5+ 2016’s Best Antivirus Apps for iPad (iOS)

Every device needs to have an antivirus software these days, and even iOS powered devices fall in the category. Since, you’re using an iOS device, i.e., iPad, so here is a compilation of 2016’s best antivirus apps for iPad. I’ll be adding certain details along with the link to grab the app directly from the iTunes store, i.e., App Store.

Best Antivirus Apps for iPad

Go through the compilation below and make sure you read the features and compare them together.

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#1 Lookout

This particular app has been available since years and has been protecting millions of iPhones and iPads since then. It looks great, it look simple and is very easy to understand. You no longer have to get a user guide to understand how it works. The free version offers basic security standards, which are good enough for normal usage.


Apart from protecting your iPad from viruses and incoming malware from different apps and browsing data, it can even protect the device from getting stolen and in case if it happens, then you can easily track the device on a Map.

Get Lookout for iPad

#2 Norton Mobile Security

Norton is one of the oldest players in this industry and has been dominating the App Store because of the same reason. Even in 2016, its free antivirus app for iPad is offering a protection layer against malware and special virus which are targeted for the iOS platform.

Norton Mobile Security

The UI is simple and uses the same color combinations which are familiar with every Norton products. Anti-theft protection is offered along with a backup feature to keep every data of your device totally secured.

Get Norton Mobile Security for iPad

#3 SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN - Best Antivirus for iPad 2015

This one isn’t an antivirus completely, as it offers a secure tunnel, through which data can be shared. In that tunnel, every data travelling around is always protected. No one other than you and end server has access to that tunnel, which is impressive. The data being used over the Wi-Fi connection at your end is also kept secured.

Get SecureLine VPN for iPad

#4 McAfee Security

McAfee is another name in the industry which has been offering antivirus services since years. Its free app is available on the store that can be used to protect the iPad using a firm layer of protection. The app is again easy to use and does the work at a pretty good standard. You should definitely give it a try.

Get McAfee Security for iPad

#5 Avira Mobile Security

Another big name in the industry which has released its app for iPad protection. The most impressive thing inside is the user interface which is clearly way better than any of its competitors. I can assure that you’re never going to uninstall it once you start using it for a single time.

Get Avira Mobile Security for iPad

#6 Trend Micro Mobile Security

This is the last, but clearly not the least when it comes to features. It provides both privacy, and security feature along with the one that can help you track the device once it’s lost or stolen.

Get Trend Micro Mobile Security for iPad

Over to you now

So, which one you’re finally using now? Let me know the name and reason behind your choice in the discussion section, as it will help the community to build up. All of them are the best antivirus apps for iPad, but you need to choose just one and keep only that one active. Peace.

Download Android M Lockscreen app, Wallpaper and Icon Packs

It is still not clear whether the next Android M will be named Marshmallow or not, but, you can already experience some of its features. For starters, its Android M Lockscreen, wallpaper, and icon packs.

There aren’t any number of good applications available inside the Play store, but the ones available, are trying their best to do the job. Personally, I’m not recommending you to try any of these apps, because their individual reviews aren’t that good.

Download Android M Lockscreen app, Wallpaper and Icon Packs

I tried installing each of them, but they weren’t available for the pair of devices I own. So, you need to check the reviews before going forward.

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Download Android M Lockscreen Apps

First of all, let’s start with the highly searched, Android M lock screen apps. I didn’t found a lot of them, but still there are few options for you to serve the initial appetite.

#1 Android M Lockscreen [XDA]

Download Android M LockscreenIf there are any chances that you can own a Moto G, the latest version, then you should start using this app offered by the XDA developers. It requires for your device to be installed with custom recovery, and it works like it supposed to. If you’re looking for the instructions, I suggest you to check the link attached.

Download the App

#2 M Locker

This is far most the best appearance in this search, and it supports a maximum number of devices. You don’t need to pay for anything, just install it, and if it works, then you are good to go. It changes the whole lock screen experience, which is the first thing you interact with while saying hello to your phone.

