BlueStacks alternative for Ubuntu – available Android Emulator

Whether your system is powered by Ubuntu or Debian operating system, BlueStacks isn’t available for the platform. No doubt, this is the best Android emulator for other platforms, where it’s available, but which one is the best BlueStacks alternative for Ubuntu?

BlueStacks Alternative for Ubuntu

This is the question you came here looking answer for, and I’m going to provide exactly the same. Every Linux user has two options to start with. One is GenyMotion, and another is Android x86 program.

BlueStacks alternative for Ubuntu - available Android Emulator

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You can also call them as the Android emulator software for the Ubuntu platform. Let me start with the two options, one by one, and you’ll understand what you’re looking at.

#1 GenyMotion

This is the first recommendation from my side because it looks simple, elegant, and very easy to operate. I can assure that you’re always going to love the way it works and looks. At this moment, it is using Android Jelly Bean version of the OS, which looks pretty good.

The GenyMotion software can be installed either directly using its standalone installer file, or within VirtualBox, or you can also install it within Eclipse. So, you’re always going to have options to choose from, and thus, you should go ahead and start with it right now.

You don’t need to pay for the initial usage, but later you’ve to purchase the licence for continue getting the premium services and features.

#2 Android x86

This is the second best option for the Ubuntu platforms, and I can assure that this one will look good to you. It looks simple and offers the same stock Android experience without touching anything at all. Go ahead, and install the software.

Over to you

Finally, the ball is in your court, and you’ve to make the final decision.

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If you don’t like moving into a lot of codings, then go ahead with the GenyMotion method, but, if you’re looking for the other side, Android x86 can be the better one. Don’t forget to share the experience from your side.

Instead of BlueStacks, other Best Android Emulators for PC

First of all, welcome yourself on the compilation of best BlueStacks alternatives. There are many reasons why you’re not loving what you’re getting from the BlueStacks app player. And, I can agree with those facts for sure.

But, you need to understand one thing. There is no better Android emulator than BlueStacks. I’m going to clear my statement by writing facts and reasons if you can read them thoroughly.

Instead of BlueStacks, other Best Android Emulators for PC 1

The only reason why this software isn’t working at your end is because the system at your end isn’t compatible to run it. Now, this thing can happen to any software in the world because every application has its own software and hardware side requirement.

If they aren’t matched, then you can’t expect the software to work completely. The same thing is happening at your end. The second worst thing possible here is that the installer file of software isn’t official.

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So, go ahead and give it one more try. But, make sure the system at your end is having at least 4GB RAM, HD resolution display, HD driver which is also updated, and 5GB free C Drive storage. Also, download the fresh installer from the official website.

Best Android Emulators for PC – BlueStacks Alternatives

Still, if you wish to proceed, then following are the best choices you can have other than BlueStacks.

#1 YouWave

This is the software one should use if the system isn’t compatible with above-mentioned requirements and rather having a lower configuration. Because, it requires little things, compared to any other software.

The software comes at a price tag, but you can have 10 days of free trial to check and see how it works, and whether you wish to move with its premium version or not.

The UI is pretty simple, not that elegant, though, but still good enough to make everything possible and working. You can simply launch the browser app, find Play store website, then install any app or game.

#2 Andy

If you wish to run this software, which is pretty simple and elegant in design, then the system needs to have at least 512MB of the dedicated graphic card. This is must, otherwise the software will not function properly, as it offers a super awesome UI.

The UI it offers is similar to the Android itself. So, you’re getting the stock Android experience straight. Yes, without any extensions of bad things! You get access to play store services from the day one, and once you log in with a Google account, you gain the complete access.

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Go ahead, and try it once and see yourself how it looks. But, don’t expect it to work in a normal computer or laptop.

#3 Jar of Beans

This is the last recommendation from my side, which is working pretty good these days. In the initial years, it wasn’t that good and was always crashing, but right now, it has been improved a lot, and thus, you can give it a chance, if none of the above impressed you.

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Over to you

So, the ball is finally in your court and you’ve to choose one among these. Finally, which one you’re choosing to be used as the best BlueStacks alternative at your end. Don’t forget to mention your choice in the discussion section below.

5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Chat without Paying anything

First of all, this is the list I’ve compiled in 2015, and it holds the best WhatsApp alternatives in India. You can, of course, find other apps which are available globally, but, at this guide, I’m going to focus on India-specific applications, i.e., the best messaging apps in India other than WhatsApp.

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Best WhatsApp Alternatives in India

5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Chat without Paying anything

So, if you’re not liking WhatsApp for any reason, which is surely the topmost social and messaging application, then you need not worry. Because, there are plenty of apps available to chat without paying anything. Let’s start!

#1 Hike

Hike is the best one you can use and it is specially designed for the Indian market. You can not only get the messaging services but will also have lots of Indian specific stickers. All those can be used in a single tap and can convey the message instantly. Recently, Hike released more Indian specific group stickers, which are really impressive.

#2 Viber

Viber is the next best, not only because of the messaging services but also because of the quality it delivers. It can be used to make free voice and video calls as well, which makes it stand at the second position in this compilation.

#3 WeChat

WeChat is at the third position, according to me. I really appreciate the features and the quality offered by this app, but it bothers too much through its campaigns. Most of the times, they were not interested in me, and that’s why I stopped using the services completely. If you  like gaining free recharge and coupons, then use WeChat.


LINE became famous because of the stickers it offered at the time. It even tried selling stickers with a price tag, while other applications were doing it for free. This made the users look for its alternatives from the initial days of popularity. Still, it can be used to send messages to anyone in the country and even outside. Its UI is still among the best-looking ones.

#5 BBM

The only unique thing in BBM, is that it doesn’t create the profile using a phone number, rather, offers a unique BBM PIN which needs to be shared, if you wish others to add you in their contacts. This is how, your privacy is always maintained, which isn’t the case in WhatsApp messenger. It never goes down and comes with a security layer offered by the BlackBerry itself.

#6 Facebook Messenger

We all are aware of the fact that Facebook is really trying to offer its best possible services at free of cost for Indian users, as it recently introduced Facebook Lite as well. Its Messenger app is still available that can be used to quickly share anything you want. You don’t need to add friends, because it uses your Facebook phonebook, i.e., friend list. It really got the clear, and elegant UI, with some really interesting sound effects.

#7 Hangouts

Hangouts are the final one, which ships in every Android device these days. It can replace the default SMS app on your smartphone and you can login with a Google account to quickly chat with all your Google contacts using the same app. The area where it excels is the video chatting, which is offered without any price tag, and can be used with multiple friends online. Awesome, huh?

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What’s your choice among these best alternatives to WhatsApp and why? If you can, help other users by sharing this stuff over your social profiles. Clicking the simple sharing buttons below will do that in a single click. Peace!