BlueStacks Installation Guide – “Quickly” Install App Player

I’m already aware of the fact that you’re in love with BlueStacks app player and here is your chance to get hands-on and that too without any issues at all. This guide is here because I wish to guide you on how quickly and easily you can install this app player. Yes, this is BlueStacks installation guide.

Ever since the smartphone apps arise on the horizon and made the life easier for the Homo sapiens, the developers are giving more effort to develop more apps to make the life even easier.

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The apps have become so popular that now the Windows PC users too want all these apps on their PC. The software we are having here supports even mac platform.

Now, the most effective way of doing so is to download and install an Android emulator on the PC and then running the apps using it, and the BlueStacks seems the right option as the emulator.

But, the things become quite tricky for the non-computer friendly users as there are a few steps before the installing it starts operating on your PC.

Installing BlueStacks Guide

For the ease of everyone who wishes to use Android and iOS apps on the PC, here is the complete guide for them:

  • First of all, go to the official website, you’ll see two options there to select the Windows or Mac and you know which one is to select.
  • After selecting the OS, the .EXE file will start to get download on your PC.


  • Once it gets downloaded, click the setup icon from where you store all the downloaded items on your PC.


  • After clicking on the icon, you’ll have to tick the check box of terms and conditions and the BlueStacks will start to get installed. Also, a few more files will be downloaded in between the process.
  • Now, just wait to get the downloading finished and then there would be two icons available on your desktop which will be named as Apps and BlueStacks.


  • Click on the Apps to search the famous apps from the Android or iOS store and download them to enjoy.

It was not as hard as you thought! Was it?

Now, just to say that why so many people choose only BlueStacks and no other options, then here below are the reasons behind that:

  • It only takes a few MB of space on your PC, hence not affecting the CPU functioning or the speed.
  • The interface is very smooth and it’s very rare that you’ll get any glitch while using it.
  • You can use almost all the famous apps and games like WhatsApp, Angry Birds, Asphalt 8 or any other.

But the only issue you may face will be because of old version of graphics driver. You need to update it and make sure it’s of HD standard. Otherwise you may face certain issues.


So, I guess there is no reason has left to not to use the BlueStacks Android emulator for your PC.

Final Overview

However, there definitely are many options available in the market, but this one among them has been one of the best options around and this above BlueStacks installation Guide will make sure that you’re able to use all the smartphone apps on your PC easily.

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How to Quickly Install Andy Emulator without Any Error?

This guide is specifically written to help you know how to quickly install Andy emulator without any error. Getting this software ready on your computer is pretty easy and you may not need this guide but still there are certain things which you should be aware of.

The time when people asked for the option to install and run Android apps on their PC, the BlueStacks emulator was there to fulfill the needs of people and has been very successful in doing so.

But, as the time passed, the BlueStacks started to offer regular glitch sessions with a few more issues like getting changed often, higher requirements for PC and others.

Download Andy Emulator for PC

So, there arrived another option to conquer the realm of BlueStacks that is named Andy. This option is very handy in the usage and offers better service than its other counterparts as well.

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Now, if you also are fed up with the BlueStacks or any other alternatives and want to install Andy on PC, here below are the steps then:


You need to be aware of certain requirements of Andy software which must be matched with your PC. Here I’m writing them one by one.

  1. First thing is that your computer should be running on Windows OS which is Vista or any other higher like 7, 8, 8.1 or even 10. Windows XP won’t work in this case because it’s too old.
  2. Next thing to check is that your computer is having at least 4GB of RAM. If it’s just 2GB then you may face lots of performance issues.
  3. Next to consider is having at least 512MB or higher storage of graphics/video card.
  4. Also make sure that the graphics driver version is updated and compatible to play HD content pretty easily.

Once you’re sure of these requirements then you won’t find any errors at all.

Tutorial to Install Andy Emulator without any Error

Well, this software has definitely provided a better option to install and run Android apps on PC, and here is how you do that.

How to Quickly Install Andy Emulator without Any Error

  • Now, click on the setup file and click on the run options from the pop-up.
  • After this, an installer window will get appear and you need to click on the ‘Next’ to start that.

Install Andy Emulator without Any Error

  • The next step will be accepting the terms and conditions which I guess you know how to do.
  • Once reached the above step, the install will start and some other files will also get downloaded in the process.
  • After the installing gets over, you need to click on the ‘Finish’ option that will get you 2 icons on the home screen.

Run Andy Emulator on Computer

  • Tap on Apps icon and synchronize with your Google account’s e-mail and password.

Now, search all the latest apps or games and enjoy running and installing them on your PC without any issues.

Why Install Andy Emulator?

There are a few reasons which force us to install Andy Emulator over BlueStacks and others and here below are they:

Install Andy Emulator

  • Offers better user interface with less glitches.
  • Handy to use with controls.
  • Easy to download and install apps.
  • Better working of apps with no slow down what so ever in computer processing.
  • It works just like a tablet device running pure stock version of OS.

