

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The app works on every Mac OS X powered system and it does come with a price tag. You can learn, play, record, create and quickly share your own music with the world.

The best thing about this software is that while using it for your music creation gig, you will always feel like a pro. Another thing is that whether you have a music instrument or not, you can still create and play the music, using the tools available inside.

Yes, there is a digital version of every music instrument available inside the app, which works just like the traditional and physical instruments. Surely, developers have done a lot of hard work to get it shaped in this way.

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So, to help those developers, and also to get the complete software, you need to buy an OS X powered device and then buy GarageBand online. This is the only way and probably the best way to use GarageBand on PC. I hope you understand everything and the reason, specifically.

Best App to Access Android’s File System on Mac OS X

The very common problem I personally faced was that my Nexus 7 wasn’t getting connected to the new MacBook Air I recently purchased. This is because of compatibility issues between the two platforms. So, how can it be fixed? Well, here I’m sharing the best app to access Android’s file system on Mac OS X.

The app I’m about to share is definitely the best and doesn’t have any issues in using at all. In fact, it is developed, released, and maintained by the official Android developers.

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This clearly means that you don’t need to worry about its credibility at all. But, make sure the Android system at your end, isn’t having any malware or virus that can cause harm to the Mac system. Although, OS X has a pretty good security layer to protect itself.

App to Access Android’s File System on Mac OS X

Best App to Access Android’s File System on Mac OS X

You can also put it like the best app to access file manager of Android on any Mac system. Either way, we’re on the same page and here’s a tutorial for the same. So, go ahead and follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – Open this official web page of Android, and hit the ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ button in Green over there.

Step 2 – A new file in the format of DMG will be downloaded in a minute. Once it’s downloaded completely, open it up and you’ll have some on-screen instructions to be followed.

Step 3 – Now, drag the Android File Transfer app to the Applications folder in your system.

Step 4 – The app is ready to access. So, connect any Android device to the Mac using USB cable. Make sure you’re using the official USB cable offered by the manufacturer.

Step 5 – The moment USB connection is life, you can hit the App’s icon from Launcher and you’ll see a new Finder window having the files and folders of that Android system.


When I didn’t found this thing working, I was straightly looking for the application that can help me get over with this requirement. But, this official Android File Transfer app, is one of the best and safest out there.

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You can also see apps which get installed on your Android device, perform some tweaks and then let you access the files and folders through the FTP mechanism.

But, since wireless connectivity is involved in those methods, so I don’t think they are totally safe. So, the method I shared above is the only best option we all got and I guess there is no issue in following it.

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Go ahead and start the process, if you didn’t till now, and get over with this. Pass this important knowledge with all your social friends using the Mac and facing this issue. Peace.