[Solved] “Downloading Run Time Data” error in BlueStacks

Downloading Run Time Data is an error which comes when BlueStacks isn’t able to grab the required file for the installation from the internet. Now, this can happen due to a number of reasons but the most important and popular one is the one which is very simple and straight.

I’m going to share all those methods which can help you solve of fix BlueStacks downloading runtime data error. First of all, let me give you an introduction to this software which will not only update your knowledge regarding the topic but will also help you understand the real cause behind this error.

This is an Android emulator software which required an active internet connection at the time of installation and also at the time of running. Without the internet, there is no use of installing this software, because you won’t be able to install apps and games.

[Solved] “Downloading Run Time Data” error  in BlueStacks

Even if you install them, then those apps and games, most of them, required internet to function. So, in every case, this internet thing is the first one to be fixed. If you’re able to fix it, then only move ahead, otherwise the method #3 is for you guys.

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Downloading Run Time Data BlueStacks Error Fix

Following are the methods you can try going through to get the error fixed in a single sweep.

#1 Method

So, you must have guessed the first method that can solve this issue because you’re aware of the real cause. Get a better internet connection for the software itself, at least when it’s installing, and you can restart the installation by offering it the Admin privileges.

In Windows, to give a software those privileges, you just have to right click on the same, and then choose ‘Run as administrator’ option from the little menu.

After then, the procedure will be same and you just to have to follow the on-screen instructions.

#2 Method

In most of the cases, there is an earlier installation of the software available on the system, which needs to be taken care of. So, go ahead and uninstall the same first, and then try attempting the fresh installation method.

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If the normal uninstallation method isn’t working, then you can software like CCleaner to do the same for you. It will not only remove the software but will also remove any of its temporary files from the system.

#3 Method

This is the last method which is for those, who can’t afford the fast internet by any means. So, you need to go with the BlueStacks offline installer method. Grab the file and then use that to install the software.

Since, there is no need for the internet connectivity at the time of installation, so there will be no ‘Downloading Run Time Data’ error.

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I hope this guide helped you in fixing the issue, and you’re also going to help other friends of yours by sharing it with them. You can use the simple sharing buttons below. Peace!

[Answered] FAQ Related to Andy Installation on PC

Andy Android emulator has been available since a couple of years for the Windows platform, and since then, it has been improved to offer a stock Android experience, right on the computer or laptop device. But, there are few Andy installation on PC issues, which require attention, and thus, I’m sharing a compilation of the same.

You need to be doubly sure before starting with the installation of this software. I can assure that you need to move ahead only if the computer or laptop at your end is 100% compatible with the requirements asked.

Andy on PC installation


The very first requirement is that the system should have at least 4GB RAM, 10GB free C Drive storage, and full HD standard of graphic driver, which is also updated to latest version. This ensures that the system is completely compatible. But, this is a system that can eventually run the Andy software, somehow.

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But, if you’re looking to get a smooth experience, you need to have a system with 8GB RAM and dedicated graphic card of 512MB. This is how a system should look which is perfect to run anything including this special software. The way it works, it simply gets installed and then offers an Android tablet like interface to help you access the experience, apps, and games on the PC platform.

#1 Andy Installation error

This is the first and most common error, most of the users are experiencing. Now, the thing I’ve written just above is for the same issue. If the system isn’t compatible with that requirement, then you can’t expect things to work smoothly. So, go ahead and upgrade your system first, and make sure you buy a modern 2015 standard system, this time.

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#2 Control Andy from Android device

Once the software is installed on a compatible system, then you can control the PC from Android device, using a simple remote control application offered by the same developer.

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You can get the app installed from this listing at Play store. And, once it’s running, go ahead and log in using the same Google account, and you’ll gain access for the same.

#3 Optimising performance

If you need to optimise the performance of this software to maximum level and gain better and smooth experience without doing any system upgrade or fresh install, then go ahead and check this official PDF offered by the developers.

In that PDF, you’ll find certain facts and settings, which can be tweaked to get better results.

#4 Can’t install anyhow

Even if your system is 100% compatible and still, Andy isn’t getting ready. Then, you need to download the fresh and latest version of the software’s installer package from the website.

Once the fresh installer is downloaded completely, then restart the system once. After the system starts, start with the installation procedure, and this time, there won’t be any issues at all.

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These were the FAQ related to Andy installation on PC, and I hope you found what you came looking for. If the system is modern, then definitely Andy is the best Android emulator as it never hurts the stock Android experience.