Final Conclusion

The BlueStacks is surely a good option, but with the time, its service has been on the downside so the other options popped up in the market and Andy is one of them.

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Installing Andy Emulator is as same as of any other Android emulator and the above steps will help you regarding that for sure. Still, if you have any queries, you can write us to them in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to come up with solution.

Still, if you have any queries, you can write us to them in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to come up with solution.

Download YouWave for PC and How to Install it without Error

In the software industry, a recently born niche is Android emulator. Right now, BlueStacks app player is dominating it we also got YouWave.

Here is a guide on how you can download YouWave for PC and also how to install it to get it running and make use of.

Out of many available Android emulator software, YouWave is the premium one which comes at a price and along with dedicated support and help guides.

I get it, you trust using paid software, may be because of any reason, but that’s why you’ve chosen YouWave over BlueStacks.

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Run YouWave on Computer

I’ll not only introduce the YouWave software but will also let you know the reasons why you should be using it over any other emulators on in simpler words, why YouWave is the best alternative to BlueStacks.

About YouWave Software

The software is developed by a software developer unit and it is a totally trustable solution. Yes, around thousands of users are already running it on their system and most of them are all happy.

There is always a limit when it comes to Android emulators and that’s the reason users should understand. Android emulators can help you run some apps and play few games but not each and every one.

To experience full features, you need to buy a middle-end or high-end Android smartphones. Because your PC or laptop can’t have smartphone or tablet like hardware or base software.

Still, YouWave got a simple user interface to start with which is very much identical to Android OS (operating system) itself. Currently, it is running Android ICS (4.0) version of the OS.

YouWave for Laptop Download

Once it starts running, then you’ll find two split screens. One section will display home screen as of a smartphone while other will display few controllers (arrow keys and few other).

You can use any of the apps from there. To instal fresh ones, you need to use Browser app over there to first open Google play store and then select app or game of your choice (more on this later).

When it runs for the first time, you can select the Free Trial option from the first interaction that will start your free trial of 10 days. After that, you’ll find the YouWave running.

Now, launch the browser, open Google play store and start installing any app or game as of your choice. You can find any of them over there, but not every of them will work on your computer or laptop.

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You also have to login with a Google account just before the app or game starts installing, which will be an automatic process. The login is required because you’re accessing Google’s ecosystem.


It is a premium software that offers first 10 days of free trial. This gives everyone a window to experience using the software and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Since it’s a premium solution so it does come with dedicated support and help team. But only if you buy the premium plan.

UI is just like the Android OS and there are no changes in there (even if you compare desperately). This makes the using of software very easy if you are familiar with Android OS.

How to Install YouWave on PC


It is running an older version of Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) while there are already three versions launched after that.

Not every app or game are working and you may also experience few lags and performance issues.

Download YouWave Software for Windows

You can get it downloaded just like any other software. Right now, it is available only for Windows platform. So, there is no chance of using it for Mac (don’t even try any unofficial method if you find over internet).

Simply follow the link I’ve added to next line and the software will begin downloading.

YouWave for PC Download (Official)

One key factor over here is that the installer package is available in an offline format. So, it will take the time to get downloaded once because of heavy size but later you won’t require internet during its installation.

After clicking on the above link, you’ll be asked to select Folder where you wish to place it or else it will be placed into default download folder as set in your Browser.

Software Requirements

There are few specific software requirements from PC and those are,

The system should have at least 2GB of RAM. But I’d recommend you to have at least 4GB as I found certain lags in 2GB system.

The system should be running on the freshly updated graphics driver which is compatible with HD standard of visuals. If your system is of 2014 or 2015 standards, then you need not worry over here, otherwise you need to upgrade the system at your end.

One simple way for that is to add a dedicated graphics card of minimum 1GB size. It will totally change the game playing experience at your computer.

Also, if you’re using it over Windows XP system then make sure that it is being updated and its Service Pack 3 is installed in your system.

In case of using Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, you won’t find any issues. I even try running it on the developer preview of Windows 10 and it was working for few hours without any lags.

How to Install YouWave for PC (Windows)

Go through the steps I’m writing down here and it will take around 2-3 minutes to get the software ready.

Step 1 – You’ve already downloaded the installer package. Double click on the same now.

Download YouWave for PC


Step 2 – A pop-up will appear asking for the permission to run the installation process. Select Run option from there.

YouWave Free Download


Step 3 – Installer window will appear then. Now, click on Next, accept Licence agreement when asked to and proceed by clicking on Next, Next options.

Step 4 – Finally click on Finish option when asked to and that’s it.

The process is over and I hope it was simple enough. You can even remember it for using it in future.

FAQ related to YouWave

The software isn’t free, but you get free ten days of trial. You can download and install its crack file which is available over internet. Although I won’t recommend going that way because it can hurt the health of your system.

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Without logging in with a Google account, the app or game will not start installing. There is no way you can pass this requirement. Although you can use a spare Google account here, just in case if you don’t trust the software.

