Simple Formula to Download Dolphin Browser for PC (Free)

We all are having a lot of options to choose when it comes to web browser selection, especially for smartphones. It is very confusing the find the one which can outperform every other in terms of speed and simplicity. Dolphin Browser is one of the options you should give it a try and to help you in that, I’m writing a formula to help you download Dolphin Browser for PC.

The app comes without any price tag and you don’t need to worry about any compatibility issues, if in case you’re having a modern computing system, which matches at least the 2014 standards.

5 Install Dolphin Browser on Laptop

When I said, I’m going to share the formula, I was covering the two most popular PC platforms, i.e., Windows and Mac. In case of Windows, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are the versions supported, while the Mac can be supported if it’s not older than 2013 model. Windows XP users can also give it a try, but only if the system is running on Service Pack 3 and has HD graphic driver compatibility.

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The app is officially available for Android and iOS platforms, covering both smartphones and tablets and already has millions of active users. I’ll name the reasons why you need to continue using this browser later.


First things first, you need to start with checking the requirements part. Using the Dolphin Browser PC app requires an Android emulator because there is no official Dolphin Browser PC version available yet. So, we will be using the Android version only.

The very basic Android emulator requires certain things from a system. Like at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage, HD standard of the graphic driver, and HD resolution display screen.

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If this is the system you’re having, either a laptop or desktop computer, powered by Windows, then you’re eligible to move ahead. In case of any Mac OS X powered system, it shouldn’t be older than 2013 model.

How to Download Dolphin Browser for PC

So, I guess you’re eager to start with the installation procedure after checking your qualification to run the app. Following are the simple instructions you’ve to go through.

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks app player software which is the Android emulator of our choice. It comes without any price tag and is totally legit to use. So, go ahead and grab its installer file.

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Step 2 – Start installing the software you just downloaded by double clicking the installer package file and going through on-screen instructions, as it is. It may take a longer time, depending on the speed of internet and system.

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1 Download Dolphin Browser for PC Free

Step 3 – Start the software and at the very first screen, i.e., the home screen, click on the Search tool. Enter ‘Dolphin Browser’ as a search term and then click on the link you found in search results.

2 Downlaod Dolphin Browser for Windows Laptop

Step 4 – Once this link opens up in Play store, you’ll face an interruption. Proceed with the same and login using a Google account when asked. This will setup sync feature and also allow your access to Google’s ecosystem.

4 Download Dolphin Browser for MacBook Free

Step 5 – Once done with the login part, get going ahead and select the app from search results of Play store. Hit the Install button first, followed by Accept button from the pop-up, to wrap things from your side.

The process is over, ladies and gentleman, and the only thing left to do is to launch the app from All Apps section of BlueStacks, once it’s installed. You’ll get a notification regarding the same.

Experience of Using Dolphin Browser app on Computer/Laptop

This is the web browser a person can always dream of having. It has everything a web browser needs to possess, including simple UI, speed dial, bookmarks, history, download manager, private mode browsing, etc.

The reason why you’re going to love it is because it comes with lots of unique features like gesture support, autofill enabled search and many more. Gestures can be set to do anything you like the browser to do and it is a super easy way to interact.

6 Install Dolphin Browser on Windows Computer

You can simply type in the search term, then select the website/web search tool, and the search result will appear in the same. Like you can directly search for World War II in Wikipedia or Pan Cakes in Google. Awesome, right?

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Trust me, you’re going to have a super awesome experience which is going to be remembered throughout the year. The app is totally secure and legit to use since it’s developed by a genuine and legit developer.

Wrap up

That’s it, folks! I hope you didn’t face any issues while dealing with the installation of Dolphin Browser app on PC and you’re also experiencing the same thing as I explained the above part. So, tell me one thing in the discussion section below, are you happy with this browser, this time? Don’t forget to share if you do!

Want to Get WeChat PC app download? Here’re few methods!

I’m writing off this guide to share the simplest possible way to get WeChat PC app download and use the method to access the services offered by this top-notch messaging application. I can assure that the method over here is not only going to be simple, but you’ll also going to remember it in the future.

Of course, there is an official method to use WeChat online without installation, which requires an active application on a smartphone and then the web app opened in a compatible web browser. But, for many users, this method isn’t just enough.


They’re always looking to somehow get WeChat standalone PC version, so that they can have each and every feature working like it should be, on computer or laptop. This tutorial is going to support both Windows (7/8/8.1/10) and Mac OS X platforms and is going to work at its best on a MacBook.

