Download Android M Lockscreen app, Wallpaper and Icon Packs

It is still not clear whether the next Android M will be named Marshmallow or not, but, you can already experience some of its features. For starters, its Android M Lockscreen, wallpaper, and icon packs.

There aren’t any number of good applications available inside the Play store, but the ones available, are trying their best to do the job. Personally, I’m not recommending you to try any of these apps, because their individual reviews aren’t that good.

Download Android M Lockscreen app, Wallpaper and Icon Packs

I tried installing each of them, but they weren’t available for the pair of devices I own. So, you need to check the reviews before going forward.

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Download Android M Lockscreen Apps

First of all, let’s start with the highly searched, Android M lock screen apps. I didn’t found a lot of them, but still there are few options for you to serve the initial appetite.

#1 Android M Lockscreen [XDA]

Download Android M LockscreenIf there are any chances that you can own a Moto G, the latest version, then you should start using this app offered by the XDA developers. It requires for your device to be installed with custom recovery, and it works like it supposed to. If you’re looking for the instructions, I suggest you to check the link attached.

Download the App

#2 M Locker

This is far most the best appearance in this search, and it supports a maximum number of devices. You don’t need to pay for anything, just install it, and if it works, then you are good to go. It changes the whole lock screen experience, which is the first thing you interact with while saying hello to your phone.

Download the App

#3 M Launcher

This particular app promises to offer the same design layout, but it still looks the same one. It not just offers a lock screen, but offers a whole launcher application. So, you’re going to change the whole area, where theme packages can be applied.

Download the App

#4 Material Launcher Android M/6

This is the last recommendation from my side for those who are looking to get Android M lock screen or launcher. Its very light weight and has M inspired visuals, wallpapers, icon packs, and interface.

Download the App

Android M Wallpaper packs

Now, let’s us talk about the wallpaper packs. Although, you can download them from Google easily, and install, without needing any of these apps, but, still if you’re looking for a simple, app-via method, then pick one of yours.

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#1 Theme M Stock Turquoise

This particular Android M wallpaper pack application is available for devices like Xperia Z3, which clearly means that it is meant for only the high-end devices. Whether it will be called Muffin or the Marshmallow, here’s your chance to try its wallpapers on the first chance. Yup, it’s free!

Download the App

#2 Marshmallow 6.0 Wallpapers HD

This particular app offers about 50+ full HD scaled and materialistic design inspired wallpapers. The design layouts are unique and are totally inspired by the newly announced M version of the Android operating system.

Download the App

#4 Android M Material Wallpapers

Another free app available at the Play store, which can do the job you’re looking for and I can assure that you’re going to love each and every wallpaper available inside. Most of them, are just the same as of officially released ones.

Download the App

You can also pick out of the following two options, I’m recommending on the last.

#5 Android m wallpapers

#6 Wallpapers for Android M

Last, but not the least, is the Android M icon pack you came here looking for.

Marshmallow – Icon Pack HD

This Icon Pack works with almost every launcher you can name, including the third-party ones. I can assure that you’re definitely going to like the materialistic and newer icon designs which are straight from the Google’s factory. Mostly, they look like the Lollipop version, but still, it manages to offer a fresh breath.

Download the App

Over to you

So, during this initial phase where even Google hasn’t released a stable version of the next iteration, is it any good to keep any of these apps installed?

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For a tech geek, it can do no harm, as we’re aware of related bits and bytes, but for a normal person, I’ll always recommend waiting for the official release. Still, you came here for options, and you got them.

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Best Launchers for Android Tablet in 2015 [List and Review]

You need to understand one fact, that not every app or game works effectively on an Android tablet. This is strictly because of different hardware, screen size and OS version. So, when you’re looking for a launcher for tablet, then you’ve to search for best Android launchers for tablet.

I’m going to share the same over here. You just have to pick the one according to your likes and choices and I can assure that it will fit any kind of tablet at your end.

