Learn How to Play Beat Stomper on Your PC

Beat Stomper is one of those games that takes seconds to learn but hours to master. Its simple one-button control allows users to jump and stomp up floating platforms. It’s all about precisely timing the jumps and stomps to keep on landing on the floating platforms above. There are plenty of games that have a similar concept but Beat Stomper’s killer background music and stunning visuals make it special.

Beat Stomper is available for download at Google Play, which means all you need is an Android phone to start playing it right away. If you want to experience Beat Stomper on your PC you can do that as well. Using an Android emulator you can run mobile applications such as the Beat Stomper on your PC. Don’t know what is an Android emulator? This guide is here to help. Follow the simple steps below to be on your way to run Beat Stomper on your computer.

Beat Stomper

Downloading and Installing Beat Stomper For PC

Step-1: The first step is to download and install an Android emulator such as Bluestacks. An emulator will help run android applications on your PC. Go to the Bluestacks website and download the installer file. If you already have Bluestacks on your PC jump to step-3.

Step-2: Once the installer is downloaded follow the wizard to install Bluestacks on your computer.

Step-3: Great, you have successfully installed Bluestacks on your PC. Simply launch the application by double clicking on the Bluestacks icon.

Step-4: On the software interface, click on the search button and then type ‘Beat Stomper’.

Step-5: When a new window opens up you simply need to login using your Google email address and password.

Step-6: Once logged in successfully, the Google Play page for Beat Stomper opens up on the emulator screen. Simply click on the Install button to start installing the game.

Step-7: Once the installation is complete, you can simply play the Beat Stomper game from the Bluestacks interface. You can find the Beat Stomper app by launching Bluestacks and going to the All Apps section.

Final Thoughts

A game like Beat Stomper is always more fun on a bigger screen. Your laptop or computer also has better audio which is a good thing because this game has great music. When playing this game on PC, the gaming experience is much more immersive. More importantly, switching between work and play is just an Alt+Tab away.





How to Backup Your Android Phone to PC/Laptop

This isn’t a guide to waste your valuable time to make you learn waste things or information. You’re here to quickly learn the process to back your Android phone to PC or laptop and the same is going to be found, directly.

The method I’ll be sharing over here is going to work over a standard USB connection or the much faster and modern method, i.e., Wi-Fi connection. Yes, any of these methods can be used to quickly backup your Android phone or tablet, right from the computer.

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This method is going to support any Windows platform versions, and thus, will cover almost all of you. Yes, I’ll be offering a proper support in future as well.

How to Backup Your Android Phone to PC Laptop

And, in case if you find any issue or wish to know any further details, simply start a new thread at the bottom discussion section and I’ll come up with a clear explanation on that.

Backup your Android Phone to PC/Laptop

How about we start it now? Agree? Then, the following are the steps you need to go through. Don’t worry, take a look, they are very few and simple enough for you to remember in future.

Step 1 – Download SyncDroid software on your computer first. You need to get it from its official website only.

Step 2 – Once the file is downloaded, start installing the software which will be same as of any other installation procedure, very normal, and will end up quickly.

Step 3 – Start the software, and if you wish to connect to USB, then connect the phone with the original USB cable. Also, if you wish to connect to Wi-Fi, then install the official SyncDroid Android app on the phone, and then proceed the screen instructions to setup the connection.

Step 4 – Once the connection is setup, the software will detect the device, and then you will have categories ahead. Choose any category and then that particular data will start syncing.

Now, you can select all the categories to create a complete backup. And by reversing the process, you can also do the Restore thing in a new device.

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So, was it tough? No, right? Then, it’s time for you to share this helpful tutorial with all your friends on Facebook, or Google+, or Twitter, or whatever social platform you use, and help them know about it. Peace!

Download & Install Adobe flash player on Android phone/tablet

Adobe has stopped the development and support for the Flash player for Android platform, but you still need it and so, here’s a method to download and install Adobe flash player on Android phone/tablet.

Go ahead, and follow the instructions I’ve enclosed in this guide, but you need to be aware of certain facts in starting itself. Those facts are as following.

The very first fact is that the application has been stopped from the official Adobe itself. So, if you’re getting it from somewhere else, where it’s been claimed to be the latest version, then don’t trust that source at all.

Download & Install Adobe Flash Player on Android  Phone Tablet

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Also, you need to download Adobe for Android through the APK file format, which is widely popular these days and everyone is aware of. So, this can go wrong for the health of your device if the APK file source isn’t good or genuine.

These were some facts you need to be aware of. And, now since you are well aware, go ahead with the method that will guide you till the end.

Download & Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Phone/Tablet

The method is going to work similarly on both Android phone and tablet. So, there is no difference at all.

Step 1 – You first need to get the Flash Player APK file downloaded. For that, I’ve two genuine sources available. You can either follow this official Adobe one, or the second one offered by XDA developers. At the first link, you’ve to scroll down to the bottom where Android section starts, and in case of the second one, the downloading will begin directly.

Step 2 – Save that Flash player for Android file to the device at your end. Now, install either Boat or Dolphin browser on your Android device. You can get any of the ones you chose from the Play store officially.

Step 3 – Once the browser is installed, move into Settings of your device, and under the Security settings, enable the option with ‘Unknown source’ label.

