5+ 2016’s Best Antivirus Apps for iPad (iOS)

Every device needs to have an antivirus software these days, and even iOS powered devices fall in the category. Since, you’re using an iOS device, i.e., iPad, so here is a compilation of 2016’s best antivirus apps for iPad. I’ll be adding certain details along with the link to grab the app directly from the iTunes store, i.e., App Store.

Best Antivirus Apps for iPad

Go through the compilation below and make sure you read the features and compare them together.

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#1 Lookout

This particular app has been available since years and has been protecting millions of iPhones and iPads since then. It looks great, it look simple and is very easy to understand. You no longer have to get a user guide to understand how it works. The free version offers basic security standards, which are good enough for normal usage.


Apart from protecting your iPad from viruses and incoming malware from different apps and browsing data, it can even protect the device from getting stolen and in case if it happens, then you can easily track the device on a Map.

Get Lookout for iPad

#2 Norton Mobile Security

Norton is one of the oldest players in this industry and has been dominating the App Store because of the same reason. Even in 2016, its free antivirus app for iPad is offering a protection layer against malware and special virus which are targeted for the iOS platform.

Norton Mobile Security

The UI is simple and uses the same color combinations which are familiar with every Norton products. Anti-theft protection is offered along with a backup feature to keep every data of your device totally secured.

Get Norton Mobile Security for iPad

#3 SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN - Best Antivirus for iPad 2015

This one isn’t an antivirus completely, as it offers a secure tunnel, through which data can be shared. In that tunnel, every data travelling around is always protected. No one other than you and end server has access to that tunnel, which is impressive. The data being used over the Wi-Fi connection at your end is also kept secured.

Get SecureLine VPN for iPad

#4 McAfee Security

McAfee is another name in the industry which has been offering antivirus services since years. Its free app is available on the store that can be used to protect the iPad using a firm layer of protection. The app is again easy to use and does the work at a pretty good standard. You should definitely give it a try.

Get McAfee Security for iPad

#5 Avira Mobile Security

Another big name in the industry which has released its app for iPad protection. The most impressive thing inside is the user interface which is clearly way better than any of its competitors. I can assure that you’re never going to uninstall it once you start using it for a single time.

Get Avira Mobile Security for iPad

#6 Trend Micro Mobile Security

This is the last, but clearly not the least when it comes to features. It provides both privacy, and security feature along with the one that can help you track the device once it’s lost or stolen.

Get Trend Micro Mobile Security for iPad

Over to you now

So, which one you’re finally using now? Let me know the name and reason behind your choice in the discussion section, as it will help the community to build up. All of them are the best antivirus apps for iPad, but you need to choose just one and keep only that one active. Peace.