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That’s because, Windows systems generally don’t have GPS antenna or functionality which is very common in MacBook models. Since, the application make use of that antenna for location purpose, such facility won’t be available in case of other systems.


Before you proceed with the installation procedure, you need to check the configuration of the personal computer at your end. Make sure the Mac system isn’t older than 2013 model, and in case of Windows, the OS should either be XP (only Service Pack 3), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. In every case, the OS should be updated to latest possible version, as per released from Apple’s or Microsoft’s sides.

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At the hardware level, the display should have HD resolution, the graphics should have HD standard, the graphic driver must be updated, along with inclusion of 4GB RAM and at least 5GB of free storage in the C Drive.

Download WeChat for PC

The app is free and can be use on a computer, thanks to the Android emulators developed till now. Following are the steps you’ve to follow which clearly describes the method.

Step 1 – Although we’ve already covered a guide on how to install Android app on PC, but still I’m going to explain the rest of the method over here. You’ve to download BlueStacks app player software and then install it, first.

Step 2 – Second, start the software and right within the app player’s interface, click on the Search tool to find WeChat PC application. You may find the app’s logo, but you’ve to click on the link just below that.


Step 3 – The moment you look to find the app, an interruption will appear, stopping you from proceeding, because you don’t have access to Google’s ecosystem, yet. To gain that, login with a Google account ahead and follow the screen instructions.


Step 4 – Select the app finally from the search results, and then proceed ahead by clicking on Install button first, followed by Accept button from the pop-up.


Everything is done from your side, so just wait for the app to get installed on its own. Yes, the process ahead is automatic and you’ll get a notification on completion of the same.

Using WeChat PC app online

The one issue related to the location services is already explained above. I hope you’re not that hurt after knowing that limitation ahead. The rest of the features are all working like they should be and that’s what I experienced while using WeChat on computer/laptop.

Yes, I’ve used and tested the method on a Windows 10 desktop, Windows 8.1 laptop, MacBook Air, and Windows 7 desktop. In every case, I was able to reach the destination without meeting any issues.

Since, you’re already aware of what this app all about, how it looks, and how one can experience while using its services. So, there is no need in wasting your time by writing them again.

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For newbies, the app is super awesome and brings lots of unique features to the table. Go ahead, and start your new account, and I can promise that you won’t regret this decision.

Wrap up

I guess you didn’t meet any issues or errors of any kind while trying to install WeChat PC app for free, using the method I described above. If yes, then go ahead and share this with the rest of your social friends, so that they can also become aware of this method and join you within. Without friends, it won’t be that much fun! Peace.

Quickly Learn How to Download Hike for PC & Use Online

Even if you’re using this application on a smartphone, you need to learn how to download Hike for PC and use the same services online. You don’t need to go through a tedious process to get done with this, rather, everything will be simple enough to make you remember even in future.

In short, you don’t need to be a tech geek to get over with this installation procedure to use Hike Messenger on computer or laptop, whichever device you’re having. Since, you’re already a user, you don’t need any introduction regarding the application. So, I’m not going to waste the time of both of us on that.


Millions of users can’t be wrong while choosing this app over any other, and mostly the WhatsApp. Even if they are using WhatsApp, Hike is their second best choice because the quality of service and mainly the kind of UI they offer.

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Personally, I love their way of offering quick stickers with important messages, we all love sharing most of the times. These stickers are country specific too, which makes them further awesome.


Before getting started, to make sure you don’t find any issues at all, you need to be aware of the fact that every software has certain requirements of its own, at both software and hardware sides. And, you need to match those with the system configuration at your end.

In our case, you need at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB free C Drive storage, HD standard and updated graphic card driver, at the hardware side, and at the software side, Windows 7 or later versions (8/8.1/10) are supported.

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Make sure the operating system is updated to every newly released version so that you don’t find any errors due to incompatibility. If you’re a Mac user, then you can also proceed with the same method, as 90% method is same on both platforms. But, make sure the Mac you own, isn’t older than 2013 model.

How to Download Hike for PC

Step 1 – First of all, you need to get ready an Android emulator software. BlueStacks is the recommended one from my side which you can learn how to download and install in this guide I covered earlier.

Step 2 – Start the software and you’re aware of what to do next. No? Go ahead and use the search tool to find Hike Messenger PC app, and once you find a link to be clicked in results, go ahead and click the same.

