Download & Install Adobe flash player on Android phone/tablet

Adobe has stopped the development and support for the Flash player for Android platform, but you still need it and so, here’s a method to download and install Adobe flash player on Android phone/tablet.

Go ahead, and follow the instructions I’ve enclosed in this guide, but you need to be aware of certain facts in starting itself. Those facts are as following.

The very first fact is that the application has been stopped from the official Adobe itself. So, if you’re getting it from somewhere else, where it’s been claimed to be the latest version, then don’t trust that source at all.

Download & Install Adobe Flash Player on Android  Phone Tablet

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Also, you need to download Adobe for Android through the APK file format, which is widely popular these days and everyone is aware of. So, this can go wrong for the health of your device if the APK file source isn’t good or genuine.

These were some facts you need to be aware of. And, now since you are well aware, go ahead with the method that will guide you till the end.

Download & Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Phone/Tablet

The method is going to work similarly on both Android phone and tablet. So, there is no difference at all.

Step 1 – You first need to get the Flash Player APK file downloaded. For that, I’ve two genuine sources available. You can either follow this official Adobe one, or the second one offered by XDA developers. At the first link, you’ve to scroll down to the bottom where Android section starts, and in case of the second one, the downloading will begin directly.

Step 2 – Save that Flash player for Android file to the device at your end. Now, install either Boat or Dolphin browser on your Android device. You can get any of the ones you chose from the Play store officially.

Step 3 – Once the browser is installed, move into Settings of your device, and under the Security settings, enable the option with ‘Unknown source’ label.

Step 4 – Tap on the APK file you just transferred and get it installed by following the on-screen instructions at device’s screen. This won’t take any longer than a minute.

Step 5 – Finally, launch the web browser you just installed, either Boat, or Dolphin, and move into its settings. Under that part, you’ll see a toggle enable the visual animations based on Flash Player. Once this setting is enabled, everything will be working at its best.

Done! The process is over and I guess everything went smoothly.

If you find any issues at all, then kindly explain the same in the discussion section below, and I’ll come up with a better solution as soon as I can.

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Facebook Lite; Official APK & Facebook Lite for PC Download

In this guide, I’m going to help you download Facebook Lite APK from official website, yes, the official APK file, and also the method to get Facebook Lite for PC download, in case, if you’re looking to use the same on a computer or laptop as well.

If there is any company which has been trying really hard to reach out to billions of people who are still not connected to the Internet, then its none other than Facebook. Recently, the social giant introduced, Facebook Lite application, which is available for Android platform, at this moment, and is the real deal for those who aren’t having faster internet.

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The app works pretty awesomely on even the 2G slow internet connection, we’ve even in 2015. In the developed countries, 4G LTE connection are there, which can offer broadband level of speed without any wires, But, in other countries, and many of them, internet speed is really slow and this app is for all those users.

Official APK & Facebook Lite for PC Download

How to Get Facebook Lite for PC

The process is pretty simple and straight. You need to use an Android emulator software, and then follow the instructions I’m writing below.

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks app player software and get it installed. You can check the guide I already shared over here, to learn the process and help yourself.

Step 2 – Launch the software you just installed using its desktop shortcut and the moment it’s running, click on the Search tool at the top left the corner. Enter ‘Facebook Lite’ as the search term, and click the link you see in search results.

Step 3 – Now, you won’t find the app in Play store, unless you gain access to Google play services. For that, you need to login using a Google account, when asked to set up Sync feature by BlueStacks. So, go ahead and get over with that.

Step 4 – Finally, when the app is found in search results, after you’re done with the login process, select the appropriate one and finally click on Install option ahead.

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Everything is over from your side. The app weighs about 1MB, so it will be downloaded and the installed within a minute unless you have a very slow data connection.

Free Download Facebook Lite APK (official)

Facebook Lite APK free DownloadYou need to go ahead and follow this official web URL over here. Once you’re there, click on ‘Download’ button and a pop-up will appear, asking you to save the app at the location.

Once you’re done with the downloading process, the Facebook Lite APK file is available. You can simply tap on the same on an Android device, and it will be installed.

Over to you

So, which method are you finally using to move ahead with using this lite version of the official Facebook application. It really works as it promises, but if you’re addicted to its full version, then you might not like the way it looks.

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Still, it’s best for slow connection and you should be sharing this tutorial with all your Facebook friends, to keep them updated about it. Peace!