Download and Run Android Apps on iOS using Dalvik Emulator

After knowing the technology industry since last five years, all I can say is that users can never be satisfied. First, they wanted an operating system which can offer iOS-like application and they got Android. Next, they want to use Android apps on PC, and they got software like BlueStacks app player.

Now, they were looking to use Android apps on iOS devices, and so, this wish has come true as well. Thanks to the Myriad Group, which has found success in developing a newer version of their Alien Dalvik emulator (version 2.0) which allows the process to download and run Android apps on iOS devices.

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The method works on both iPhone and iPad and most of the Android apps offered inside works perfectly. I’m going to share the details of this method and also update your knowledge with related matters. Ready?

What’s an Alien Dalvik emulator?

As I explained above, developers at the Myriad Group has come up with this software. Earlier, it was released for Android and now the newer version is available for iPad and iPhone devices, i.e., every iOS device present on Earth, right now.

You can easily install this application on any iOS standard device, and it starts working in the background. It creates a virtual environment for the Android apps to function in the native iOS world.

Download and Run Android Apps on iOS using Dalvik Emulator

So, till now, it is claimed that the method is 100% safe to use and credibility is pretty good. You’re not expected to find errors or issues unless you’re going out of the scope of what Dalvik emulator can do.

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Most importantly, it is free to use and so you can try and check the Android apps you developed on an iOS device, to find out whether or not they work smoothly.

How to Run Android apps on iOS using Dalvik?

Simply install the Dalvik emulator first which is available over its official website. 
Install it on the iPad or iPhone device you have and launch the same.

Special note – There’s no safe website to download Dalvik emulator 2.0, at this moment. The moment I hear anything on this, I’ll keep you posted.

Now, inside the emulator app, find any Android app as of your choice and get it installed.

Next, you can launch the new app and start using the same. Simple, huh? Also, it doesn’t require your device to be jailbreak.


Trust me, this method is way better than any other I’ve come across till now and it works just like it should. The only thing missing is more development, more smoothness, more polished UI, and compatibility of more Android apps.

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Still, this method over here sounds fine and I guess we’ve our method to install Android apps on iPhone or iPad devices. So, go ahead and start with your attempt and I hope you find success in there. Peace.

Download YouWave for PC and How to Install it without Error

In the software industry, a recently born niche is Android emulator. Right now, BlueStacks app player is dominating it we also got YouWave.

Here is a guide on how you can download YouWave for PC and also how to install it to get it running and make use of.

Out of many available Android emulator software, YouWave is the premium one which comes at a price and along with dedicated support and help guides.

I get it, you trust using paid software, may be because of any reason, but that’s why you’ve chosen YouWave over BlueStacks.

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Run YouWave on Computer

I’ll not only introduce the YouWave software but will also let you know the reasons why you should be using it over any other emulators on in simpler words, why YouWave is the best alternative to BlueStacks.

About YouWave Software

The software is developed by a software developer unit and it is a totally trustable solution. Yes, around thousands of users are already running it on their system and most of them are all happy.

There is always a limit when it comes to Android emulators and that’s the reason users should understand. Android emulators can help you run some apps and play few games but not each and every one.

To experience full features, you need to buy a middle-end or high-end Android smartphones. Because your PC or laptop can’t have smartphone or tablet like hardware or base software.

Still, YouWave got a simple user interface to start with which is very much identical to Android OS (operating system) itself. Currently, it is running Android ICS (4.0) version of the OS.

YouWave for Laptop Download

Once it starts running, then you’ll find two split screens. One section will display home screen as of a smartphone while other will display few controllers (arrow keys and few other).

You can use any of the apps from there. To instal fresh ones, you need to use Browser app over there to first open Google play store and then select app or game of your choice (more on this later).

When it runs for the first time, you can select the Free Trial option from the first interaction that will start your free trial of 10 days. After that, you’ll find the YouWave running.

Now, launch the browser, open Google play store and start installing any app or game as of your choice. You can find any of them over there, but not every of them will work on your computer or laptop.

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You also have to login with a Google account just before the app or game starts installing, which will be an automatic process. The login is required because you’re accessing Google’s ecosystem.


