5+ 2016’s Best Antivirus Apps for iPad (iOS)

Every device needs to have an antivirus software these days, and even iOS powered devices fall in the category. Since, you’re using an iOS device, i.e., iPad, so here is a compilation of 2016’s best antivirus apps for iPad. I’ll be adding certain details along with the link to grab the app directly from the iTunes store, i.e., App Store.

Best Antivirus Apps for iPad

Go through the compilation below and make sure you read the features and compare them together.

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#1 Lookout

This particular app has been available since years and has been protecting millions of iPhones and iPads since then. It looks great, it look simple and is very easy to understand. You no longer have to get a user guide to understand how it works. The free version offers basic security standards, which are good enough for normal usage.


Apart from protecting your iPad from viruses and incoming malware from different apps and browsing data, it can even protect the device from getting stolen and in case if it happens, then you can easily track the device on a Map.

Get Lookout for iPad

#2 Norton Mobile Security

Norton is one of the oldest players in this industry and has been dominating the App Store because of the same reason. Even in 2016, its free antivirus app for iPad is offering a protection layer against malware and special virus which are targeted for the iOS platform.

Norton Mobile Security

The UI is simple and uses the same color combinations which are familiar with every Norton products. Anti-theft protection is offered along with a backup feature to keep every data of your device totally secured.

Get Norton Mobile Security for iPad

#3 SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN - Best Antivirus for iPad 2015

This one isn’t an antivirus completely, as it offers a secure tunnel, through which data can be shared. In that tunnel, every data travelling around is always protected. No one other than you and end server has access to that tunnel, which is impressive. The data being used over the Wi-Fi connection at your end is also kept secured.

Get SecureLine VPN for iPad

#4 McAfee Security

McAfee is another name in the industry which has been offering antivirus services since years. Its free app is available on the store that can be used to protect the iPad using a firm layer of protection. The app is again easy to use and does the work at a pretty good standard. You should definitely give it a try.

Get McAfee Security for iPad

#5 Avira Mobile Security

Another big name in the industry which has released its app for iPad protection. The most impressive thing inside is the user interface which is clearly way better than any of its competitors. I can assure that you’re never going to uninstall it once you start using it for a single time.

Get Avira Mobile Security for iPad

#6 Trend Micro Mobile Security

This is the last, but clearly not the least when it comes to features. It provides both privacy, and security feature along with the one that can help you track the device once it’s lost or stolen.

Get Trend Micro Mobile Security for iPad

Over to you now

So, which one you’re finally using now? Let me know the name and reason behind your choice in the discussion section, as it will help the community to build up. All of them are the best antivirus apps for iPad, but you need to choose just one and keep only that one active. Peace.

Download and Run Android Apps on iOS using Dalvik Emulator

After knowing the technology industry since last five years, all I can say is that users can never be satisfied. First, they wanted an operating system which can offer iOS-like application and they got Android. Next, they want to use Android apps on PC, and they got software like BlueStacks app player.

Now, they were looking to use Android apps on iOS devices, and so, this wish has come true as well. Thanks to the Myriad Group, which has found success in developing a newer version of their Alien Dalvik emulator (version 2.0) which allows the process to download and run Android apps on iOS devices.

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The method works on both iPhone and iPad and most of the Android apps offered inside works perfectly. I’m going to share the details of this method and also update your knowledge with related matters. Ready?

What’s an Alien Dalvik emulator?

As I explained above, developers at the Myriad Group has come up with this software. Earlier, it was released for Android and now the newer version is available for iPad and iPhone devices, i.e., every iOS device present on Earth, right now.

You can easily install this application on any iOS standard device, and it starts working in the background. It creates a virtual environment for the Android apps to function in the native iOS world.

Download and Run Android Apps on iOS using Dalvik Emulator

So, till now, it is claimed that the method is 100% safe to use and credibility is pretty good. You’re not expected to find errors or issues unless you’re going out of the scope of what Dalvik emulator can do.

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Most importantly, it is free to use and so you can try and check the Android apps you developed on an iOS device, to find out whether or not they work smoothly.

How to Run Android apps on iOS using Dalvik?

Simply install the Dalvik emulator first which is available over its official website. 
Install it on the iPad or iPhone device you have and launch the same.

Special note – There’s no safe website to download Dalvik emulator 2.0, at this moment. The moment I hear anything on this, I’ll keep you posted.

Now, inside the emulator app, find any Android app as of your choice and get it installed.

Next, you can launch the new app and start using the same. Simple, huh? Also, it doesn’t require your device to be jailbreak.


Trust me, this method is way better than any other I’ve come across till now and it works just like it should. The only thing missing is more development, more smoothness, more polished UI, and compatibility of more Android apps.

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Still, this method over here sounds fine and I guess we’ve our method to install Android apps on iPhone or iPad devices. So, go ahead and start with your attempt and I hope you find success in there. Peace.

Truth about GarageBand for PC and why it affects You!

Having the will to use an Apple product on Windows platform, or on any other, isn’t bad. We all keep our hopes and have the will to use the best in the industry. But, the hard fact you need to grasp here is that GarageBand for PC isn’t available officially. And, there is no better and working method available so far, which can let you download GarageBand for Windows platform.

So, what choice we all have to move ahead with? Well, there is no way you can use this Apple only application on the computer because the software isn’t released officially for the platform.

Truth about GarageBand for PC and why it affects You!

When it comes to Apple software, they are mostly limited to the Apple platform only. So, to use one, you’re aware of the action you have to take.

What’s a GarageBand?

Still, if you wish to know what’s a GarageBand app, then here I’ll share the details.

