Simple Formula to Download Dolphin Browser for PC (Free)

We all are having a lot of options to choose when it comes to web browser selection, especially for smartphones. It is very confusing the find the one which can outperform every other in terms of speed and simplicity. Dolphin Browser is one of the options you should give it a try and to help you in that, I’m writing a formula to help you download Dolphin Browser for PC.

The app comes without any price tag and you don’t need to worry about any compatibility issues, if in case you’re having a modern computing system, which matches at least the 2014 standards.

5 Install Dolphin Browser on Laptop

When I said, I’m going to share the formula, I was covering the two most popular PC platforms, i.e., Windows and Mac. In case of Windows, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are the versions supported, while the Mac can be supported if it’s not older than 2013 model. Windows XP users can also give it a try, but only if the system is running on Service Pack 3 and has HD graphic driver compatibility.

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The app is officially available for Android and iOS platforms, covering both smartphones and tablets and already has millions of active users. I’ll name the reasons why you need to continue using this browser later.


First things first, you need to start with checking the requirements part. Using the Dolphin Browser PC app requires an Android emulator because there is no official Dolphin Browser PC version available yet. So, we will be using the Android version only.

The very basic Android emulator requires certain things from a system. Like at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB of free storage, HD standard of the graphic driver, and HD resolution display screen.

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If this is the system you’re having, either a laptop or desktop computer, powered by Windows, then you’re eligible to move ahead. In case of any Mac OS X powered system, it shouldn’t be older than 2013 model.

How to Download Dolphin Browser for PC

So, I guess you’re eager to start with the installation procedure after checking your qualification to run the app. Following are the simple instructions you’ve to go through.

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks app player software which is the Android emulator of our choice. It comes without any price tag and is totally legit to use. So, go ahead and grab its installer file.

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Step 2 – Start installing the software you just downloaded by double clicking the installer package file and going through on-screen instructions, as it is. It may take a longer time, depending on the speed of internet and system.

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1 Download Dolphin Browser for PC Free

Step 3 – Start the software and at the very first screen, i.e., the home screen, click on the Search tool. Enter ‘Dolphin Browser’ as a search term and then click on the link you found in search results.

2 Downlaod Dolphin Browser for Windows Laptop

Step 4 – Once this link opens up in Play store, you’ll face an interruption. Proceed with the same and login using a Google account when asked. This will setup sync feature and also allow your access to Google’s ecosystem.

4 Download Dolphin Browser for MacBook Free

Step 5 – Once done with the login part, get going ahead and select the app from search results of Play store. Hit the Install button first, followed by Accept button from the pop-up, to wrap things from your side.

The process is over, ladies and gentleman, and the only thing left to do is to launch the app from All Apps section of BlueStacks, once it’s installed. You’ll get a notification regarding the same.

Experience of Using Dolphin Browser app on Computer/Laptop

This is the web browser a person can always dream of having. It has everything a web browser needs to possess, including simple UI, speed dial, bookmarks, history, download manager, private mode browsing, etc.

The reason why you’re going to love it is because it comes with lots of unique features like gesture support, autofill enabled search and many more. Gestures can be set to do anything you like the browser to do and it is a super easy way to interact.

6 Install Dolphin Browser on Windows Computer

You can simply type in the search term, then select the website/web search tool, and the search result will appear in the same. Like you can directly search for World War II in Wikipedia or Pan Cakes in Google. Awesome, right?

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Trust me, you’re going to have a super awesome experience which is going to be remembered throughout the year. The app is totally secure and legit to use since it’s developed by a genuine and legit developer.

Wrap up

That’s it, folks! I hope you didn’t face any issues while dealing with the installation of Dolphin Browser app on PC and you’re also experiencing the same thing as I explained the above part. So, tell me one thing in the discussion section below, are you happy with this browser, this time? Don’t forget to share if you do!


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