It is a premium software that offers first 10 days of free trial. This gives everyone a window to experience using the software and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Since it’s a premium solution so it does come with dedicated support and help team. But only if you buy the premium plan.

UI is just like the Android OS and there are no changes in there (even if you compare desperately). This makes the using of software very easy if you are familiar with Android OS.

How to Install YouWave on PC


It is running an older version of Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) while there are already three versions launched after that.

Not every app or game are working and you may also experience few lags and performance issues.

Download YouWave Software for Windows

You can get it downloaded just like any other software. Right now, it is available only for Windows platform. So, there is no chance of using it for Mac (don’t even try any unofficial method if you find over internet).

Simply follow the link I’ve added to next line and the software will begin downloading.

YouWave for PC Download (Official)

One key factor over here is that the installer package is available in an offline format. So, it will take the time to get downloaded once because of heavy size but later you won’t require internet during its installation.

After clicking on the above link, you’ll be asked to select Folder where you wish to place it or else it will be placed into default download folder as set in your Browser.

Software Requirements

There are few specific software requirements from PC and those are,

The system should have at least 2GB of RAM. But I’d recommend you to have at least 4GB as I found certain lags in 2GB system.

The system should be running on the freshly updated graphics driver which is compatible with HD standard of visuals. If your system is of 2014 or 2015 standards, then you need not worry over here, otherwise you need to upgrade the system at your end.

One simple way for that is to add a dedicated graphics card of minimum 1GB size. It will totally change the game playing experience at your computer.

Also, if you’re using it over Windows XP system then make sure that it is being updated and its Service Pack 3 is installed in your system.

In case of using Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, you won’t find any issues. I even try running it on the developer preview of Windows 10 and it was working for few hours without any lags.

How to Install YouWave for PC (Windows)

Go through the steps I’m writing down here and it will take around 2-3 minutes to get the software ready.

Step 1 – You’ve already downloaded the installer package. Double click on the same now.

Download YouWave for PC


Step 2 – A pop-up will appear asking for the permission to run the installation process. Select Run option from there.

YouWave Free Download


Step 3 – Installer window will appear then. Now, click on Next, accept Licence agreement when asked to and proceed by clicking on Next, Next options.

Step 4 – Finally click on Finish option when asked to and that’s it.

The process is over and I hope it was simple enough. You can even remember it for using it in future.

FAQ related to YouWave

The software isn’t free, but you get free ten days of trial. You can download and install its crack file which is available over internet. Although I won’t recommend going that way because it can hurt the health of your system.

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Without logging in with a Google account, the app or game will not start installing. There is no way you can pass this requirement. Although you can use a spare Google account here, just in case if you don’t trust the software.

YouWave Google Play Login

Using the software is just like using an Android smartphone. Both keyboard and mouse works fine. But not all keys of keyboard functions with it.


At last and in short, this is how you can run Android OS on computer and this was the method of YouWave, covering how you can download and install it, both.

I hope the process was simple enough and you’r even ready to share it with all your friends. I know you already did it above. Peace.

How Safe Softwares like BlueStacks Really Are?

This is the question most of the people ask themselves (or the Google), before installing any Android emulator software, that, ‘How Safe Softwares like BlueStacks really are?’. Well, I’m bringing an answer to the same query over here, and will try my best to help you reach a conclusion.

The software you’re about to install, is developed by a registered software developer company, which has been known for its products. In fact, the person behind the company has been doing this software development thing since years.

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So, there is nothing to worry about the credibility scorecard of the BlueStacks app player software. But, this isn’t the only software available in this niche, as you can check my best BlueStacks alternative coverage.

How Safe Softwares  like BlueStacks Really Are

YouWave, Andy, GenyMotion, Android x86, etc., are the few known names in this niche, out of which, I can personally trust only BlueStacks, YouWave, and Andy. Rest others are known for a long list of issues they deliver while installation attempt or during the usage.

First of all, the basic thing needs to be clear in your mind. You’re not trying to do anything illegal here, just because you’re looking to install Android apps and games on a different platform. That’s because, the whole Android operating system is available under the Open Source license agreement.

