Quick Tutorial to Download Subway Surfers for PC without Error

Credit goes to the developer of Subway Surfers game for keeping it so alive that it is still one of the most impressive and iconic game. It was first available for Android and iOS platforms, but we all want to play Subway Surfers on PC.

Since, you’re also one of us, so here is a quick tutorial for you to download Subway Surfers for PC. You may have tried various methods to run this game without any issues, but it looks like you didn’t found the success yet.

Trust me, I’m going to help you throughout the process and the best part that you will find about this guide is that it consists of all possible ways to play Subway Surfers on computer.

Install Subway Surfers on PC 3

That’s right, you read it correct. I’ll mention all possible and working methods available that I had personally tried and tested to run Subway Surfers game on laptop or computer at your end.

Why we want to play Subway Surfers on computer?

Before starting, you need to understand the need inside. Without understanding it, I won’t recommend you to go for the actual process.

If you just want to skip all these intro and related information then go ahead and start the installation process directly (scroll down).

First of all, you’re doing this to enjoy this game on bigger screen. This is the very common excuse among all of us and there is no shame in admitting it.

We all love Subway Surfers game, but our smartphones have about 4-5inch of the display. Unless, you own a tablet with at least HD resolution display, playing this game on PC remains fun and surprising.


Next, controlling our favorite character in the game through touch input is too mainstream for now. We now want to control it via keyboard or mouse. This is because we are master of keyboard and mouse when it comes to gaming.

Also, the game becomes really challenging yet easy to play with a keyboard and mouse. Yes, the method I’m going to include in this guide are going to support both keyboard and mouse or at least one of them for sure.

Subway Surfers for Laptop/Computer Review

As said above, playing it on the computer is really fun. That’s because we have keyboard and mouse as the controllers, no the touch screen.

Also, we have a bigger screen to see those impressive visuals. Trust me, playing Subway Surfers on computer is a great fun. And the three methods I’m sharing down with you, through them, I didn’t find any issues.

Play Subway Surfers on PC 1

For those who are new, Subway Surfers is an endless running game where you need to run till you can. You need to be aware of obstacles coming in your way like trains, poles, etc. Because once you stop, the grumpy inspector running to catch you will succeed in his mission.

Visuals on the computer look amazing and no doubt, you are all set to have the best game playing experience so far. Keyboard arrow keys and mouse was working flawlessly with the game and controlling the movements was a piece of cake.

Play Subway Surfers on PC

Also, I broke up various records set by me earlier and my friends. That’s al because I was having better controls now. Just to mention, I have a wolverine kind of controlling speed with keyboard and mouse.

System requirements for gameplay

There is a specific system requirement which needed to be matched in every case, no matter which method you’re gong with. Your system needs to meet following standards,

It should have 4GB or more RAM storage. This will ensure optimum performance without any lags or errors.

Next, the C Drive where Windows is installed or the main boot drive should have at least 5-6GB of free space.

Install Subway Surfers on PC

Last, but not the least, the computer should be ready to play HD content effectively. For this to match, your system should have a monitor with HD resolution support and also, the system should be running on latest and HD standard of the graphics driver.

Note – After updating the drivers, if they don’t support HD standard visuals then you need to either buy a new system or insert an additional 1GB (at least) graphics card/video card.

This will not only ensure great performance in this case but also in any other intense graphics included games, like GTA San Andreas, etc.

Download Subway Surfers for PC via BlueStacks

BlueStacks is the best Android emulator software and you should go for it if you don’t wish to face any kind of errors at all. I’m writing the whole process in following breakdown.

Step 1 – Download and install BlueStacks app player software first. You can find full coverage of its BlueStacks installation over here.


Step 2 – Software is running at your end, and you’ll see a search tool within the user interface. Click on that!

Step 3 – Login to a Google account when asked to setup synchronization service by BlueStacks. Yes, this is required and you can’t skip it.

Download Subway Surfers for PC 1

Step 4 – Enter ‘Subway Surfers’ game name in the search tool and click on the first result at your end. Now the game will open up in search results of Google play store.

Download Subway Surfers for PC 2

Step 5 – Click on the appropriate game in the search result and then its official listing will open at your end. Finally, click on ‘install’ option ahead there.

Install Subway Surfers on PC 1

That’s it folks! You’ve done it, congrats. Our beloved endless running era is about to get ready, it will not take any longer than 2-3 minutes and it will be done automatically. Once ready, you’ll get a notification from BlueStacks, and then you can launch it from My Apps section.

Download Subway Surfers for computer via YouWave

YouWave is a premium software. Yes, it comes with a price tag but you get 10 days of free trial to use all the features. This is enough to try and test and decide whether to buy premium version or not.

Step 1 – I’ve already covered and shared how to install YouWave on the computer. Go through that guide first and get the software ready. Then, come back here.


Step 2 – Once the software is installed, choose the Free Trial option from there and then launch the Browser app when it’s running completely.


Step 3 – Open the website of Google play store and find Subway Surfers game using its search tool. You can directly search on Google and open play store listing of the game.


Step 4 – Once game listing is there, click on install option available there and finally login with a Google account when asked to do so.

This is done guys. Wait for a while and the game will get installed automatically. Then, just like you launched Browser app earlier, you can launch Subway Surfers game on PC.

Install Subway Surfers game .exe

Fortunately, we have Subway Surfers game .exe file available, thanks to some known developers in the software and gaming industry.

You can download Subway Surfers exe file from here and then wait for it to get downloaded completely.

Once it’s there completely, then double click on the same, follow on screen instructions and the game will be ready to play soon. You need to do things you were always doing i.e. clicking on Next, Next, Next, options till you reach Finish.

Subway Surfers for PC exe

So, this was the final method from my side. I won’t recommend going with this one on a system having too many personal work related data. In this special case, I recommend going with YouWave or BlueStacks method I added previously.

That’s all folks! The process is finally over and I hope you did find success throughout this guide to download Subway Surfers for PC and play it without any errors.

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Also, if you meet any errors then write them down in details in the discussion section beneath and I’ll try my best t acme up with a solution. Peace.