Download the App

#3 M Launcher

This particular app promises to offer the same design layout, but it still looks the same one. It not just offers a lock screen, but offers a whole launcher application. So, you’re going to change the whole area, where theme packages can be applied.

Download the App

#4 Material Launcher Android M/6

This is the last recommendation from my side for those who are looking to get Android M lock screen or launcher. Its very light weight and has M inspired visuals, wallpapers, icon packs, and interface.

Download the App

Android M Wallpaper packs

Now, let’s us talk about the wallpaper packs. Although, you can download them from Google easily, and install, without needing any of these apps, but, still if you’re looking for a simple, app-via method, then pick one of yours.

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#1 Theme M Stock Turquoise

This particular Android M wallpaper pack application is available for devices like Xperia Z3, which clearly means that it is meant for only the high-end devices. Whether it will be called Muffin or the Marshmallow, here’s your chance to try its wallpapers on the first chance. Yup, it’s free!

Download the App

#2 Marshmallow 6.0 Wallpapers HD

This particular app offers about 50+ full HD scaled and materialistic design inspired wallpapers. The design layouts are unique and are totally inspired by the newly announced M version of the Android operating system.

Download the App

#4 Android M Material Wallpapers

Another free app available at the Play store, which can do the job you’re looking for and I can assure that you’re going to love each and every wallpaper available inside. Most of them, are just the same as of officially released ones.

Download the App

You can also pick out of the following two options, I’m recommending on the last.

#5 Android m wallpapers

#6 Wallpapers for Android M

Last, but not the least, is the Android M icon pack you came here looking for.

Marshmallow – Icon Pack HD

This Icon Pack works with almost every launcher you can name, including the third-party ones. I can assure that you’re definitely going to like the materialistic and newer icon designs which are straight from the Google’s factory. Mostly, they look like the Lollipop version, but still, it manages to offer a fresh breath.

Download the App

Over to you

So, during this initial phase where even Google hasn’t released a stable version of the next iteration, is it any good to keep any of these apps installed?

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For a tech geek, it can do no harm, as we’re aware of related bits and bytes, but for a normal person, I’ll always recommend waiting for the official release. Still, you came here for options, and you got them.

Don’t forget to rate and share!

5+ Best Mobile Advertising Companies To Earn from Apps

You’re probably here to find out the best Mobile advertising companies to monetise apps and earn money through the same. But, I’m not going to start the compilation directly, rather will also share the details you need to be aware of.

One way or another, you’re going to make money through the applications you’ve released either for Android or iOS, or both platforms. The first tip you need to take home is that developing an app for Android platform, can help you earn a lot of money quickly.

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Best Mobile Advertising Companies to Monetize Apps

But, if you’re looking to get the highest possible CPC, then iOS is the platform you should be eyeing for. That platform has very fewer applications which can be listed among bad ones by users, and this is the reason why it holds to the most quality ones, compared to Android.

5+ Best Mobile Advertising Companies To Monetize Apps

Since, quality standards of iOS platform are high, so you get better exposure, and thus, highest possible CPC. Either way, this isn’t my field and seat to guide you, as that’s the decision you’ve to make. I guess, the decision has already been made and you’re here to know about the ways to earn money through apps, directly.

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#1 Amazon Developers

The advertisement platform offered by the Amazon itself offers very high CPC, and APIs for Android, iOS, and even Fire OS platforms. You will be paid for the impressions for the advertisements, which isn’t usual as of Pay Per Click ads. You get static banners, static interstitials, rich media banners, and completely relevant mobile ads.

#2 AdMob

If you’re not an Amazon fan, then AdMob is the one you should be of. It offers the best possible CPC for the mobile platforms and the advertisements offered are highly relevant to the mobile users. The platform itself is backed up by Google, which means a lot in this specific industry. The implementation methods available are pretty straight and simple, thanks to the SDK kit it offers. Apart from common iOS, and Android, it also covers Windows Phone platform.