Hike Messenger Install for PC

Step 3 – Before you can proceed ahead in the results further, an interruption will occur, asking to set up sync feature of the software which will require a Google account login. Don’t even think of ignoring it, because you can’t proceed without it.

Hike Online Computer

Step 4 – Select the app from search results and finally click on Install button first, followed by Accept button in the pop-up.

I hope you found the above mentioned simple steps simple enough to follow and didn’t make any mistakes. Wait for a while and the app will be ready, and once it does, you’ll even have a notification from the BlueStacks app player.

Using Hike on Computer/Laptop

The reason why you should be using Hike on laptop or computer is because you need to type fast in chatting and also you don’t want to pick the phone again and again. Also, this Hike PC app will help you save a lot of time while you’re working.


Everything works just fine and just like it works on a smartphone. Not a single thing is missing or new to this PC version, and that’s the beauty of this method I’ve shared with you right away.

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Wrap up

Go ahead, and launch the Hike app on PC from All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player software. You need to share this guide with your social friends so that they can also get aware of this simple method, and you’ll also be helping this helpful guide to get some exposure. Peace.

Download Telegram Messenger PC app & chat online

I’m certainly not sure why users look for alternative applications every month, especially in case of messaging niche, but I’m pretty sure that you should give a chance to this Telegram Messenger application. I’m sharing a tutorial covering every method to download Telegram Messenger PC app so that you can use it and chat online.

The app can be found for almost every platform aware to human beings for handling the computing needs, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. There are official versions of the same application for each of these platforms.

6 telegram software for pc

So, if you were looking to get Telegram Messenger PC standalone version, then here’s your chance to understand the same. The app can be found under the Communication category on the Google play store, and most of its users are from the Android background only.

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It’s dedicated versions for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS are available without any price tag, and the services can also be accessed using its web application. If you’ve been using WhatsApp online in Chrome/Firefox, then you already understand the concept of the web application.


The system at your end, whether it is powered by Linux, Ubuntu, Windows or OS X, needs to match certain configuration requirements. Although the app will work in a system with 2GB RAM, but if you’ve 4GB, then it will work smoothly, at its best.

Also, the display monitor attached should have at least HD resolution, and the graphic driver running inside should be updated and should be of HD standard.

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The rest, make sure there is certain space left free in C Drive so that app can be installed and function properly.

Telegram Messenger PC app for Windows/Linux

This particular method works perfectly for Windows (7/8/8.1/10), and Linux OS powered systems. So, here is your chance to get Telegram Messenger for laptop/computer and use it for free. Note, this is the official standalone version itself, so there is nothing to worry about.

Simply follow this link over here and you’ll automatically see an option to get the app’s version for the system at your end. Proceed with that link and it will download the installer package.

Once you have the installer package, then you’ve to use the same to install this app like you install any other software. Yes, the method will be similar and there will be nothing new.

Special case – The Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 powered users can get the application from the official Store offered by Microsoft. If you’re looking for a direct link of the same, then here it is.

Download Telegram for Mac

If you use either an iMac or Mac Mini or MacBook, i.e., the user of OS X, then you can also get the application officially. You can either search it on the App Store at your system or directly follow this link over here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.48.00 am

The link will open the app in App Store itself and then you’ve to simply click on Install option ahead. It will get installed like any other official app from the Store.

Download Telegram for PC using BlueStacks

Go ahead and follow the steps mentioned down here. Using the Android emulator method like this will help you get not only Telegram Messenger but also any other Android app or game. You can check our homepage for detailed coverage on the same.

Step 1 – The very first thing to do is to grab the installer file of the BlueStacks app player. You can also use any of your favorite Android emulator like Andy, YouWave, etc., but this one is way better.

1 telegram for pc free download

Step 2 – Once you have the installer file downloaded, double click on the same and get started with the on-screen instructions. Make sure you go through the instructions as it is and doesn’t miss anything.

2 telegram pc application

Step 3 – Start the software and right into the very first screen, you will see a search tool. Click on the same and enter ‘Telegram Messenger’ application name. You’ll not find the app but a link, on which you’ve to click.

4 telegram for pc free download windows 7

Step 4 – Before you can move forward, a pop-up will appear, asking you to setup three things in the software. These are the sync feature offered by the software. Use a Google account login and make sure everything is setup well.

5 telegram messenger pc download

Step 5 – Once you gain access to Google play services, the app will be searched in the Play store. Select the right app and finally click on Install option ahead. Later, click on Accept button from the first pop-up.

The process is over from your side and I hope you went through it without meeting any issues at all.

