Guide to Get Angry Birds Go for PC Download

The cart racing events have been around since years, and we all love them (at least sort of). If you wish to participate in the one, right through your computer or laptop, then here’s a guide to help you get Angry Birds Go for PC download. The game ‘Angry Birds Go’ has been released for the Android and iOS platform, without any price tag.

The app has even been released on the Amazon’s App Store for the Android devices. One way or another, you’re going to fall in love with the kind of racing gigs involved within, super cool characters, unique and very itchy race tracks, local multiplayer support, and uber upgrades.

Guide to Get Angry Birds Go for PC Download

I can assure that you will be feeling simply awesome after playing it once, and then you will definitely want to move forward. Addiction is the first thing which makes a game super popular, and Angry Birds Go has all the colors to achieve that.

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First, it looks great to a normal pair of eyes, second, it functions awesome and performs super sleek, and the last, the story behind the wheels is pretty fascinating. Also, the way those carts are launched is a way to basic, which definitely attracts the newcomers.


The rules over here are pretty simple. You need to make sure that the computer or laptop is having at least 4GB RAM, 10GB free storage in C Drive, and HD resolution compatible graphic driver. The display monitor should be having at least HD resolution too. Don’t forget to check and upgrade the graphic driver version, before proceeding. And, also upgrade the operating system with any new coming upgrades.

Get Angry Birds Go for PC Download

The procedure is simple and pretty straight. If you have used Android emulator earlier, then you’re already aware of most of the part. Still, I’m explaining each and every bit down here.

Step 1 – Of course, the first step to accomplishing is to get the installer package file of BlueStacks app player. This software is highly recommended from my side, and it comes without any price tag.

Step 2 – After grabbing the installer package file, you need to double click on the same, and then follow the on-screen instructions ahead. It might take longer as it will require an active internet connection.

Step 3 – Launch the software and right in the first screen, click on the Search tool you see, and then enter ‘Angry Birds Go’ as the search term over there. Finally, click the link which appears in the result.

Step 4 – Before the game can appear ahead, an interruption will stop you, asking to set up Sync feature of the tool. This will require you to login using a Google account, and you don’t have any other choice here.

Step 5 – Finally, once the login is done, the game will appear in the Play store. You need to pick the right one, then click on Install option ahead. From the next pop-up, click the Accept button and the process from your side, will be finished.

Done! The procedure is over from your end, and now you just have to wait for the game to be downloaded. After then, it will be installed by BlueStacks, automatically. You can find it under All Apps section of the software, ready to launch.

Playing Angry Birds Go on Computer/Laptop

Although this isn’t a PC game, and there is no Angry Birds Go PC version available so far, but still you want to play this game on computer or laptop platform.

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The main reason behind this urge is that the systems have bigger and better displays with higher resolutions. Now, the objects in the game will look really close and super awesome. So, the experience you will have while playing Angry Birds Go on laptop or computer, will be way better than on a smartphone or even on a tablet.

Also, you get physical keyboard keys and mouse to be used as the controller, instead of the touchscreen controls. Among both of these controllers, I will always pick the physical one, because that’s where I get better response and speed.

Wrap up

That’s it for now guys! I hope the Angry Birds Go PC game was really interesting to you, and this guide helped you in getting the game ready at your order. Start playing it now, and don’t forget to pass the word on social platforms using the simple social sharing buttons added below.

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Also, there are many other interesting Android games you wish to play on PC, so don’t forget to check our related section on the same. Peace!

Plants vs Zombies 2 PC Game Free Download & Online Play

The way you plan to spend your free time, by playing games like Plants vs Zombies 2, is really awesome. Because, these are the games which can literally help you shape up your mind in a better way, and that too through the path of entertainment. Ladies and Gentleman welcome you to the guide that will help you to get Plants vs Zombies 2 PC game free download, and will help you to play the game online for free.

The game itself is developed by a very known EA game developer, and I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about its credibility. You just have to go through this tutorial till the end, and not only you’ll get to install Plants vs Zombies 2 on PC, but will also update your knowledge with all the related information.

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So, are you ready to move ahead with this super popular and super awesome Android game? Yes, we will be installing the Android version on the computer or laptop at your end.

Plants vs Zombies 2 PC Game Free Download &  Online Play

One way or another, you’re going to learn this tutorial very easily. I’ll make sure that you don’t find any issues or errors at all, but you also need to promise that you’ll go through the procedure as I’ll explain.


Since, you’re looking to have a perfect experience and no one likes to get into the trap of errors and issues, so you need to first check whether or not the system at your end is compatible to move ahead with this gameplay.

A perfect system is the one, having at least 4GB or more RAM, 5GB or more C Driver free storage, and updated HD standard of the graphic driver. Also, the display monitor should have at least HD standard of resolution.