#3 Google Mobile Ads

You don’t need any introduction to this platform, I guess, and thus, you’re aware of the fact that this will offer the simplest possible integration and highest possible CPC for the advertisements. Google is the whole reason behind the existence and current standard of Android, and thus, you can never doubt the quality of relevant ads it will publish on your app. You can even earn money by promoting other apps.

#4 Millennial Media

This is the platform which is even available in the Initial Public Offering form (IPO), which clearly indicates the professionalism and seriousness in their work. The data gathering and analysis is highly intelligent, thanks to the years of experience they have in this specific mobile advertisement business, and thus, you’re going to get benefited by the same.

#5 OpenX

This is a clear competitor of the Google Ads and is clearly managing well to get rid of the competition in a better sense. An SDK toolkit is offered for the quick integration of advertisements between the Android and iOS applications, and you can even select the partners from the list they offer to everyone.

#6 Mojiva

This is the platform which offers text ads, banner and also the rich media ads. Their UI is very simple to use, and the integration process never takes longer than 10 minutes. So, if you’re looking for a quick setup and ready to go way, then Mojiva should be your choice.

#7 Adfonic (Now known as byyd)

It has been claimed to offer 10x higher CPC in Rich Media ads than any other platform and it full fills that claim somewhat. If you work with them, then you can expect ads from known brands like ESPN, Samsung, BBS, etc. Yes, it supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Well, these were the ad platforms for smartphone applications using which you can monetize apps quickly. You just have to join any of them, pick one as your favorite, and then follow the instructions they offer to implement the ad code into the app.

Once done, publish the app for users, and you’re going to start earning the green cash. The platforms also offer analytical data to help you know how your little campaign is doing.

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The last thing I need you to be aware of is that you need to check as many platforms as you can. Keep the data thus collected with you, and analyze the same. See which one is offering the highest CPC in the best possible scenarios, and finally move along with the same. Hope it helped!

Instead of BlueStacks, other Best Android Emulators for PC

First of all, welcome yourself on the compilation of best BlueStacks alternatives. There are many reasons why you’re not loving what you’re getting from the BlueStacks app player. And, I can agree with those facts for sure.

But, you need to understand one thing. There is no better Android emulator than BlueStacks. I’m going to clear my statement by writing facts and reasons if you can read them thoroughly.

Instead of BlueStacks, other Best Android Emulators for PC 1

The only reason why this software isn’t working at your end is because the system at your end isn’t compatible to run it. Now, this thing can happen to any software in the world because every application has its own software and hardware side requirement.

If they aren’t matched, then you can’t expect the software to work completely. The same thing is happening at your end. The second worst thing possible here is that the installer file of software isn’t official.

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So, go ahead and give it one more try. But, make sure the system at your end is having at least 4GB RAM, HD resolution display, HD driver which is also updated, and 5GB free C Drive storage. Also, download the fresh installer from the official website.

Best Android Emulators for PC – BlueStacks Alternatives

Still, if you wish to proceed, then following are the best choices you can have other than BlueStacks.

#1 YouWave

This is the software one should use if the system isn’t compatible with above-mentioned requirements and rather having a lower configuration. Because, it requires little things, compared to any other software.

The software comes at a price tag, but you can have 10 days of free trial to check and see how it works, and whether you wish to move with its premium version or not.

The UI is pretty simple, not that elegant, though, but still good enough to make everything possible and working. You can simply launch the browser app, find Play store website, then install any app or game.

#2 Andy

If you wish to run this software, which is pretty simple and elegant in design, then the system needs to have at least 512MB of the dedicated graphic card. This is must, otherwise the software will not function properly, as it offers a super awesome UI.