YouWave Google Play Login

Using the software is just like using an Android smartphone. Both keyboard and mouse works fine. But not all keys of keyboard functions with it.


At last and in short, this is how you can run Android OS on computer and this was the method of YouWave, covering how you can download and install it, both.

I hope the process was simple enough and you’r even ready to share it with all your friends. I know you already did it above. Peace.

Hard Facts & Guide to Install BlueStacks on Windows XP

If you’ve been using Windows XP, in this modern 3D and smartphone powered world, then you are definitely going to feel left out. This is common because the truth is that, You are Left Out. You’re way behind in time, and should upgrade to at least Windows 7 operating system if Microsoft is the preferred ecosystem you wish to live the rest of your life.

But, if you’re not ready for that upgrade and are perfectly happy with whatever charms Windows XP is offering, then you might get hard time installing some software. Particularly, the BlueStacks or any other Android emulator, because they are modern software, based on very modern smartphones.

Hard Facts & Guide to Install BlueStacks on Windows XP

This software helps you to get Android operating system running smoothly on the Windows platform or any other for the case. But, if you’re aware of some hard facts, and following them completely, then you can easily install BlueStacks on Windows XP, and that too without meeting any errors at all.

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Hard Facts for BlueStacks on Windows XP users

The very first thing you need to ensure is that the system at your end is having some graphic card. Windows XP natively doesn’t support HD standard of graphics, so you need to take help from an external card itself.

Getting a 512MB of the graphic card will do the job of BlueStacks installation and running, but it will be better if you keep the 1GB one. If you’re doing a fresh upgrade for the graphic card or running an existing one, then in both case, make sure that the graphic card driver is updated to the very latest version issued.

Next thing you need to check is the RAM amount in your system. The at least amount starts with 2GB while the number at which things get comfortable is the 4GB. So, make sure at least 2GB RAM is coupled with the system, and if possible, make it to 4GB, for the sake of smoothness.

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Finally, and the most important thing, even if you’ve upgraded to these things, you can’t proceed without one thing left. The Microsoft has issued three version of this operating system. You need to ensure that your computer or laptop is running on the Service Pack 3 at least. Any version before that, won’t work, in this case, at all.

Download BlueStacks for Windows XP

I guess, you are ready to proceed to the installation process, as the system is 100% compatible to move ahead.

Step 1 – Of course, the first step is to download BlueStacks app player software from its official website. If this version doesn’t work, then you can try with the offline installer I previously covered.

Step 2 – Start installing the software once you have the installer package. Double click on that file, click on Run, and then move ahead with on-screen instructions ahead. This will include Accepting license terms and agreements and then clicking on Next, Next, buttons.

Step 3 – Before you can reach the Finish button, BlueStacks will be downloading some data that will be required for it to function. So, ensure a faster and steady internet connectivity. This will not be required if you’re moving with the offline installer.

Step 4 – Soon, you’ll have the Finish button to click on, which will complete the procedure.

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This is how you can install BlueStacks on Windows XP computer or laptop, and that too without facing any errors. I guess, the procedure went smooth at your end, and you’re all set to share this helpful guide with the rest of your friends who are also sticking with XP. Peace.

How to Install BlueStacks app player on Mac OS X?

You’re at the perfect place if you were looking for the method to download BlueStacks on Mac OS X, since, I’m sharing exactly the same. I’m going to share everything in the simplest possible way with some tips that can help you to use the app at its best.

This software can help you install and run Android apps and games on the OS X platform without doing anything wrong. The method is officially available and this software we are using is developed by a registered software developer company.

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Install BlueStacks app player on Mac OS X

How to Install BlueStacks app player on Mac OS X 1

Following are the steps you need to go through and the app will be installed in less than five minutes. The actual time will depend on the speed of internet connection at your end.

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks DMG file from the official website itself. The moment you open that website using a Mac OS X device, you’ll get the appropriate link.

Step 2 – Wait for the file to be downloaded completely and once it does, double-click on the same. It will begin the process which will require you to follow certain on-screen instructions. So, go ahead and follow the same.

Step 3 – At the last, you’ll have a screen, with BlueStacks shortcut and Application folder. Drag the shortcut into the Application folder and the files will be copied afterward.

The moment those files are done copying, the BlueStacks installation on Mac is over and you can find the application available in the Application Launcher.

Go ahead, and launch the app for the first time, and the moment it starts working, you’ll be asked to set up the Sync feature. This is required to be done because you need to login with a Google account to access Android’s ecosystem. The same thing which is required to enable an Android device completely.

Once you’re done with the login thing, the app will be working at its best and you can use the same to install Android apps and games on OS X platform.

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So, how was this method? Was it simple enough that you can dictate it to your friends? If you can’t dictate but found it helpful enough, then you can still help them by sharing this tutorial directly to your social profiles. You can use the sharing buttons added below. Peace!