Also, it is totally legitimate to boot secondary OS into the main one, using the virtualization concept. As, software like VirtualBox and many other are available since years, and doing the same thing. BlueStacks app player and others like it are doing the same thing.

They are offering a way to users, a virtualisation method to host Android OS, into the Windows or any other supported one. For example, BlueStacks supports both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

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So, there is nothing illegal over here. Now, coming at the second thing, i.e., errors and issues users find during installation and usage.

This thing is common with any software or application. There is nothing to worry about in this situation. Because, there are some things which are never controlled and can never be. They go wrong with every software at the hardware and software ends.

The only thing you can do is to make sure that the system is always compatible with the requirements posted at the official documentation of any software before installing the same.

So, unless you’re installing any fake, or malicious Android app or game into the Windows system using this software, software like BlueStacks are completely safe to use. Go ahead and check our Android apps for PC, and Android games on PC sections to start your journey. Peace!

BlueStacks alternative for Ubuntu – available Android Emulator

Whether your system is powered by Ubuntu or Debian operating system, BlueStacks isn’t available for the platform. No doubt, this is the best Android emulator for other platforms, where it’s available, but which one is the best BlueStacks alternative for Ubuntu?

BlueStacks Alternative for Ubuntu

This is the question you came here looking answer for, and I’m going to provide exactly the same. Every Linux user has two options to start with. One is GenyMotion, and another is Android x86 program.

BlueStacks alternative for Ubuntu - available Android Emulator

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You can also call them as the Android emulator software for the Ubuntu platform. Let me start with the two options, one by one, and you’ll understand what you’re looking at.

#1 GenyMotion

This is the first recommendation from my side because it looks simple, elegant, and very easy to operate. I can assure that you’re always going to love the way it works and looks. At this moment, it is using Android Jelly Bean version of the OS, which looks pretty good.

The GenyMotion software can be installed either directly using its standalone installer file, or within VirtualBox, or you can also install it within Eclipse. So, you’re always going to have options to choose from, and thus, you should go ahead and start with it right now.

You don’t need to pay for the initial usage, but later you’ve to purchase the licence for continue getting the premium services and features.

#2 Android x86

This is the second best option for the Ubuntu platforms, and I can assure that this one will look good to you. It looks simple and offers the same stock Android experience without touching anything at all. Go ahead, and install the software.

Over to you

Finally, the ball is in your court, and you’ve to make the final decision.

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If you don’t like moving into a lot of codings, then go ahead with the GenyMotion method, but, if you’re looking for the other side, Android x86 can be the better one. Don’t forget to share the experience from your side.

Run iOS Apps on Android devices using Cycada (Cider project)

I’m pretty sure that you’re eager enough to start with this tutorial right away. But, at this moment, the method to download and run iOS apps on Android devices using Cycada emulator, isn’t available for everyone. The project has been developed by engineering students at Columbia University and I can assure that this method will soon be coming to public.

The exact date isn’t announced yet, but its pretty sure that it will be coming live soon. There are certain things related to this project of which you should be aware of. I’m going to describe each of them.

Run iOS Apps on Android devices using Cycada (Cider project)

So, you can go through this guide and learn more and more about this Cycada aka Cider project, at this moment. Later when it comes to the public, you’ll be among first users who were knew about it. And, most importantly you’re feeling an urge to get a working method to download iOS apps on Android phone or tablet.

Run iOS Apps on Android device – project Cycada

The engineering guys at the university were able to demonstrate the live working of a bunch of iOS specific applications on a Nexus 7 tablet. The method was working smoothly, as per the video they shared is concerned. You can also watch and see it by yourself.

The method they demonstrated was working and one of their team members was even selected by the Apple officially. Yes, one of the official team members behind this project was offered job by Apple and he even took it.

There is no hidden fact behind this, as why Apple must have done this. When it comes to protecting their products, Apple is pretty serious and aggressive as well. So, it is still unsure whether or not Apple will allow existence of any such software in the market. Especially, as this project is offering premium Apple apps to be used for free on any Android device.

The method is still not available for everyone, so Apple’s lawyers can still wait for the battle. But for all of us, this news maybe good or bad, both. How about you? Do you really want an app to help you install iOS apps on Android?