The UI it offers is similar to the Android itself. So, you’re getting the stock Android experience straight. Yes, without any extensions of bad things! You get access to play store services from the day one, and once you log in with a Google account, you gain the complete access.

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Go ahead, and try it once and see yourself how it looks. But, don’t expect it to work in a normal computer or laptop.

#3 Jar of Beans

This is the last recommendation from my side, which is working pretty good these days. In the initial years, it wasn’t that good and was always crashing, but right now, it has been improved a lot, and thus, you can give it a chance, if none of the above impressed you.

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Over to you

So, the ball is finally in your court and you’ve to choose one among these. Finally, which one you’re choosing to be used as the best BlueStacks alternative at your end. Don’t forget to mention your choice in the discussion section below.

[Compilation] Best Lock Screen Apps for Android 2015

Although, Android has got a very easy to operate and useful lock screen, which is also been improved from version to version, but still there are few third-party elements you wish to be present. To add them, you need lock screen apps, that can bring those extra features.

So, I’m sharing here the best lock screen apps for Android which are being popular in 2015, and all of them can be used without paying for anything. So, go ahead and check this free locker app compilation down here.

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Best Lock Screen Apps for Android 2015

Best Lock Screen Apps for Android 2015

One thing you need to be sure of is that, don’t use any such app which isn’t used by at least thousands of users. This is how you can be safe about using that, rather than falling into the trap.

#1 GO Locker – theme & wallpaper

This is easy to setup and the top most application in this niche, which even comes without any price tag. Although, there is a premium option available offering paid features, but the free one can do a lot of stuff. Like, if you’re using it, then any other person doesn’t get complete access to the App Drawer, even if he gets into the home screen.

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If you want, you can read messages and other emails directly from the locked screen. The style and design elements are pretty awesome and they have been improved a lot. You should give it a try.

Download from Play store

#2 Locker Master- Fun, DIY Themes

There are tons of free options offered by this one, which makes it count among the top five, overall. It has been used by millions of users as it offers a lot of unique design at the lock screen. You can fix anything which isn’t being fixed by the default locker of the Android phone. The complete features are DIY, which means that you can set which one to be activated and which one to be unavailable.

Download from Play store

#3 Solo Locker

Another DIY locker, which can put locks using photo, pattern, passcode, widgets, etc. In short, it offers almost every known method of locking your phone and keeping it secure. The only thing it misses out is the fingerprint scanner, which can’t be available because of hardware incompatibility. Rest of the features are pretty awesome.

Download from Play store

#4 Cover Lock Screen (beta)

It offers a lock system, along with a quick screen where you can find the right apps at the right time. It follows an algorithm using which it can find out and serve the apps which you use mostly, as per the time and location. The settings offered inside are smart enough to offer a pretty good user experience.

Download from Play store

#5 dodol locker – wallpaper

The themes offered inside are unique and elegant, which makes it one of the gorgeous looking app in this niche. The lock screen can be decorated using those themes, and the functionalities covered are good enough to keep everything secured at a firm level. Go ahead, and see how it looks to you.

Download from Play store

#6 Holo Locker

This lock screen has been available since years, and it has even been included into the stock Android by the official developers. Still, if your device isn’t running the stock version, then you can use this app and can get that gorgeous, amazing looking system. It offers en emergency unlock feature, along with enable/disable toggle.

Download from Play store

#7 Echo Notification Lockscreen

It can show the app’s data on the locked screen, which can be accessed without even unlocking the device. Of course, this feature can be turned OFF if not needed. It offers instant notifications and comes with minimal standards of design elements.

Download from Play store

#8 Joy Locker:Game theme

This is the one which is inspired by games. If you’re a gamer and are looking to get those awesome screens with lock features, then go ahead and grab this particular application.

Download from Play store

Which one are you finally installing now? I guess, it’s not that difficult to find the best one according to your taste, after checking this compilation I shared.

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If it helped, then it’s time for you to share it with the rests of your social friends. Peace!