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How to Download Plants vs Zombies 2 PC Game

Following are the steps you need to go through, and all of them are very simple to understand.

Step 1 – That’s it, your information gathering time is over, and so, you have to start the procedure by downloading BlueStacks app player and then installing the same. If you need help in this, then go ahead and check my already published guide on how to install BlueStacks app player.

Step 2 – Start the software and as you can see in its home screen, click on the Search tool, and enter ‘Plants vs Zombies 2’ as the search term. Once the game get found in the results, click the link that appears.

Step 3 – A pop-up will interrupt your proceedings, by asking you to login using a Google account. This is required for you to proceed because this is how you gain access to Google’s ecosystem for the Android.

Step 4 – After the login, proceed with the search results, and then the game appear in the Play store. Go ahead and select the right one, and finally click on the Install option first, followed by Accept button in the little pop-up.

Done! Wait for a while, and soon you’ll get a notification from the software about the success of the event.

Playing Plants vs Zombies 2 on Computer/Laptop

Popping up the zombies in a unique way, is the kind of experience Plants vs Zombies 2 game is going to deliver and either you’re playing it on laptop or computer, the experience is always going to be the same.

The game can be found under the Casual and Action category, which clearly means that it delivers a unique game playing experience from every corner. Graphics performance are always top-notch and so does the sound effects which match perfectly.

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You need to grow plants, understand what they do, understand the zombies, their action plans and their individual powers, and finally create a strategy that can kill them all, and save your brain from becoming their desert.

Ready for the challenge?

Wrap up

The procedure is over and I guess the game is completely installed till now. So, go ahead and launch it from the All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player, and then you can start playing the same.

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Thanks for keeping your promise of going through everything and see, you get through everything without any issues at all. Now, it’s the time to help other friends of yours, by sharing this tutorial on your social profiles. Peace!

Process to Download Hay Day for PC (Game on Windows & Mac)

Farming games are still popular and here is a guide to help you download Hay Day for PC. The game arrived first for iOS platform, followed by Android, and it was even released for the Facebook Game platform. In each of them, it manages to get millions of users, who are still actively playing it.

The game doesn’t charge anything to get started, but it does offer premium features inside. If you can play the whole game with a strategy, managing resources perfectly, then you will never have to rely on buying any of the premium features.

7 hayday for pc game download

But, if you’re spending the resources without thinking of the future, then you’re definitely going to get out of them soon, and later you will have only an option left to opt for those premium features. This clearly indicates that it requires lots of strategies, but it’s not completely that niche game.

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Rather, its featured under the Casual category, as it does offer so many other things. You need to do a lot of other stuff, like picking up the flowers or plants, growing them, harvesting them, and then selling the end products in the near city or town market.


As you’re already aware of the fact that every game requires certain things from hardware and software. The system at your end needs to match those requirements at both levels.

In case of Windows, the OS version should be either 7 or any newer one, and in case of Mac, it shouldn’t be older than 2013 version. At the hardware side, it should have at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB free storage in C Drive and updated graphic card driver which is also of HD standard.

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Also, to view the graphics in best possible standard, then the display monitor should also be having at least HD resolution.

How to Download Hay Day for PC

The procedure is right here. You just have to go through following a set of instructions, as I’m writing down one by one.

Step 1 – Get over with the downloading and installing process of the BlueStacks app player first. You need to check the already covered guide available over here, which will help you in getting over with this software installation in couples of a minute.

1 hayday for pc free download

Step 2 – Start the software and use the search tool available inside to find ‘Hay Day’ game and then click on the link you see in results. Login with a Google account ahead when you’re asked to set up sync feature.

2 hayday for pc free online

Step 3 – Once the login part is done successfully, then you’ll see the game in search results of Play store. Select the game again and finally click on Install option ahead. You’ll also have to click on the Accept button from the pop-up.

4 hayday for pc or computer free download

Everything is done for now. Wait for a while and you’ll have a notification regarding the success of the event.

Experience of Playing Hay Day on Computer/Laptop

Earlier, I wasn’t sure of going ahead with this installation to get Hay Day on laptop/computer. But, once I went through it, I found the benefits. The very first one is that I don’t need to buy a high-priced smartphone or tablet. Second, everything looks great on the bigger and better display of PC.

So, if you’re looking to enhance the experience of this game, then this method is definitely the one to try. For newbies, the game is super addictive and has everything wrapped inside to make you feel both relaxed and at lots of work.

hayday on pc without bluestacks

Sound effects, animations, and each and everything available inside is good enough to make you addicted of everything. In fact, you will understand the game and what all you’ve to do on your own, without needing any user guide.

