Download & Install WhatsApp for iPad, iPod using this easy method

To be fair and very clear from the first moment, the method I now to download and install WhatsApp for iPad, iPod, might not work for everyone. This is because, we have different versions of iOS installed, in case if we always missed the fresh updates offered by the Apple.

Another thing which it depend on is the WhatsApp itself. If the developers have pulled some strings and make sure that it never works on an iPad or iPod, then you can never think of doing it, anyhow.

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So, this is just a try which might work for you, and you’ve to try doing the same. Go ahead and start the process I’ve described now. If it works, then you are going to share it with all your friends, and if it doesn’t then explain the kind of issue you’re getting in the discussion section, so that I may try my best again to find a working method in your case.

Download & Install WhatsApp for iPad, iPod using this easy method

Install WhatsApp for iPad, iPod

Finally, following two methods are the one working for most of the users. You should give a try to any of them, once, and if it doesn’t work, then try another. In my case, both methods worked and that’s why I’m sharing them. In every case, you just have to follow the simple steps clearly mentioned in each of the methods.

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#1 Method – Install WhatsApp on iPad using i-Funbox

i-Funbox is the application available to manage and control iOS devices from a computer, and that’s the same app we will be using to do this thing.

Step 1 – Download and install iTunes application on your computer. If its Mac, then the app is already available and installed. Launch the same, and search for WhatsApp application.

Step 2 – Finally, download the installer package of the WhatsApp app, which will be for the iPhone itself. You need to login using the Apple ID to perform that login, and get the package successfully downloaded.

Step 3 – Locate the file in the download folder, and put it on the Desktop area. Now, download the i-Funbox application from its official website and get it installed.

Step 4 – Start the app you just installed, and connect the iPad or iPod using the default USB cable, offered by the Apple itself.

Step 5 – Now, move into the App installation section of the software, and then select the installer package file of WhatsApp which you placed at the desktop.

Step 6 – Now, going through some on-screen instructions will get the app installed completely. Remove the USB connection now.

Step 7 – Pick up the iPhone, and insert the SIM card which you wish to use as the default number on your WhatsApp account for iPad or iPod. Also, uninstall the existing WhatsApp application first.

Step 8 – Re-install the application again from the App Store, and finally set up the account completely, like you did earlier.

Step 9 – Connect the iPhone to the computer and launch the i-Funbox app again. Now, move into the WhatsApp app section and open the Files and Folders. You’ve to copy these files and folders and put them in a single folder at the Desktop.

Step 10 – Now, disconnect the iPhone, and connect back the iPad or iPod again. Again, move the WhatsApp app’s files and folders.

Step 11 – Replace these existing files and folders with the one you recently copied from the iPhone. Once the replacement is done, the app will be working at its best.

Everything is done now! Disconnect the device from the USB connection and launch the WhatsApp app on iPad or iPod.

#2 Method – Download WhatsApp for iPad, iPod using SynciOS

This method is very similar to the above one, but it includes a different software, named SynciOS. The software comes without any price tag and works like it should. You may find some UI changes, but the rest of the things are same.

So, if you’ve selected this method, then here’s the link to download the software, and then the rest of the steps are common. Good luck!

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Over to you

Finally, the ball is in your court and you can move ahead and make a decision of going with any of the methods I’ve disclosed above. I guess and hope that the method works for you, and you’re finally using WhatsApp on iPad or iPod easily. Peace!