Step 4 – Tap on the APK file you just transferred and get it installed by following the on-screen instructions at device’s screen. This won’t take any longer than a minute.

Step 5 – Finally, launch the web browser you just installed, either Boat, or Dolphin, and move into its settings. Under that part, you’ll see a toggle enable the visual animations based on Flash Player. Once this setting is enabled, everything will be working at its best.

Done! The process is over and I guess everything went smoothly.

If you find any issues at all, then kindly explain the same in the discussion section below, and I’ll come up with a better solution as soon as I can.

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If this worked, then it’s time to help all other friends of yours, by sharing it quickly to your social profiles. I’ve attached simple sharing buttons right below this end. Peace!

How to Run Android Apps/Games within Google Chrome

The process to run Android apps and games within Google Chrome is pretty simple and straight. This is a recent introduction to the Chrome family and this service is still in the beta version. So, don’t expect things to move smoothly, as it does in the case of an Android device itself, or using the emulator software like BlueStacks or YouWave.

Still, this method works with few apps and games, of which you I’m sharing a perfect method here. Yes, I’ll try my best to keep things simple and safe to make sure you understand it quickly and completely.

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Run Android Apps/Games within Google Chrome

How to Run Android Apps:Games within Google Chrome

Following are the steps you need to go ahead and follow, as written down here.

Step 1 – Start the Google Chrome web browser first, and make sure its updated to the latest version.

Step 2Follow this link which will redirect you to the extension page of ARChon. Now, get the ZIP file from that source page, and save it to the system. Keeping it at the Desktop will be the best idea.

Step 3 – Now, it’s time to extract the ZIP file. If you can’t do it, then you need to install WINRAR software first and then you’ll have related options.

Step 4 – Now, move into setting options of the Chrome and click on ‘More tools’ option. After then, click on Extensions option ahead.

Step 5 – Now, enable the ‘Developer mode’ option at the top right corner. This option will allow you to install extensions from other sources.

Step 6 – Once you enable that option, then you need to click on ‘Load unpacked extension’ option at the top and select the extension file placed out from the ZIP file at the desktop.

Step 7 – Now, the extension is installed and the only thing left to have is the APK file of the app or game you wish to run in Chrome. So, go ahead and follow this link. It will open the Chrome store, and Twerk will be listed.

Step 8 – Click on the ‘FREE’ button at the top right corner and follow on-screen few instructions to get it installed.

Step 9 – Head over to this special section of the browser and then launch the twerk app from its shortcut icon.

Step 10 – Now, download the APK file of any app or game that is supported by this method. You can grab the APK file of any app from the internet, as many genuine websites are offering them.

Step 11 – The moment APK file is downloaded, you need to drag and drop it in the twerk app. The moment that file is dropped, it will be converted into the format which the previous extension we installed, can understand.

Step 12 – Once the app is ready, you’ll have the option to download the same and so, go ahead and place it on the Desktop.

Step 13 – Now, open the Extension page again in Chrome, and click on ‘Load unpacked extensions’ option. Select the file which is created by the twerk just now. Follow the screen instructions and it will be installed.

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Everything is done now! You can go ahead and start the app or game you just installed and if it supports this method, then it will start running smoothly.

Best App to Access Android’s File System on Mac OS X

The very common problem I personally faced was that my Nexus 7 wasn’t getting connected to the new MacBook Air I recently purchased. This is because of compatibility issues between the two platforms. So, how can it be fixed? Well, here I’m sharing the best app to access Android’s file system on Mac OS X.

The app I’m about to share is definitely the best and doesn’t have any issues in using at all. In fact, it is developed, released, and maintained by the official Android developers.

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This clearly means that you don’t need to worry about its credibility at all. But, make sure the Android system at your end, isn’t having any malware or virus that can cause harm to the Mac system. Although, OS X has a pretty good security layer to protect itself.

App to Access Android’s File System on Mac OS X

Best App to Access Android’s File System on Mac OS X

You can also put it like the best app to access file manager of Android on any Mac system. Either way, we’re on the same page and here’s a tutorial for the same. So, go ahead and follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – Open this official web page of Android, and hit the ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ button in Green over there.

Step 2 – A new file in the format of DMG will be downloaded in a minute. Once it’s downloaded completely, open it up and you’ll have some on-screen instructions to be followed.

Step 3 – Now, drag the Android File Transfer app to the Applications folder in your system.

Step 4 – The app is ready to access. So, connect any Android device to the Mac using USB cable. Make sure you’re using the official USB cable offered by the manufacturer.

Step 5 – The moment USB connection is life, you can hit the App’s icon from Launcher and you’ll see a new Finder window having the files and folders of that Android system.


When I didn’t found this thing working, I was straightly looking for the application that can help me get over with this requirement. But, this official Android File Transfer app, is one of the best and safest out there.

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You can also see apps which get installed on your Android device, perform some tweaks and then let you access the files and folders through the FTP mechanism.

But, since wireless connectivity is involved in those methods, so I don’t think they are totally safe. So, the method I shared above is the only best option we all got and I guess there is no issue in following it.

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Go ahead and start the process, if you didn’t till now, and get over with this. Pass this important knowledge with all your social friends using the Mac and facing this issue. Peace.