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So, go ahead and show what you’re capable of if you’ve been given a chance of becoming a farmer. Make sure you always have the perfect strategy of utilising the available resources. Good luck!

Wrap up

I hope you had that urge to play such farming game since a long time. So, this is your chance to download Hay Day for PC and play this game on computer or laptop device. I hope I was simple enough in explaining all these related stuff and you’re finally done with everything. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with all your friends online. Peace.

Download Angry Birds 2 for PC & Play Online Free

One of the best Casual category game is always been Angry Birds because there is always one new version available in two-three months. This time, we finally have the sequel to the very first game, that means, the Angry Birds 2 is finally released from Rovio. And, here is a tutorial on how to download Angry Birds 2 for PC.

The Angry Birds 2 game (iOS | Android) can be played without paying for anything, although paid features are available inside which can be ignored or purchased, depending on the mindset and need of user playing. But, you can get it for free and complete for free as well.

5 Install Angry Birds 2 Game on Computer

Officially, the Angry Birds 2 PC version isn’t released yet, but you can still play the same Android version released on the computer or laptop device you have. This will be done using an Android emulator software and you don’t have to pay for that too.

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This means, you’ve all the goodies in your bag and won’t have to worry about anything. The only thing left for you to do here, is to go through this guide and follow the instructions as mentioned.


This section will ensure that you don’t find any issues whatsoever while trying to deal with this special installation. We will be installing and using BlueStacks app player Android emulator, which has its own specific requirements. And, your system needs to meet them at any cost.

The system configuration required, in this case, is 4GB RAM, 5-10GB free storage in C Drive and HD standard of the graphic driver which are also updated. Also, make sure that the display monitor attached is having HD resolution, at least.

7 Download Angry Birds 2 for Windows Computer

That was the hardware side, and at the software side, the Windows OS version shouldn’t be older than 7. In case of Mac, the system shouldn’t be older than 2013 year of manufacturing and also make sure you’re keeping everything updated from the App Store.

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That’s it! The configuration defined above is of every modern computer or laptop and I’m sure you have the right one there. You’ve to begin with the installation procedure now.

How to Download Angry Birds 2 for PC (Windows)

First things first, start with the installation and then follow later mentioned steps. For your ease, I’ve written all the steps below here, one by one.

Step 1 – As I said, download and then install BlueStack app player software. It is available for free on its official website and installing it is pretty easy. In fact, it’s just like any other Windows software you’ve installed till now.

Step 2 – Start the software and then reach its home screen. Over there launch the search tool you see on the top left corner. Enter ‘Angry Birds 2’ in the search term.

1 Free Download Angry Birds 2 for PC

Step 3 – Before you can make any moves, a pop-up will interrupt, asking you to login using a Google account. This is required to allow you set up sync feature and to access Google’s ecosystem.

2 Free Download Angry Birds 2 for Windows

Step 4 – Once the login is done, you’ll be redirected back to the search results. Click on the link you see in search results, and the game will open in Play store.

4 Download Angry Birds 2 for Mac MacBook Free

Step 5 – Hit the appropriate game from search results (make sure you hit the second version, i.e., a new one) and then click on Install button ahead. Later, click on Accept button and wait for the game to get downloaded and then installed.

If you find any error, then try following the procedure from step one, or share your issue in the discussion section below.

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Install Angry Birds 2 on Mac/MacBook

In case of Mac, the procedure is also simple. In fact, the only difference is at the first two steps, and when you’re done with them, you’ve to follow steps 3, 4, and 5 from the above Windows part.

To get it installed, you’ve to open the official website of BlueStacks, click on the link there that says Download, and wait till it gets available completely.

Next, begin with the installation procedure which is just like any other third party application you’ve installed on Mac. Yes, everything is super simple, and the one you’re already aware of.

Experience of Playing Angry Birds 2 on Computer/Laptop

I guess, you’re done with the installation procedure and now waiting for the game to get ready. I can assure that this Angry Birds 2 PC game is definitely going to be super awesome and you’ll get addicted from very first animation.

Yes, animations are super addictive and you’ll find improved and angrier birds along with naughty pigs. Those pigs are even more filthy this time and you’ve to play your bird’s role in an effective way to get a win in every case.

6 Install Angry Birds 2 on Windows 10 7 8 8.1

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Sound effects are new and better than before. Puzzle levels are improved and also better than before, but they are not such tough to crack. In starting, you’ll be provided with help instructions until you get used too of the interface and objective.

Wrap up

So, start playing this Angry Birds 2 game on laptop or computer you own, using the method I described above and experience what Rovio has bought one more time. Don’t forget to share this guide to help all your friends get this message too. Peace.