Download Google Chrome Offline installer; Windows Standalone

Finding the official website of a product can be pain for newbies, and I always see people opening any website to grab the installer package, which leads them to fall into the game and unknowingly download malware and viruses, or unwanted software.

The same goes in case of users who are looking to download Google Chrome online installer. They don’t know what’s an official website and so, they don’t know how to get the one officially. So, here I’m going to help you find the official web page to grab the official Google Chrome offline installer for free.

Download Google Chrome Offline installer Windows Standalone

The only thing you need to do is to share this helpful guide with all your friends whom you think are newbies to the technological world. I can assure that this guide is going to help you and all of your other friends.

Why should you use Google Chrome?

Simplicity, Speed, and Ease of Use are the three factors for any web browser to excel among the competition. And luckily, Google Chrome has got a superior scorecard in each of them.

Trust me, it’s damn easy to get started, damn easy to learn how to use it completely and it works faster than any other web browser on the Earth so far.

You’re never going to feel the need for any user guide to make you learn the utilisation. You can also sign in using a Google account in the browser itself, and it will keep each and every browsing data synchronised to that account.

So, even if you lose the current system version, you can re-install a fresh version of any computer, login with the same Google account and the data will be loaded up from where it was left earlier.

Benefits of using Offline Installer of Chrome

The sole benefit is that you don’t need the system to be connected to an active internet connection during the installation procedure. This means, there will be no downloading or internet related error in Chrome installation procedure.

Yes, there will be no errors at all unless the system isn’t compatible to run the browser. Also, you’ll be able to use the same installer package to install the browser on multiple devices, whether they are yours or your friends or family members.

So, it will consume the data only a single time.

Free Download Official Chrome Offline Installer

It’s the final time to start the process as you’re aware of every related information. Go ahead and follow this official web page. Once you’re there, and it’s loaded up completely, hit the download button at the centre and save the file on your system.


Wrap up

Everything is done! Wait for a while, till the package gets downloaded completely and later you can use the same to get over with its installation. To do that, double-click on the file, click on Run option, and go through on-screen instructions, which you’re already familiar with.

Once everything is done, start the browser, connect the internet and start your search for the Peanut Butter. Yummy!