Best Launchers for Android Tablet in 2015

Go ahead, check them one by one, and grab the one which looks perfectly smooth, tanned and elegant according to your taste. Don’t worry about their credibility as each of them has at least a thousands of users, at the time of writing this compilation.

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#1 Nova

Nova is a launcher which is always on top of my list. It was even among top three in my list of best launchers for Android phones, I previously shared. It got almost everything to deserve this place and I can assure that you’re definitely going to first like it and later get addicted.

Nova Launcher for Tablet

It looks great, it weighs less and it performs like it should. I never find anything lagging because of the launcher itself. Additionally, you’re getting material design inspired user interface, i.e., Lollipop powered design.

Everything not only looks elegant, but also simple enough to make people understand how to use everything from the very first stand and that too without needing any user guide. The application offers bunch of customisation and also comes in a premium version offering the paid features.

Get Nova Launcher for Android Tablet

#2 Google Now

As the name must have cleared you, this is a launcher from official Google factory and it can change the look throughout the tablet. It will make the device look like it’s a Nexus, as it adds a stock Android launcher experience to the base. Additionally, you’re also getting direct access to the Google Now which is now just one swipe away.

Google Now Best Android Launcher for Tablet

Everything looks simple, elegant and just like any fresh version of Android, as it should be. I’m pretty sure, this will do the most basic jobs you’re looking from a launching application.

Get Google Now Launcher for Android Tablet

#3 Smart Launcher 3

This particular one comes without any price tag, and offers a simple seamless UI and an integration which can be used to implement similar design elements on multiple devices.

Smart Launcher 3 - The Best Launcher for Android Tablet

The apps are arranged in categories, which slightly changes the UI from stock Android experience, but the change looks good and is very little. Moreover, the UI looks simple enough to understand quickly and also works fast because of being super light weight.

Get Smart Launcher 3 for Android Tablet

#4 Lollipop

If Google Now launcher was your choice but it was missing certain fancy features, then try this Lollipop launcher. As you can get from its name, it changes the UI and make it look like a Nexus device. With additional features like gestures, powerful and fast performance, infinite scroll, scrollable dock, and customizable app drawer, it’s definitely a good choice to start with.

Get Lollipop Launcher for Android Tablet

#5 Lucid

Lucid offers a vertical app drawer, which offers space to showcase different meta data, which is useful in some cases. With unlimited widgets, icon theme support, grid or list view for app drawer, vertical home page scrolling, different and unique customization options search bar, favourite bar, and fully functional web browser, Lucid is definitely screaming well to get a try.

Get Lucid Launcher for Android Tablet

#6 Total

This one is the last option according to my research and it works perfectly on any Android device. I tried it on Nexus 7 and Asus FonePad, and it was working as it was supposed to. You should try it out, as I don’t wish to spoil the surprise by describing the features here.

Get Total Launcher for Android tablet

I’m pretty sure of the fact that these are not the only best launchers for Android tablets, but these are the ones which are 100% compatible with a tablet device. Other launchers are strictly designed ‘only for phones’. So, you need to count this factor during the research.

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I hope the compilation above helped you to get the list of best and also updated the knowledge. Let me know if you need to know anything else on the related subject in the discussion section. It’s time for you to share this guide over social platform now. Peace.

10+ Android Launchers to Customize your Phone in 2015

What’s a launcher in Android? Well, it started with this very popular platform from the beginning and since then, this concept has become very popular and powerful enough to change the whole look of your phone. The sole reason behind its existence is to offer users a bunch of customization which are not offered in an iPhone.

Since you’re finally aware of this concept now, so it’s time to learn about the best Android Launchers to customize your phone in 2015. You’ve to choose one, which is looking good to you, and offering the features required at your side, and it’ll quickly change the way your device looks.

Best Android Launchers to Customize your Phone

Before getting started, you need to understand one thing. Most of these launchers require permissions for almost everything from an Android phone. You need to be aware of this fact since you’ll be allowing that launcher to use any permissions on your phone. So, you’ve to select the one which is released by a known developer and also used by at least thousands of other people.