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Apple has been known for developing a quality application on the software end and also manufacturing the quality hardware products. Now, GarageBand is one of the software products which are known throughout the industry because it is so powerful and so good, that it works like it should.

As the name suggests, this is the software you should be using to add and manage different music instruments on your band and check and manage the audio quality around. The UI is pretty simple and everything is powerful enough to keep things going.

The end products are professional enough to be instantly shared over the social platforms. In fact, a direct social sharing tool is also offered, which we usually see in every Apple application.

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The app works on every Mac OS X powered system and it does come with a price tag. You can learn, play, record, create and quickly share your own music with the world.

The best thing about this software is that while using it for your music creation gig, you will always feel like a pro. Another thing is that whether you have a music instrument or not, you can still create and play the music, using the tools available inside.

Yes, there is a digital version of every music instrument available inside the app, which works just like the traditional and physical instruments. Surely, developers have done a lot of hard work to get it shaped in this way.

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So, to help those developers, and also to get the complete software, you need to buy an OS X powered device and then buy GarageBand online. This is the only way and probably the best way to use GarageBand on PC. I hope you understand everything and the reason, specifically.

Best App to Manage iPhone/iPad from Windows PC/Laptop

When it comes to accessing file manager of an iPhone or iPad from the computer, Apple is really choosy. They generally don’t allow any third-party application to do that, and that’s the reason why we’ve scarcity of such software. Still, there are two options we all have and can be used to control and manage iPhone or iPad from Windows PC or laptop.

App to Manage iPhone/iPad from Windows

I’ve been using one of this software since years, and the chances are high that you’re also in the community, but the second one can be pretty new to most of us. Still, before sharing and recommending it to you, I’ve tried and tested it for every possible thing.

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So, let’s start with the software directly and get over with this job, right?

#1 TeamViewer

There is two kind of needs when it comes to operating an iOS device from a computer. The first one is to control iPhone from PC while the second one is to manage everything. Sticking to the controlling gig, TeamViewer is the best software to do that.

It comes without any price tag and excels in almost everything it offers. It can be downloaded from official App Store available in every iPhone and iPad and can help you get over with the controlling thing, easily and instantly.

Best App to Manage iPhone:iPad from Windows PC:Laptop

You’ve to install it on the iOS device, and the PC system. Yes, the app is available for free for both the platforms, and it is even available for Mac users. The moment you install and launch it, a user ID and password will be visible at the screen.

Now, you’ve to enter the ID visible on iPhone or iPad and enter the same on the desktop application. Finally when the connection is all established, enter the code displayed on the iPhone or iPad.

The moment you enter the code, you gain access instantly, and then you can control iOS device from a computer using the TeamViewer.

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This was all about the functionality. But, that’s not the only thing which makes any software worth using. The UI needs to be super simple, elegant and easy to understand, and it should always be good at performance and must be robust enough to sort out those little unavoidable issues.

Well, TeamViewer excels again in all these things, which makes it one of the top class remote manager application. It can be used for free till you’re using it for personal usage, and yes, there is a premium version which must be used for commercial purposes.

#2 i-Funbox

Now, coming at the need of managing iPhone from the computer, i.e., accusing the file manager, i-Funbox is the only better app available so far. You can get it for free and can be used instantly after it’s installed. The installation process is simple, and the device can be connected using the USB cable.

Best App to Manage iPhone:iPad from Windows PC:Laptop1

It’s recommended that you always use the official USB cable offered by the Apple, for faster results. The moment i-Funbox starts, you can find and access files and folders stored on the internal storage of iPhone or iPad. Then, you can move things up like you want and make sudden changes.

The area where this application excels is that it can let you install or uninstall any iOS app installed on the system. This can help you boot up the apps like WhatsApp which aren’t available for the iPad. So, go ahead and give it a try as it looks simple and very easy to understand.

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Finally, it’s you who has to decide. Do let me know which one you’re going with and exactly why. If you’ve concern on any related subject, feel free to explain that in the discussion section and I’ll attend them all. If you liked this guide and found it helpful, then there is no shame in sharing it to your social profiles and let other people know what you’ve just found. Peace.

Run iOS Apps on Android devices using Cycada (Cider project)

I’m pretty sure that you’re eager enough to start with this tutorial right away. But, at this moment, the method to download and run iOS apps on Android devices using Cycada emulator, isn’t available for everyone. The project has been developed by engineering students at Columbia University and I can assure that this method will soon be coming to public.

The exact date isn’t announced yet, but its pretty sure that it will be coming live soon. There are certain things related to this project of which you should be aware of. I’m going to describe each of them.

Run iOS Apps on Android devices using Cycada (Cider project)

So, you can go through this guide and learn more and more about this Cycada aka Cider project, at this moment. Later when it comes to the public, you’ll be among first users who were knew about it. And, most importantly you’re feeling an urge to get a working method to download iOS apps on Android phone or tablet.

Run iOS Apps on Android device – project Cycada

The engineering guys at the university were able to demonstrate the live working of a bunch of iOS specific applications on a Nexus 7 tablet. The method was working smoothly, as per the video they shared is concerned. You can also watch and see it by yourself.

The method they demonstrated was working and one of their team members was even selected by the Apple officially. Yes, one of the official team members behind this project was offered job by Apple and he even took it.

There is no hidden fact behind this, as why Apple must have done this. When it comes to protecting their products, Apple is pretty serious and aggressive as well. So, it is still unsure whether or not Apple will allow existence of any such software in the market. Especially, as this project is offering premium Apple apps to be used for free on any Android device.

The method is still not available for everyone, so Apple’s lawyers can still wait for the battle. But for all of us, this news maybe good or bad, both. How about you? Do you really want an app to help you install iOS apps on Android?