Access Telegram Messenger Online without installation

Till now, this one is far most the simplest method available to use Telegram app online without installation. Since, there is no installation required at all, so, this one is the easiest and so-called ‘best’ option.

You just need to open the Telegram web application in any browser of your choice (make sure it is updated to latest version) and then enter the phone number, with which your profile is created.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.47.29 am

The moment you enter the number, a security code will be sent to that number. Enter that code and you are ready to use the services ahead.

There are few things you need to be aware while using this method. First, the application on the Web, and the one at your smartphone, both should always be connected to the internet. Second, if you don’t have the app installed and running on a smartphone then you can’t access its services from the web application.

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Still, it’s way better than others because it is extremely easy and doesn’t require any kind of installation. Moreover, it is platform dependent, which makes the method work on Linux, Ubuntu, Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10), and Mac OS X.

Wrap up

So, guys, these methods were all I’ve got to use Telegram Messenger on PC, and I hope you found the one matching the requirements at your end perfectly. I did my best to enclose every method in simplest possible words.

If this guide helped you, then it’s time for you to help all your friends too, and also this guide. Simply share it with the rest of you friends on social profiles using the social sharing buttons right below. Kudos!

The Easy Way to Use Truecaller on PC (Download & Install)

This is the high-time when you should learn the way to use Truecaller on PC because we are totally depending on the smartphones and internet based applications. They are working like memory for us. So, we don’t have to remember contact details anymore, because it’s all taken care by an application named Truecaller.

It has been available for free since the very first day of introduction, but also comes in a premium version. The premium build offers additional contact details of the phone number along with a shiny premium badge on your profile.

6 Truecaller PC application online

The app is developed and maintained by a software developer company, which truly means that it’s highly credible and you don’t have to worry about anything inside. It simply imports contact stored in your phone and stores them in its database.

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This is how, millions of its users are acting like a global repository of the contact details, and thus, chances of finding a phone number details inside are very high. So, if you prefer accessing those features on the computer itself, then here is a guide you should look at.


A system which is compatible to run a modern app needs to be modern as well. That means it should have modern hardware and updated software. You can make sure if your system is compatible to run Truecaller PC app or not, by matching the configuration with following requirements.

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The system should have at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage, HD standard of the graphic driver which is also updated to latest version, and HD resolution display unit. At the software side, in case of Windows, it should be running on Windows 7 or higher versions like 8, 8.1, and 10, while in case of Mac, the complete system shouldn’t be older than 2013, and must be running on every fresh update released by the Apple.

How to Download Truecaller for PC

The process isn’t tedious at all. You have followed simple steps which need to be followed as it is.

Step 1 – Go ahead with downloading BlueStacks app player software on your system. It is available for free and you don’t need to worry about its credibility. It’s highly popular and till now downloaded over 85 million times.

Step 2 – Start with the installation procedure of the software now, which is pretty simple. Go ahead with the on-screen instructions at your end and the software will be ready in couples of minutes at your service.

1 Truecaller for PC Download

Step 3 – Launch the software and use its search tool to first find ‘Truecaller’ app and then click on the link you see in the search results.

2 Truecaller for Laptop Download

Step 4 – A pop-up will appear asking you to setup sync feature of the software. This will require a Google account login and you’ve to proceed with the same. You can’t skip the step and move ahead.

Use Truecaller on Laptop

Step 5 – At the next moment, you will see the app in search results. Select the right one and then click on Install button first, followed by Accept one in the pop-up, afterward.

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Wait for a minute and the app will be installed. You will get a notification regarding the successful event and later you can launch it from the All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player.

Experience of using Truecaller on Computer/Laptop

Although, the services of this Truecaller application can be accessed through its online website, but still there are few things which require you to move ahead with this installation procedure and get the Truecaller PC app version.

Use Truecaller on Computer

First of all, it’s a complete application that is working like a standalone version. So, you will have the complete features available at your service.

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The UI works just fine and looks elegant enough to keep on using the services. It is also very easy to understand, and the search tool works like a charm.

Wrap up

Everything is done for now. You have the application ready at your service and are also aware of its review and features offered inside. So, what’s waiting for now? Go ahead and start searching for all the missed calls and find out who were they and where they are from.

Before leaving, you can do one little thing to help this tutorial and also your friends. Simply share this tutorial to download Truecaller for PC on your social profiles and let your friends know about it. There are simple buttons attached just below to help you do the sharing in a single click. Peace.