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APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost

It is fully featured, lightweight, totally elegant, and yet fully functional launcher application, which is even available without any price tag. It focuses on smart labels and arrangement of application neatly in categorised folders. A theme engine is available inside to further select the look, according to your taste, and the homepage wallpaper is changed frequently from a collection used and rated by other users.

Get APUS from Play Store

#2 Solo

Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY

Solo offers certain DIY tricks, using which customization is further personalised. You can dive inputs using simple gestures and can still expect everything to work smoothly. You’re allowed to set custom photos as icons for different apps or elements, which is the unique feature offered. A native theme engine is also available.

Get Solo from Play Store

#3 Hola

Hola Launcher

Hola is a launcher which is smart, lightweight, featured with 3d icons, and easy to use alternative to the default launcher on any Android device.Hola has been available since years and continuously being modified to remain among the top 5 Android launcher list. Its icon pack is the real deal, which you should definitely look at.

Get Hola from Play Store

#4 Google Now

Google Now Launcher

You must have heard of Stock Android Experience term, right? It’s the Nexus experience which isn’t available in most of the phones. But, you can get it for free, using the Google Now launcher. It’s simple, light weight, and just like what Google releases in its Android version. Even if you’re not impressed by any of the above-mentioned apps, start with it, and I can assure you’ll like it.

Get Google Now from Play Store

#5 Nova

Nova Launcher

Nova was the launcher which introduced me to this concept and I was using it in 2013. Since then, the application has been improved a lot and is extremely lightweight in nature. Still, it got everything to impress its user and icon packs are elegant enough to help you continue loving the device.

Get Nova from Play Store

#6 C

C Launcher Speedy Brief Launch

When it comes to customization, C Launcher offers them most, and that too in a secured layout. The complete layout can be changed and the launcher still maintenances the elegance. Widgets are its main power which are in good number and covers most basic features everyone needs.

Get C from Play Store

#7 Yahoo Aviate

Yahoo Aviate

Since many years, Yahoo has been trying to come up with a product which we all can love. Aviate is the one which deserves that chance we all want to give Yahoo. It is light weight, simple to understand and elegant enough to get addicted. It can change the layout, and app shortcuts according to the place you’re currently located in, i.e., different profiles according to Work, Home, Night, etc.

Get Yahoo Aviate from Play Store

#8 EverythingMe

EverythingMe Launcher

Prediction Bar (to help you quickly find the app you mostly use and are thinking to use), Context Feed, customizable gestures, quick control panel, lucky and daily wallpapers, contextual app discovery and smart folders. These are the features covered by EverythingMe launcher, which gathers your day to day usage data and offers the best according to your habits.

Get EverythingMe from Play Store

#9 Apex

Apex Launcher

If Google Now launcher was your choice but it missed a lot of features you’re expecting, then try Apex, which covers those missing gems. It even offers a premium version offering a bunch of additional premium features to make everything look further great. Did I need to tell you how the launcher looks?

Get Apex from Play Store

#10 Buzz

Buzz Launcher-Smart&Free Theme

Multiple transition effects, unique widgets to explore more data at the home screen, sharing option for the home packs with friends, robust icon packs, instantly Apply button to save sudden changes, and completely customizable, are the highlights in the feature list of Buzz.

Get Buzz from Play Store

#11 Smart

Smart Launcher 3

Smart launcher tries to look like Stock Android and tries to offer a similar experience on multiple devices you own. You can simply set things on one device, and the rest of them automatically gets the treatment. Its always learning, based on your usage habits and thus, making required changes and offering contextual data.

Get Smart from Play Store

#12 Z

Nokia Z launcher

Nokia came up with this Z launcher, which has been in beta version since last year. Still, it’s good enough to get addicted. It doesn’t offer any multiple screens, rather a single home screen where most used apps get ranked. To find any other, you’ve to simply guess the first letter of its name, make it on the screen as a gesture, and the whole apps with that letter will get listed. Trust me, it is extremely light weight and super simple, but it supports few devices only.

Get Z from Play Store

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What’s your choice?